Mandy's Mon Blog:Talking With Super Erin Kane and Aurora PD Chief Dan Oates


WE'RE CHECKING IN WITH DOUGCO SUPERINTENDENT ERIN KANE About a few things, like what she's been up to since her controversial appointment (not controversial to me, I'm thrilled) and what she's been doing since taking the job. We're also talking about how schools are funded in the state and how far behind DougCo has fallen in teacher pay. She's on at 1

AURORA INTERIM POLICE CHIEF DAN COATES IS ON AT 2 The former police chief is back for a second stint after the firing of Vanessa Wilson, and from what I'm hearing, this is a good thing. He's only the interim but I'm going to find out what's happening in Aurora when it comes to the morale of the officers,which was destroyed in the last administration for many cops.

THE WESTERN CONSERVATIVE SUMMIT STRAW POLL WAS INTERESTING The Summit happened last weekend (I introduced Heidi Ganahl there) and they do a straw poll of not only attendees but people online as well. Ron DeSantis beat Trump, Heidi beat Greg Lopez, and Ron Hanks beat Joe O'Dea. Once again for people in the back, Ron Hanks will not win a statewide election and if he's the nominee, Bennet wins another term. Period.

LOCAL COMMUNITIES ARE COMING FOR CITIZENS GUNS And this is not a drill. If you are gun owner in Superior you really need to pay attention. The same people who made rebuilding houses in the Marshall Fire prohibitively expensive are now poised to enact the strictest gun control laws I've ever seen outside of New York City. Want to keep a loaded gun for protection? Against the new law in Superior. It truly is that bad. But it's not just Superior, it's all the communities north of Denver and more. Read it all here.

D-DAY WAS 78 YEARS AGO TODAY Thousands of men stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the end of World War II. Thousands died, thousands more were wounded, but it marks the shift that brought the Nazi regime to an end. Read a bit about it here and be absolutely amazed at the bravery of the men who did it.

ANOTHER COLORADO COMPANY IS AT THE SUPREME COURT This one a web designer who doesn't want to make gay wedding sites. Again, I don't think the gay community is going to be happy with this outcome. And it will be another blow to Colorado's Civil Rights Commission, which does not care about religious rights that are ensconced in the Constitution of the United States, at all.

MILLENNIALS BLOCK FAMILY MEMBERS OVER POLITICS And they need to suck it up and stop being such babies. Seriously. Ignore what you don't like. It's not hard. It's not like you use Facebook very much anyway. For real. Almost 80% of millennials have blocked a family member over politics. Grow up. See how many of your facebook friends will show up at your funeral like your family will.

INFLATION HAS THE RECENTLY RETIRED BACK AT WORK I kept asking the question: how did people just retire early during the pandemic? It's not like everybody was sitting on a pile of money, so how did they do it? Badly it seems, because inflation is bringing them back to the workplace.

TEAM SPORTS ARE GOOD FOR KIDS And this study should encourage parents to create a "you've got to do SOMETHING" rule for your kids. I don't care what it is, but you have a play something. Now we know that kids who play team sports have better mental health outcomes than those who don't. It doesn't have to be a sport they don't like, find something they do. Make them try everything until they find something active they enjoy.

PROGRESSIVE DAs MAY PAY THE PRICE FOR RISING CRIME And San Fran DA Chasa Boudin, who literally is the worst of them, may be recalled tomorrow over the crime-ridden hellhole San Fran has become on his watch. Polling looks good for the recall effort. Now we need to go after every other George Soros backed DA in the country. They have done nothing but secure the criminal vote and embolden anyone who ever wanted to steal anything with impunity.

A NEW DIABETES DRUG HAS THE WEIGHT FALLING OFF PEOPLE The drug, called tirzepatide, works on two naturally occurring hormones that help control blood sugar and are involved in sending fullness signals from the gut to the brainIn tests on obese people who did not have diabetes, they lost 21% of their body weight, which is incredible. The drug has not been approved for weight loss yet, but tests look really, really good. We may be close to that pill we've all been waiting for to lose weight. No clue if it stays off when you stop taking the drug. We shall see.


GIVING THE COVID VACCINE TO KIDS UNDER FIVE DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE And I'm sure there are parents out there who can't wait to give it to their toddlers, but if they are healthy that's just dumb in my opinion. But not only my opinion, a doctor here says it's not necessary either. But do what you want to do, they are your kids.

THE BIDEN ADMIN IS SETTING RECORDS NEARLY DAILY! FOR GAS PRICES. These are not the kind of records you want to see, but here we are. Gas prices have set records eighteen times in nineteen days. Ugh. No one wants to see this, but thanks, Joe Biden!

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