Dutch YouTubers Arrested for Entering Restricted Site Near Area 51

A pair of men from the Netherlands seemingly got an early start on storming Area 51 this week when they were arrested for trespassing at a government facility located near the secretive military base. Ties Granzier and Govert Sweep were reportedly taken into custody by authorities after they were caught having driven around three miles into the restricted Nevada National Security Site. The two young men likely did not help their case when they admitted that they spoke English and fully understood that they were ignored the signs indicating that trespassing onto the property was illegal.

When questioned by deputies from the Nye County Sheriff's Office, the duo explained that they were YouTubers from the Netherlands and that they "wanted to look at the facility." Officers subsequently observed that their car contained "several cameras, a phone, a laptop, and a drone." After obtaining permission to search the content of the cameras, authorities saw that the duo had recorded footage from inside the national security site. Granzier and Sweep were then arrested for trespassing onto the property.

More on this story, including what one of the YouTubers had to say to a local TV station about the misadventure, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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