Amazing New Dyatlov Pass Project Retraces Doomed Hikers' Steps

An outstanding new online presentation allows users to follow the proverbial path of the people who perished in the mysterious Dyatlov Pass incident. The infamous 1959 event which saw nine hikers die under unexplained circumstances during a journey through the Ural Mountains has fascinated fans of the strange and unusual for the last sixty years. And now the Russian news organization Ruptly has created a remarkable website which provides one of the most comprehensive and well-produced examinations of the case to date.

Dubbed 'Dyatlov Group's Journal: The Last Page,' the "massive, multiplatform, interactive project" utilizes information culled from "the group's diaries, interviews with residents, investigators and experts, as well as drone footage of the remote pass." This material has been weaved together into an incredible presentation that takes users through each day of the hikers ill-fated journey with diary entries, personal photographs, and video segments popping up on the screen as the virtual expedition unfolds.

Find out more at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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