WATCH: Woman Gets Gored By Bull After Ignoring Warnings From Beachgoers

big bull standing on the beach

Photo: taviphoto / iStock / Getty Images

A tourist in Mexico learned a hard lesson on why you should leave wild animals alone. The woman was relaxing on the beach in Cabo when a bull wandered onto the beach.

The woman began collecting her belongings while the bull approached her. She continued to pack, ignoring warnings to step away from the bull as it sniffed her bag for food.

"You are really playing with it right now, please don't, don't do that, please, please get away," a man can be heard telling her in a video that went viral.

The woman then decided to try to push the large bull away. Instead of backing down, the bull became enraged and started attacking the woman. It knocked her to the ground and continued to attack her as bystanders watched. 

Eventually, somebody threw a bucket of water at the bull, and it ran away.

The woman's condition is unknown, though she is seen getting to her feet following the attack.

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