5/15/24 Blog: When Never Trump Turns Into Never Biden


SHORT SHOW TODAY BECAUSE OF BASEBALL AT 1:30 But I'm going to pack a whole bunch of stuff into this hour and a half.

NEVER TRUMPERS ARE SHIFTING TO NEVER BIDEN And we're not talking just ANYONE, we're talking big money donors who spent millions to get Biden elected the last time. This article in The Free Press lays out a number of really big money donors who are disgusted with the way Biden is handling relations with Israel right now who are saying that they have decided Biden is the worse of two bad choices. Good. I hope they feel responsible for this idiot's actions as they helped put him there.

A WOLF MET ITS MATCH And came out the loser, as a recently imported wolf tangled with a mountain lion and did not live to tell about it.

HEY LOOK, HAMAS IS USING UN STUFF This column is infuriating because the national media totally ignores the role the UN is playing in supporting Hamas and I don't mean with humanitarian aid. Read this, we shall discuss.

A LAKEWOOD WOMAN IS A HERO And CLEARLY shows why it's not okay to allow men in women's spaces. She was at Nordstrom Rack in Lakewood when she went into a dressing room to change and noticed a hand and a camera peeking under the door. Afraid the creep would get away, she took matters into her own hands the this happened.

Ladies, this is how you do it. Stop waiting for someone to DO SOMETHING and do it your damn self. This madness must stop.

AURARIA LEADERSHIP CONTINUES TO ALLOW THE INMATES TO RUN THE ASYLUM This is pathetic at this point. The leadership at Auraria is treating these grown ass adults like fragile children who shouldn't have to face any consequences for their egregious actions. Now idiots broke into the student union AND SET TENTS UP INSIDE. WT Actual F? The campus went into lockdown and the students who did that were given a ticket to appear at some point. This is beyond parody. These stupid people are running the campus and if I were a student there I'd be demanding something be done because they are continually disrupting operations and affecting everyone ELSE's opportunities. The encampment is just getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight. Mike Rosen calls out the protesters here.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW PATHETIC THAT RACIST CALLER IS? Some students were testifying at the Denver City Council meeting when someone via Zoom went on some sort of racist rant. When I see things like this I have to wonder what happened to that person to make them the hateful idiot they turned out to be. These were CHILDREN talking about cool things at their school. What was accomplished by this person? Did they get some perverse joy in being horrible? If you know who it was tell them I am praying that they get some joy in their lives so they can see how pathetic their actions really were. Thankfully the kids were not dissuaded from exercising their civic duty. Almost as importantly, how is everyone on a Zoom call not muted until they are called on? It's not like the technology is complicated.

THE HIGHER ED BAILOUT IN COLORADO Jimmy Sengenberger writes about the new money flowing into higher education even as more people are beginning to realize what a racket it is. Read it here.

WHAT THE RIGHT GETS RIGHT Written by an author who is NOT on the right. Matthew Yglesias is far from a right winger and is a proud member of the Political Left. However he took a moment to think about what the Right gets right and it's a really good column. He also wrote about what the Left gets right and it's linked in the column and also really good.

EUROPE GETS READY FOR WWIII And it's about damn time they started spending on their own defense. This story has a cool interactive map where you can see how Europe is responding to Russian aggression and many NATO nations are FINALLY meeting their obligations when it comes to spending on defense. Unfortunately it's because they don't feel like they can rely on the US to bail them out now, but I'm fine with that.

THERE WILL BE TRUMP V BIDEN DEBATES But not the same ones we've seen before. President Joe Biden followed the RNC by refusing the debate schedule put out by the supposedly non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates. He wants to debate earlier, which in an era of early voting being the norm is a good idea. We'll see when they are scheduled but expect a fiery KOA Cast with me and Ross when they do.

WHY PEOPLE DON'T FEEL GOOD ABOUT THE ECONOMY Inflation has hit 20% in the Biden Administration. From Thehill.com:

On Wednesday, the country hit a sad milestone: Inflation under President Biden hit 20 percent. The dollar’s value has plummeted under his watch. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also confirmed that the consumer price index is resurgent and growing faster than average wages. Combined with weak GDP growth, this data shows the U.S. economy is reentering stagflation.
Historic inflation is causing declining living standards and a cost-of-living crisis. Under Biden’s presidency, grocery prices have increased by nearly one-third and gas has risen by 50 percent. It feels like every daily convenience — from a turkey sandwich to some handyman help — has increased by 50 percent or more.

But don't tell Joe Biden any of this.

THE NEW YORK TIMES IS TRYING TO RIGHT THE SHIP and the young staffers there are having none of it. They are circulating a letter complaining that they are being silenced in the newsroom when they try to dissent. This as the left wing whiners at the Times have successfully gotten multiple colleagues fired for rather innocuous things they blew out of proportion. Read about it here. This real issue is that they are no longer in control at the Times and they don't like it.

THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES The first official portrait of King Charles is....well...interesting. It reminded me of the idiotic portrait of Obama surrounded by flowers. I'm sure the King thought he was getting something cutting edge and modern and he did. But is this how you want to the King to be seen?

First Official Portrait Of King Charles III Since Coronation Unveiled

Photo: WPA Pool / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Bathed in red because OBVIOUSLY HE'S AN OPPRESSOR, AMIRIGHT? This is a swing and a miss.

WEIRD BODY THINGS THAT HAPPEN AFTER 40 Just wait until you hit 50. Read them here.

ARE YOU UPPER, MIDDLE, OR LOWER CLASS? First off, can we reject the notion that in our society we need to divide ourselves by an economically based system? Okay, now that that's done you can find out where you fall by clicking here, though I feel like all of these numbers need to be higher in Denver.

WHAT CARS COST THE LEAST TO MAINTAIN? Good news if you buy American because they are very well represented in this category. Four out of five of the least expensive cars to maintain are US brands, and Toyota builds A BUNCH of their cars here so maybe it's just good old American craftSmanship.

THIS IS WHY DUBLIN AND NEW YORK CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS A super cool art installation created a video portal between New York City and Dublin, Ireland where people could see live action feeds of what was happening across the pond. Of course idiots had to ruin it for everyone. The portal has been turned off for now.

A TEACHER IS FIRED FOR PUSHING CRITICAL THINKING OVER DOGMA And this is terrible. I hope another school hires him right away. Watch his story below.


THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD TODAY Because it's my house.


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