Impressive Colorado Spot Among The 'Best Roadside Attractions' In The U.S.

Young woman with camera in front of a brick wall looking around

Photo: Westend61 / Westend61 / Getty Images

Road trips usually focus on the adventure more than the destination. Between Point A and Point B are dozens of amazing stops, attractions, and restaurants to enrich your journey. Some of these places tend to get quirky or have some eccentric traits to catch your attention and promise an unforgettable experience.

LoveExploring recently released a list of the best roadside attractions in the country, from historic sites and lovely diners to jaw-dropping natural features.

A historic castle in Colorado was featured on the list: Bishop Castle! This impressive structure was built from the ground up from a single person for decades. Over the years, thousands of visitors get to check out all the neat amenities and features he's added. Here's what makes this fascinating spot so charming to the writers:

"It’s hard to believe this intricate monument is the product of one man’s imagination, let alone built by one man’s hands. The elaborate, self-built stone and iron structure has been chiselled, embellished and decorated by Jim Bishop over six decades. What started as a one-bedroom stone cottage is now a 16-storey fortress with cathedral windows and a steel dragon. It’s just off Highway 165, which wiggles through central Colorado."

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