Restaurant Chain Serves The 'Absolute Best' Pancakes In Colorado

Close up of stack of American pancakes with butter and maple syrup

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Pancakes have been a breakfast mainstay for generations. Americans will either cook a stack in the comfort of their home or head to a nearby restaurant to see their take on the early-morning delight. Some people prefer to keep it simple, while others enjoy their flapjacks with fruit, candy, whipped cream, and all sorts of delectable toppings and fillings.

Mashed curated a special list for all the pancake lovers out there. The website published a list of every state's "absolute best" pancakes, from classic stacks to outrageous creations.

According to the roundup, you can find Colorado's best pancakes at Snooze! This brunch chain is known for its amazing "pancake flights," where you indulge in three different pancake flavors on one plate. Customers can also look forward to their "Pancake of the Week," and part of the sales benefits charity. Writers provided more details about what makes these restaurants great:

"Snooze, with several locations across a handful of states, was born and bred in Denver, Colorado, and still has an excellent following. According to The Denver Post, this city staple opened its doors back in 2006, featuring flights of pancakes and other brunch staples. The pancake flights took off — pun intended — since they allow you to sample several different flavors of pancakes simultaneously. Those craving a singular stack can also go for blueberry danish or pineapple upside-down pancakes."

Snooze has many locations throughout the Centennial State. You can also find locations in other states, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

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