Historic Restaurant Crowned The 'Best Irish Pub' In Colorado

Shepherd's Pie

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One of the enduring cultural imports from Europe is the iconic food, from the hearty Italian pasta recipes, and deli markets of Germany to the sweet assortment of French pastries and baked goods. European cuisine has a firm print in the United States food culture, including the thousands of Irish pubs across the nation. Many Americans flock to these establishments to get their fill on Irish comfort food and alcohol, including the popular Guinness Stout.

That's why 24/7 Tempo uncovered the best Irish pub in every state, which ranges from dive bars and historic joints to classic restaurants. Writers made their selections after combing through several websites, including Irish Star, IrishCentral, Ireland Calling, and Yelp, as well as numerous local and regional sources.

According to the roundup, Colorado's top Irish pub is Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Bar! Diners can look forward to lamb shank, Jameson Orange glazed salmon, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and much more. There's also a $15 dine-in-only lunch menu and happy hour every day.

"When the owners installed their pub in 1875 a quarter century ago, they imported artisans to install Irish woodwork and stained glass," writers remarked.

You can find this eatery at 21 S Tejon St. in Colorado Springs.

Check out the full list on 24/7 Tempo's website.

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