Colorado City Ranks Among The 'Happiest Cities' In The U.S.

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"Money can't buy you happiness" is a phrase we've heard many times before. While it has some merit, better finances can help facilitate or put someone on the right track toward a better lifestyle. Where someone lives can also play a role, from access to health care and leisurely activities to housing prices and necessities. Certain locations enable residents to enrich their day-to-day or live more comfortably.

That's why WalletHub revealed the "happiest cities" in America based on numerous factors and metrics. Analysts detailed how they compiled their rankings:

"WalletHub drew upon the various findings of positive-psychology research in order to determine which among more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities is home to the happiest people in America. We examined each city based on 29 key indicators of happiness, ranging from the depression rate to the income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day."

A popular Colorado spot landed in the Top 60, and that's Aurora! Ranking at No. 60, this city got the highest marks in the "Emotional & Physical Well-Being" category. This includes metrics like the life satisfaction index, depression rate, life expectancy, food insecurity rate, physical health index, and more.

Here are the Top 10 happiest cities in the U.S., according to the study:

  1. Fremont, California
  2. Overland Park, Kansas
  3. San Jose, California
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Irvine, California
  6. Honolulu, Hawaii
  7. San Francisco, California
  8. Pearl City, Hawaii
  9. Columbia, Maryland
  10. Scottsdale, Arizona

Visit for the full report on America's happiest cities.

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