Art Teacher Accused Of Selling Students' Artwork Online For A Profit

artist's palette with oil paints

Photo: Witthaya Prasongsin / Moment / Getty Images

An art teacher in Canada is under investigation after parents discovered their children's artwork was being sold online.

CTV News spoke with two parents who said Westwood Junior High School art teacher Mario Perron was making a profit off their kids' school artwork.

"I'm extremely disgusted with this person. It's extremely, you know, it's unbelievable," Michael Bennett told the outlet.

The artwork made by Bennett's daughter was listed on at least four different sites for $151. Her artwork, and that of her classmates, was also found on multiple items, including $55 t-shirts, $41 coffee mugs, and iPhone cases that sold for $35.

"Is this teacher asking for certain types of projects to be done to be able to sell them? Is he asking for these types of portraits to be done so it meets the market? I'm not quite sure on that aspect. However, I am not impressed at all with this person. I'm not impressed with the school or the school board," Bennett said.

The school board told CTV News they are investigating the accusations against Perron.

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