2/12/22 Back from Death and Back on the Show, Plus Super Bowl Recaps

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE INTERVIEW EVER? I get asked that question a lot and the answer always surprises people I think. I've interviewed a lot of cool people but none of those had the impact that an interview with a guy named Vinney Tolman had. His story of dying, being placed in a body bag to be taken to the morgue and his subsequent "coming back" is the most interesting interview I've ever done and you should listen to it here. I even did a longer follow up here. And now he's back on the show so if you've listened to his story before and have questions, today is the day. Talking with Vinney and hearing his after death experience has changed the way I live my life. I use the phrase "life is classroom, not a courtroom" all the time. I hope he inspires you to live your best life too. He joins me at 1pm for a follow up. Follow him on Instagram here, and Facebook here. Buy his book here.

WE'LL HAVE A SUPER BOWL WRAP UP WITH BRANDON KRISTAL AT 2 And though I found the first three quarters of that game to be pretty much a defensive battle, which I find boring, it delivered in the end. Congrats to the Chiefs and I look forward to beating the Super Bowl champs twice this year.

TRAVEL TRENDS ON DECK If you listen to the show you know I love to travel pretty much more than anything else. My friend Charlie Crull, owner of Cruise and Tour, is in town today and I asked him to pop in to chat about travel trends and more. There is still space to go on our Christmas Markets tour this November! Check this out for more and then call 800-383-3131 to book your space.

NONE OF THE COMMERCIALS DAZZLED YESTERDAY At least for me, though it was nice to not have seen all of them BEFORE the Super Bowl. Read more about the spots and which ones scored big here. This DunKings commercial was my favorite.

RFK JR APOLOGIZED FOR THE AD RUN ON HIS BEHALF By a Super PAC supporting him. He apologized to his family for the retro ad that tapped into the legacy of his late uncle. His family is NOT supporting his independent bid for President so they may not have been happy. He rightly pointed out that he is legally prevented from coordinating with the PAC and I'm guessing he would have told them to stop.

MACHINES SO CORRUPT GOP LEADERSHIP WANTS TO USE THEM This column about how GOP Chair David Williams is now asking to use the Dominion Voting Machines he's been accusing of fraud for years now really is a chef's kiss. Of course he does. Read it here.

WHY CHURCHES NEED TO ALLOW ARMED PEOPLE Another potential massacre at a church was avoided by two off duty armed officers at Joel Osteen's mega church yesterday. A woman entered the church with a five year old boy and a gun but before she could do much damage the officers fired back. Another part of this story that is unclear is who hit the young boy. If it was the off duty officer this just goes to show how important practice is when you carry concealed. The new law being considered in Colorado would ban anyone from carrying a firearm in a church. Remember that if something happens here.

AURORA FOLLOWS STEP DENVER'S LEAD They are purchasing a defunct hotel to provide a program for homeless people that looks a lot like Step Denver. What do I mean? Read this:

At its core, the campus would contain an incentive system in which those served would be offered housing based on tiers. There would be increasing responsibilities and requirements in exchange for better services and living arrangements. The lowest tier would be a shelter for people who need services but aren’t working with case managers yet. Housing will be barracks-style, with minimal services. The next tier up will require people to work part time, including jobs in and around the facility, and to participate in programs for addiction and mental health treatment as well as job training. That tier will offer what Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman calls “materially better” living arrangements. The highest tier will be for those who have landed gainful jobs but still need some services. People in the third tier will have even better living conditions, including a private room.

This is straight out of Step Denver and it's very effective because not only does each "step up" give a sense of accomplishment newer people in the program have something to work towards and small rewards along the way.

CDOT'S RAKING IN THE FINES WHILE MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTEST THEM Of course they are. If you've gotten a ticket for crossing over the white lines from the Express Lane to the normal lane of traffic, good luck being able to contest it. There are NO appointments available for the foreseeable future because they are all full. CDOT laughed at a man who called to tell them he couldn't make an appointment online. CDOT says they haven't gone beyond the required 75 days to address the appeals but they are trying to hire more administrative court officers to handle the load. Mmmkay.

COLORADO DEMS TRYING TO END OIL AND GAS And we've known this is the end game but here we are. New bills would include an outright ban on new oil and gas drilling after 2030 and a ban on summer time drilling now.

WHY DOESN'T THE MEDIA CALL OUT DEMOCRAT DYSFUNCTION? That's the question asked in this column by Eric Sondermann but we all know the answer. They love to amplify Republican nuttiness while protecting THEIR party. It's really that simple. Sure, every once in a great while Kyle Clark finds something SO objectionable to a bunch of people that he is emboldened to call it out, but I really believe that's just to give himself cover from accusations of bias that we all know are true.

ONE MAN IS SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING CPR Because he had a full blown cardiac arrest in a gym and were it not for the people who did CPR on his until medics arrived he may not be here to talk about it. The security video from the gym went viral on TikTok and it's pretty amazing. Watch below or click here.

THE RISKS OF SELLING A VEHICLE TO AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT This is an interesting story that needs attention. Before you sell your car, you need to make sure that who you are selling it to can register and insure it. This lady didn't and now there is another person riding around without insurance in Denver.

SINGLE, MARRIED, OR SOLO? That third category represents people who are perfectly happy being single and aren't really looking for a relationship. This CU-Boulder professor says though he is not anti-marriage he wants to stop prioritizing it over happy singledom. Read more here and I'm going to try to get him on the show.

THE NEW YORK TIMES TURNS ON BIDEN At least the editorial page has anyway. No less than THREE Columns about the President's advancing age and infirmity appeared this weekend in the pages of the Old Gray Lady. The Daily Mail writes about it here. Even reliable Biden supporter David French had to write about it. From his column:

Compounding the problem for Biden, age is not a challenge that improves with time. It’s likely that Biden’s memory and energy are better now than they’ll be next year, not to mention four years from now. Moreover, millions upon millions of Americans have direct experience with the challenge of advanced age — either as their own minds and bodies ultimately slow down or as they watch it happen to friends and relatives. That same experience makes Americans immune to political spin on the issue. No matter how powerful your rhetoric, you can’t browbeat Americans out of a concern as obvious and relatable as the fact that age matters.

None of this is good for Biden, who was able to rely on the slavish devotion of the press during his first non-run for President where he hid in his basement "because of covid". It's only a matter of time before they take his keys away. I wonder who they will install next.

ISRAEL RESCUES TWO HOSTAGES From the very location that AOC declared a haven ONLY for civilians.

Unfortunately for those civilians Hamas has not qualms about placing hostages among them or even with them, as we know from released hostages that were held captive by civilians. Netanyahu says victory is within reach. Here's hoping he's right.

THE ROT INFESTING COLLEGE CAMPUSES is real. What I find remarkable is that NONE of the people sitting in this room had the balls to get up and leave or challenge this fool on any aspect of the hate he is spewing. Watch this trash that was invited to speak to a medical school for MLK Day.

SPIDER MAN ARRESTED At least a burglar who scaled the outside of buildings to go from balcony to balcony looking for unlocked doors to rob people. He's been nabbed in Miami.

WILL SHE BE GIVING MONEY TO HERSELF? The Most Annoying Sunny Hostin, who loves the thought of reparations, finds out her family were slaveholders. Watch this.

THE MS SOCIETY KICKS OUT A LONGTIME VOLUNTEER OVER PRONOUNS This is absurd. She is 90 years old and her crime was asking what pronouns were. She's been volunteering for 60 years.

A PRESIDENTIAL MEMO OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE This is really funny. Watch below or click here. Although I'm pretty sure you pronounce that Her-furd when you are talking about cows.

YES WOMEN NEED MORE SLEEP THAN MEN Watch below or click here.


TUCKER ASKS ABOUT REPORTER EVAN GERSHKOVICH He's been criticized for not being harder on Putin, but he was pretty strong on this one

NO, MIKE JOHNSON, THIS IS NOT THE REPUBLICANS FAULT In any way, shape or form. The border disaster, the overrunning of Denver, this is ALL the creation of Democrat policies and decisions. Mayor Mike should be ashamed to lie through his teeth like this. But here we are.

HE SHOULD LEAVE THE SINGING TO TAYLOR Because he clearly doesn't have the pipes for it, though who could blame him for trying.

TEMU = IDENTITY THEFT At least according to many, many Redditors and this lady. Watch below or click here

FIRE THE INTERN OVER THIS ONE Someone, certainly not Joe Biden, posted this last night well after he went nighty night. I'm guessing to troll someone.

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