2/9/24 Blog: What Part of Your Brain Makes Greatness, And Biden's Mad

I WISH I HAD PLAYED THE WHOLE THING NOW I turned off the ramblings of the old man who is President of the United States. Watch it here and hoo boy, is this his "moment" that sinks his candidacy? I'm guessing the GOP will be using this over and over again to show how old he is.

It didn't help that he mistook the President of Egypt with the President of Mexico while he was telling us he was fine. And he just blamed staff for the records mess. The press was pretty rough on his age and he fought back like an old man sending back soup at a deli. It was NOT a good look. The rest of the world has to be concerned. And though he wasn't charged, I don't think you can ignore the lengths the Special Prosecutor went to to show how bad Biden's memory is. His campaign is not happy. David Strom wrote a great column about Biden's mental vacuity here.

WHAT MAKES PRO ATHLETES BETTER MENTALLY THAN OTHERS? When it comes to grit and determination and motivation to achieve at the highest level? Dr. Kyra Bobinet, MD-MPH and author of "Unstoppable Brain," sheds light on a game-changing factor: the habenula. Dr. Bobinet says, “The habenula, known as the kill switch for motivation, is possibly the most significant controller of behavior ever found, the gating mechanism that the brain uses for everything that does or doesn’t happen in your life.” If players can master the habenula, they can influence the psychological and motivational aspects of the game and determine who comes out on top. She joins me at 1 to discuss how YOU can tap into and control your habenula. You can find more on Dr. Bobinet by clicking here.

IT'S A FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY UP IN HERE So you guys can ask anything you like or want to talk about it. It's your day to control the show.

LAST DAY TO ENTER OUR BARRY MANILOW TRIP CONTEST! Today during the show you can enter to win a trip to see Barry Manilow at the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, plus a fancy dinner at Franciano's. You can enter by using the IHeartApp, stream the show and look for the little red microphone at the bottom of the app. Use that to record yourself sending us your name, phone number and you singing your favorite Barry song. We will announce the winners on Monday but you have to enter by the end of the show today!

RANDY GRADISHAR IS WHERE HE BELONGS In the Hall of Fame. He is part of the class of 2024 and it's long overdue. Read more here.

THE SUPREMES SEEM TO LEANING TOWARD TRUMP On the question of whether or not he can appear on the ballot in Colorado. We should know by Sunday, as both parties asked for an expedited ruling because ballots must go out. Read more here, but they did NOT seem sympathetic to any state making unilateral judgments on the insurrection issue.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE BREAKING UC HEALTH And they say the level of uncompensated care is "unsustainable". Of course it is, but we all know our Mayor will not ask the President to close the border. Because that's not how Democrats do things.

THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL CAN'T OVERRIDE THE MAYOR'S VETO When it comes to forcing homeless people into shelter during extremely cold weather. They don't have the nine votes to override his veto of a ban on encampment sweeps if the temperature is below freezing.

THE ZOO IS GOING WILD By opening up a new wildlife conservation center in Weld County. This is interesting but one wonders why the Zoo and Pat Craig of the Wildlife Sanctuary don't team up in a more collaborative manner. I do understand where they are moving as the land was donated. Now we will have two outstanding and natural facilities for animals to roam, which is always nice. Watch this great piece on The Wildlife Sanctuary from a few weeks ago for more on that place.

CHERNOBYL MAY HAVE CURED CANCER And I'm only sort of exaggerating here because wolves that are roaming the area around Chernobyl have apparently become immune to cancer. Researchers studying the wolves have found them to be constantly exposed to high radiation their entire lives but also found genetic changes that seem to make them immune to cancer. Read more here.

THAT DUMBASS YOUTUBER MOTORCYCLE GUY IS UNDER ARREST In Texas where he's from. After filming himself going 175 mph between Garden of the Gods and downtown Denver and then posting it to YouTube the Colorado State Patrol issued a warrant and now he's been arrested. I hope he goes to jail.

MICHAEL PORTER JR'S BROTHER PLEADS GUILTY To charge related to the death of a woman he hit while driving drunk. He will face a maximum of eight years in prison instead of 25 and there was very little doubt that he did what he was charged with. His attorney is arguing for probation but that is not justice. He killed a woman driving drunk, that deserves some jail time.

DO YOU GO TO THE THEATER? This article says theater attendance is way down in some places and I have to wonder if it's because theater tickets are so insanely expensive now or if older people who tend to make up the core of theater attendees are just out of the habit because of covid or covid fears. I'm curious as to what you think.

CHRISTIAN TOTO REVIEWS THE NEW BOB MARLEY MOVIE And he says it misses the mark. Find it here. I will wait until it hits streaming.

DEMOCRATS FIGHTING DEMOCRATS TO TAKE BACK SAN FRAN And I full expect this is how things will go for Denver at some point. Tech millionaires have largely stayed on the sidelines in San Fran as they watched it crumble, but now they are backing moderate Democrats in the hopes of bringing the city back from the edge. I'm guessing no Republicans need apply here, but a moderate Democrat is better than the lunatics who have been ruining things there for years. Note no one calls anyone a DINO or other such names here. Our Republican leadership could learn something from that. From the Wall Street Journal:

The industry says San Francisco’s problems stem from its current establishment having swung too far left on the political spectrum. They believe progressive Democrats are too soft on drugs and street crime, and too woke on issues like public education. 
Their big goal is to elect a less liberal slate of candidates to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, over half of whom are up for re-election in November. The board controls the city’s budget and can block policy proposals by Mayor London Breed, who has the backing of the industry.

I do think it's funny that they want to elect Democrats to fix the problems Democrats created. Just saying.

MANN VS STEYN ENDS WITH A $1 AWARD For compensatory damages, but a $1 million dollar judgment for punitive damages, which will be dramatically lowered on appeal. You can read about it here, but I think the jury just believed that climate change is real and wanted to punish dissenters, or the compensatory damages would be higher. The US Supreme Court has already ruled previously that punitive damages can't be excessive so that number will be slashed at appeal. From Wikipedia on that issue:

There is no maximum dollar amount of punitive damages that a defendant can be ordered to pay. In response to judges and juries which award high punitive damages verdicts, the Supreme Court of the United States has made several decisions which limit awards of punitive damages through the due process of law clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. In a number of cases, the Court has indicated that a 4:1 ratio between punitive and compensatory damages is high enough to lead to a finding of constitutional impropriety and that any ratio of 10:1 or higher is almost certainly unconstitutional. However, the Supreme Court carved out a notable exception to this rule of proportionality in the case of TXO Production Corp. v. Alliance Resources Corp., where it affirmed an award of $10 million in punitive damages, despite the compensatory damages being only $19,000, a punitive-to-compensatory ratio of more than 526-to-1. In this case, the Supreme Court affirmed that disproportionate punitive damages were allowed for especially egregious conduct

WHEN SHOE REPAIR BECOMES AN INTERNET SENSATION I've already expressed my love for carpet cleaning videos, and lately I've been watching farriers fix cow hooves a LOT, but I need to add this cobbler to my rotation. He's part of a bigger movement urging people to fix things instead of throwing them away. This is an interesting article about it all.

WHEN UNLIMITED PTO IS ANYTHING BUT This is so accurate about this new scam on days off.


I'M NOT GOING TO BE FLYING FINNAIR ANYTIME SOON As they are now asking passengers to hop on a scale before boarding. It's voluntary now, but no.

THINGS TOURISTS LIKE AND DISLIKE ABOUT THE US And I think these are fairly predictable but I still find it interesting.

WANT TO GO TO THE SUPERBOWL? PAY UP Ticket prices for the game are ABSURD. Check this article about the most expensive and least expensive options.

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