2/8/24 Blog: Super Bowl Snacks, And Free Speech On Campus

WHAT ARE YOU MAKING FOR THE SUPER BOWL? Alanna Shipley, who is the Head of Audience Insights and Consumer Insights Expert at DoorDash, joins me at 1 to talk about what people are buying for the Super Bowl, either delivery or groceries to make stuff at home. What's on your Super Bowl table?

HOW FREE IS SPEECH ON OUR CAMPUSES? I've got FIRE Director of Policy Reform Laura Beltz on to discuss their report that grades college campuses across the country on how free speech is on campus. The new report rates 489 of America’s top colleges and universities as “red light,” “yellow light,” or “green light” institutions based on how much their policies threaten student speech. FIRE found that 85% of schools have at least one policy that could be used to improperly restrict students’ freedom of expression. How did our Colorado schools do? Read the report here, it might surprise you.

HOMELESS ADVOCATES TURN ON THE MAYOR Because they say he's going back on a campaign promise to not do encampment sweeps in freezing weather. He sent a spokesperson to answer a question from the Denver Gazette about it. I think his veto was right and that the question asked then is much different than what he is doing now, but it just goes to show you really can't please people even when you're trying.

THE CITY OF LAKEWOOD IS NOT BECOMING A SANCTUARY CITY The Mayor is responding after they reached out to Denver to see if Lakewood could help with the illegal immigrant situation somehow. She says that Lakewood is NOT becoming a sanctuary city, and that rumors they would be housing immigrants in JeffCo Schools is completely false. The issue that I see for Lakewood is that illegal immigrants who get help there will most assuredly let OTHER immigrants know they got help there and pretty soon Lakewood becomes a destination. But that's just my worry.

WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS DURING TAX SEASON As investigators expect fraud to be rampant this year. Don't give money over the phone EVER, and if someone calls saying they are from the IRS, hang up and use the official IRS number to call them back. The IRS does NOT send text messages or emails, they ONLY use the US Postal service to communicate. If you use a tax preparer, ALWAYS verify that they are indeed asking for information via email before sending anything. Call the phone number you already have, don't use any numbers provided. Be careful out there, people.

GABE EVANS GRABS A BIG ENDORSEMENT He's running to unseat Yadira Caraveo in the 8th Congressional District and just got an endorsement from Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Read it here. Johnson has also endorsed Boebert in the 4th however, which has no impact on my vote.

25 YEARS OVER A FANNY PACK This case is yet another example of out of control kids running loose with guns doing dumb crap. I say that the defendant, who tried to steal a Louis Vuitton fanny pack from another teen, got 25 years over a fanny pack, but this kid was out looking for trouble. When you read this article about what happened that night it is obvious he was looking to shoot someone, but what strikes me is how the OTHER kids didn't just go home when a crazy boy with a gun started threatening to "shoot up" a house party. Sure, they ran away, but why not pack it in? And why were 17 year olds out at 4am anyway? We all know the answer and it's crappy parenting. We won't have to worry about this guy for some time unless a left wing parole board lets him out. Which I fully expect to happen.

OUR PARKS INVASION SEEMS TO BE OVER The huge boost that happened after Covid has settled back down to more normal numbers when it comes to attendance. I'm happy the city folk are gone, they leave trash and walk around blasting music and I don't like that.

SHOULD A PARENT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CRIMES OF THEIR CHILD? The answer in the Jennifer Crumbley case is a yes, as she was found guilty of four counts of involuntary manslaughter a day ago. Her son took a pistol she bought him to school and killed four classmates. A quick summary of why she was found guilty is here in The Free Press column:

Did his parents share some of the blame for his killing spree? Of course they did. His dad James bought the then–15-year-old Ethan a semiautomatic handgun as an early Christmas present, and then left it in an open drawer. Ethan told his mom that he saw demons. He wrote in his journal that “I have zero help for my mental problems.” But Jennifer Crumbley ignored the signs that her son needed help. 
Most shocking of all, on the morning of the shooting, school officials wanted Jennifer to take Ethan home after they saw a drawing he’d done of a gun and a bleeding human body. “The thoughts won’t stop,” he’d written. “Help me.” Jennifer promised she would take him to a therapist, but in the meantime, she left him at school. Neither she nor the school officials realized he had the gun in his backpack. Hours later, he went on his rampage.

His father goes to trial soon but if he's convicted he will face the same potential 60 years that she is facing. We shall discuss today but I think the argument is sound that if you knowingly make available a gun to someone who has demonstrated this sort of mental instability you bear responsibility as well, whether they are your child or not. This column from Reason.com says differently.

WELP, I'M NOT CHEERING FOR THE CHIEFS The only reason I would CONSIDER it is so that Andy Reid would retire but he says he has no plans to do that.

THE US SUPREMES WILL HEAR COLORADO'S BALLOT CASE TODAY And will hopefully soon render a verdict on whether or not Donald Trump can be kept off the ballot for an insurrection he's never been charged with. Read more here.

I LOVE GENERATION JOKES But I don't think this is entirely accurate even if it's funny.

BIDEN SEES MORE DEAD PEOPLE As he told a group yesterday that he had been chatting with long dead German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. But it's fine, everything's fine, I'm sure.

WE WON'T HAVE MARIANNE WILLIAMSON TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE As she is dropping her long shot bid for President. I've always enjoyed her special brand of politicking so this is a big loss for my entertainment during the election period.

NOTHING SAYS NAZI MORE THAN BURNING BOOKS And one GOP candidate for office apparently has no knowledge of history because she did just that. Valentina Gomez is just 24 so she is a recent product of the school system. She used a flamethrower to set a pile of LGBT books on fire as she runs for Secretary of State. This kind of imagery really doesn't help, even if I understand the intention to keep pornographic books out of the hands of children.

THE WIND COMES OUT OF WIND As the largest wind farm developer in the world has announced layoffs and the suspension of dividend payments this year. The Danish owned company has cancelled offshore wind projects in New Jersey, Maryland and three nations around the world. It's amazing what happens when giant government subsidies dry up.

CONFESSIONS OF A CORRUPT LIBERAL If you want to see what happens when someone realized their party has gone off the rails, this is an excellent example.


MO'NIQUE PUTS OPRAH ON BLAST Among others. The actress says Oprah has been gunning for her since she refused to do free appearances before award season to promote Precious in 2009. Since then, Oprah has stolen roles that were meant for Mo'Nique, and Tyler Perry blackballed her in the industry at Oprah's behest. Pop some popcorn and watch Shannon Sharpe's podcast with her here.


FUN PEOPLE DON'T CLEAN I love her so much.

TWO HOTELS IN COLORADO MADE A BIG TIME LIST And the first is no surprise at #19 on the US News Best Hotels list with the Broadmoor sitting pretty there. The Little Nell in Aspen was a few spots below and you can find the list by going here.

STRIPPERS IN WASHINGTON PUSHING FOR A BILL OF RIGHTS And this is fantastic if you ask me. The Ladies of the Shoe Show are asking for basic safety protections against harassment by customers and employees of the clubs where they work. Read it here.

THE CHEX MIX AIRPORT INDEX IS IMPORTANT Because it is an easy way to compare the insane price inflation at airports all over the country. One traveler took to her social media to point out how expensive Chex Mix is in some airports compared to others. No surprise LaGuardia in NYC was the highest.

THE INVESTIGATION INTO BIDEN'S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS IS DONE And I put it here because we both know he's not going to get in trouble for taking documents with him when he left being Vice President because he's a Democrat. Read about it here.

WHAT DOES POT TO YOUR BODY? This is a great video from a guy I watch a lot. This is extremely good information.

AN IDIOT CLIMBED THE SPHERE And after this he is resting comfortably in police custody. What a dumbass but who didn't see this coming.

FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ARE GOING TO START LABELLING AI ACCOUNTS And I wonder if Only Fans is going to do the same thing. It's their way of trying to prevent people from being fooled by AI generated content.

NOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CRIME GANGS ARE RUNNING IN NEW YORK And the latest crime shows a woman being dragged behind a scooter as they try to steal her purse. These sort of grab and dash crimes using scooters are EXTREMELY common in some South American places and now they are in NYC too.


WHAT DO YOU DO FIRST? Watch below or click here.

MY KIDS KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO THIS TO ME And why is SHE taking it off? Watch below or click here.

I WONDER WHY THE BORDER IS OPEN It's a mystery to be sure.

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