2/6/24 Blog: Fitness, The Future, and The Shame of The House

MICHELLE ZELLNER WANTS YOU TO TAKE THINGS TO HEART And she's got a webinar on how to live a heart health life coming up on the 8th, which you can register for here. I saw this article today on the fact that so many younger people are having heart attacks now because they have engaged in the same unhealthy habits that have been causing heart attacks for a long time, plus covid is playing into that as well. And just as a point of order the heart attack increase started BEFORE the covid vaccine was a thing.

OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS BACK I'm not sure what we're talking about today at 1 but this recent column about the libraries of the future being interactive spaces where we can "talk" to historical figures is fascinating. So is this article on the coming AI job explosion, which gives me a little more hope that we're not all going to die.

THE COLORADO HOUSE BECLOWNED ITSELF YESTERDAY And let it's Anti Semitism take front and center. The issue arose when Rep. Ron Weinberg of Loveland brought six families of victims and hostages of the October 7th attacks to the Capitol. After announcing they would be visiting both the House and Senate floor Monday, he was told by House Speak Julie McCluskey that they were NOT welcome on the House floor. Why? She couldn't be sure people like Elisabeth Epps and Tim Hernandez could control their hate. She said it more nicely, that she was afraid that House members would not be able to "rise to the occasion" and that bringing Jewish victims to the House would negatively affect the House's ability to work together. Nothing says "I can't control the Anti-Semites in my party" more than this. What an embarrassment. Shame on our local media for not mentioning why they only visited the Senate.

THE BORDER DEAL IS ALREADY DEAD And it has nothing to do with the House. In typical Mitch McConnell fashion, he sent the wrong person to negotiate because Jim Lankford doesn't face re election anytime soon and when the deal was announced and widely panned as horrible, he plays neutral with the bill. Mitch doesn't care about open borders as long as his farming constituents get cheap labor. The bill is dead, the border is open and there is no hope for real leadership from Joe Biden on anything. We're screwed as the invasion continues. Rep. Mike Lee on X has been findking the worst parts of the bill and it's bad. Read this.

TOBY KEITH DIED He's been battling stomach cancer, which is nasty business, for a while and he died surrounded by friends and family. RIP, Mr. Keith and thanks for the great music you leave behind.

TRUMP IS NOT IMMUNE TO PROSECUTION That is the ruling by a federal appeals court and I think it's a sound one. Using his logic we could easily be saddled with a dictator who has no reason to believe he or she will be punished for their transgressions. Trump has until the 12th to appeal and I fully expect him to do so.

WHEN WILL DENVER COME FOR YOUR GAS FURNACE? Sooner than you may think if the Mayor has his way. The City Council declined to force electrification into new homes recently but I'm sure it will be back. Read more here.

I FEEL SORRY FOR LAUREN BOEBERT ON THIS She has been granted a restraining order against her ex-husband Jayson Boebert and accuses him of threatening her and entering her home without permission. This sort of situation happens more than one might think and it just goes to show that status doesn't protect you from a vengeful ex. Jayson is claiming victimhood in his comments but as he's facing multiple charges related to two separate instances involving the family I'm inclined to not believe him.

MSNBC FINDS OUT BLACK MEN ARE LEANING TOWARD TRUMP And again, this has to have Democrats panicked. And guess what, it all comes down to money. It's the economy, stupid.

A DEEPER DIVE ON HOW WOKE KINDERGARTEN FAILS KIDS I mentioned the head grifter of Woke Kindergarten yesterday, but today you should read just HOW damaging this toxic stew really is. The school that gave that Hate America clown $250,000 dollars saw their abysmal test scores DROP after the indoctrination that taxpayers paid for. Why do we let these people run our schools? They are ruining ANOTHER generation of children. Liberal parents need to grow a pair and stand up against this nonsense.

GOVERNMENT TRIES TO FIX THE PROBLEM GOVERNMENT CREATED We all know that the Condo Defect legislation passed years ago at the behest of trial lawyers gutted the condo market in Colorado. That is indisputable. Now the Legislature is trying to fix the mess they created with new legislation that would roll back some of the most troublesome provisions while allowing builders to fix issues without a lawsuit. Read it here but I fully expect Democrats to kill this. We'll see if they do the right thing or bow to trial lawyers again.

PROGRESSIVES WHO DON'T KNOW ECONOMICS SHOW HOW TO KILL DELIVERY APPS Talk about "who didn't see this coming". Seattle's genius City Council passed an ordinance demanding that delivery app drivers get paid $20 an hour. The Delivery apps passed a $5 fee onto their customers and you can guess what happened. In three weeks, people have stopped ordering food using the app and the drivers have seen their income drop dramatically, sometimes in half. Well done, progressive idiots!

EGYPT HATES HAMAS TOO And in a recent interview a television host and former member of the Egyptian Parliament pulled no punches when talking about what's happening in Israel. Check this out:

"I mourn for every death on the Israeli side and every death on the Palestinian side, but I do not mourn Hamas personnel that have been killed because they are a terror organization that has profited from the Palestinian issue. They are an organization that turned Egypt into a no man's land, and its hands are covered in the blood of Egypt. I will not forget it."

But kids in college think they are in the right supporting Hamas.



GET PAID TO TASTE FOOD It's a real thing and you can do it CSU. Find out more here.

HEADED TO FLORIDA OR THE CARIBBEAN? Hopefully you won't arrive at either place when the sargassum seaweed does. It's nasty. Read when it's expected to arrive here.

DIA HAS NEW CHECKPOINTS SET UP And this article tells you everything you need to know.

STEVIE NICKS IS COMING TO COLORADO She added a Ball Arena stop on her upcoming tour and will be here in May.

DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS IS ANNOUNCING CONCERTS TOO And the first three are out. I want to see Emmylou Harris.

MCDONALDS IS PROMISING AFFORDABILITY AFTER $18 BIG MAC CONTROVERSY No one wants a six dollar hashbrown is what McDonald's is finding out and now the CEO is saying they will bring prices back down to earth. But how? Everything costs so much more. Read it here.

THE SENATE WANTS TO RAISE THE PILOT RETIREMENT AGE As we have a pilot shortage right now, the US Senate is thinking of bumping the forced retirement age to 67. The FAA says not so fast, however, as they want a study to find out if this will affect flight safety. I think with the proper physical requirements in place I'm cool with this.

WILL WE FIND OUT WHO THE REAL CREATOR OF BITCOIN IS? A lawsuit in London may lead to the unmasking of a man known only as Satoshi Nakamoto who wrote the White Paper that laid out the creation of Bitcoin. There are billions of dollars at stake in the case and an Australian computer scientist named Craig Wright is at the center of it. Read more here.

BILL MAHER WEIGHS IN ON MATERIALISM IN MUSIC This is really good but of course there is some potty language in it.


I FELT ATTACKED BY THIS And it's accuracy.

THE CHAOS THE MIGRANT INVASION IS CAUSING This is a great piece by Gerard Baker on how the political elites seem to have given up on the notion that we have a right to have a country as they allow unfettered illegal immigrants to flood into the US and Europe. Read it here, it's a warning that should be heeded.

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