2/5/22 Blog: Black Voters are Disillusioned with Biden, But....

JULIE TAULMAN IS THE PRESIDENT OF AN IMPRESSIVE ORGANIZATION It's the National Sports Center for the Disabled and they do AMAZING things helping people with a variety of disabilities get back to doing fun activities outdoors. The Wells Fargo Cup is back this year at the end of this month and it is a wonderful event in Winter Park. Find out more here. Julie joins me at 1 to talk about it.

ISAAC WILLOUR IS TELLING DEMOCRATS NOT TO TAKE BLACK VOTES FOR GRANTED In this great column about the 20% of black voters who are very unhappy about Biden. That doesn't mean they will rush to vote for Trump, but it does mean their votes are up for grabs. It also means there is a possibility they will stay home. Read it here and Isaac joins me at 2 to discuss it. His latest Substack column is worth your time too.

THEY WANT TO TAX YOUR PETS! Kristi Burton Brown sent out tweet about a bill being pushed by one Democrat that would levy a tax on our PETS. Of course it would be a "registration fee" but it's a tax. Is there nothing they won't tax? The answer seems to be no.

THE MAYOR VETOED THE ORDINANCE BANNING SWEEPS IN COLD WEATHER And he's right, of course, that we need to get people out of the outside when it's below freezing. Loony lefties on the Council are going to try to override his veto but I don't think they can. Someone needs to ask them why they want people to die instead of being forced inside.

I HAD A SUPER COOL EXPERIENCE SATURDAY I got to go with a group of wildlife officers to place two orphaned bear cubs in an artificial den so they can hopefully hibernate the rest of the winter before they re emerge in the spring. Though the officers referred to them as 125 and 126 I named them Marge and Boris just because. When the female was snoring she sounded JUST like Jinx! Here are some photos from the day and you can see Boris and Marge all comfy in their winter home.

THE FOUNDER OF THE WOKE KINDERGARTEN HATES AMERICA And you'd think people would try to hide it, but this is what passes for education these days. Just watch this.

DID YOU WATCH THE GRAMMYS LAST NIGHT? I wish I had watched it just for this. Look at Tracy Chapman's smile in this. Love this so much.

SENATOR JOHN FETTERMAN IS A HERO FOR ISRAEL This guy has turned into a real interesting character, bad fashion aside. Read this tweet:

You read that right, he's calling out his alma mater Harvard in a way most Democrats wouldn't dream of. I kind of like this dude now.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS FACING A CIVIL RIGHTS INVESTIGATION over its racist policies that excluded white people from a committee to redo the discipline matrix. Here are the details.

THIS ARTICLE TOWS THE TRANS COMPANY LINE It should have been about trans women getting their own spaces in Colorado prisons, which I'm all in favor of, but then the reporter throws this line in:

Gender dysphoria, left untreated, can result in depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-harm, and suicidality — all of which already affect trans people disproportionately because of the discrimination, stigma, and other social stressors they face. “Those things are generally resolved, or improved at least, by undergoing gender-affirming clinical care — whether that’s medical, procedural, or surgical,” Matthew Murphy said.

That first part is The Big Lie used by doctors to emotionally blackmail parents and I'm not having it. And perhaps trans people are disproportionately affected because they have a myriad of other mental health issues as well?

ANOTHER SHOOTING THIS WEEKEND At a party where uninvited guests showed up. One of the victims was a child, though we don't know how young. What a waste.

AND A 13 YEAR OLD KILLS A MAN ON A BUS Who committed the unforgivable crime of putting his leg in the aisle. Read it here.

A WOMAN QUITS HER JOB AFTER BEING TOLD TO AFFIRM CHILDREN'S GENDER WITHOUT QUESTION Boy howdy this is tough to read. I hate to think that hospitals are medicalizing young people for profit, but how can I not after reading this column about how a therapist who worked with a hospital system with a gender clinic was told to simply affirm the new gender when children presented with gender dysphoria. This woman is a hero.

JON CALDARA KNOWS IT'S GOOD TO THE BE THE KING And he writes about the nonsense that some Democrats are trying to pass, including the pet tax above, as Democrats are truly kings of Colorado right now.

STEP DENVER'S CEO TAKES OUT HOUSING FIRST And he's not opposed to shelter first at all, as that is a tenet of Step Denver, but what he's railing against is the housing first with NO responsibility or off ramp for those taking advantage of the housing. It's a great column and I sure hope the Mayor reads it.

A FEDERAL JUDGE HAS SAVED THE GOP FROM ITSELF For now. We'll see if this group of hapless idiots decides to waste more donor money on this feckless lawsuit trying to keep Unaffiliateds out of the primaries. A Republican appointed judge shot them down Friday.

OF COURSE BIDEN DOESN'T WANT CLOSED BORDERS He's going to try and make all these people dependent on the government and permanent Democrat voters.


HEARTBURN MEDS MAY INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF DEMENTIA And I am so concerned about this possibility I stopped taking mine today and will seek out natural solutions to my heartburn. Read it here.

A JACKIE ROBINSON STATUE WILL BE REPLACED After some damn fool vandals cut it off at the knees and stole it. Local groups in Kansas are getting an assist from Major League Baseball to replace the statue and I hope provide some sort of security cameras to keep it safe or make it easier to catch scumbags.

SIX SNEAKERS SELL FOR $8 MILLION BUCKS But these aren't just ANY sneakers they were all worn by Michael Jordan during his six championship series. This set a record for game worn items at auction, of course. They went to a private American buyer.

YES, TAYLOR WILL MAKE IT TO THE SUPER BOWL From her concert in Tokyo, Japan. She's got a private jet with probably some really good sleeping arrangements so I expect her to be refreshed at the game in Vegas.

LOOKING FOR AN ELEVATED DINING EXPERIENCE IN DENVER? How about an 18 course tasting menu that costs $175 a person? Find it here. And you have to prepay for the evening when you reserve, just an fyi.

HOW ABOUT SIX GREAT OUTDOORSY DATE IDEAS AROUND DENVER? These are really good and I'm making some reservations now.

LET'S SEE IF A BENEVOLENT DICTATOR STAYS THAT WAY The young and handsome President of El Salvador just got re elected with 90% approval after using some questionable tactics to bring crime under control in El Salvador. His party won all the seats in the governing body. But does he stay a benevolent dictator? Only time will tell. Read about him here. This part jumped out at me:

"Everyone knows it is unconstitutional to re-elect the president but what people want is security. They don't care if it is unconstitutional, they just want to feel safe,(emphasis mine)" said Josue Galdamez, 39, a businessman and trader who supported Bukele because of his crusade against gangs.

Does this explain why Democrat-backed DAs don't enforce the laws? I think so.

SITTING ALL DAY AT WORK BOOSTS YOUR CHANCE OF EARLY DEATH By 16%. So what to do? Get up and move for a few minutes every hour.

FONTS FIGHT IT OU this is funny.


SUCH HELPFUL PUPS! This is so great. Watch below or click here.

THIS IS WHY YOU WATCH YOUR KIDS So they don't climb into the claw machine.

THE IMMIGRANT SITUATION IS BREAKING MICHAEL RAPPAPORT The left wing comedian now says voting for Trump is "on the table" after two NYPD officers were attacked by migrants who got out immediately with no bail. Read it here.

VACUUMS BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY WORKED Thanks goodness I'm alive now. Watch below or click here.

THE APPLE VISION PRO IS A THING NOW And I have no interest in this whatsoever but here you go. Watch below or click here.

THE PUPPERS DIDN'T CARE ABOUT THE SNOW SATURDAY As they took over Golden. Watch below or click here.

WE'RE NUMBER 33! In the list of great places to get married. Orlando is #1 and I'm not feeling that, but Las Vegas is #2 and I'm not feeling that either. See the top 10 here.

SEVEN CLASSIC COLORADO RESTAURANTS YOU SHOULDN'T MISS i'm pleased that I've eaten at five of these, but haven't revisited Casa Bonita since it's fix up.

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