2/1/24 Blog: The DEA Is In To Talk Fentanyl, Plus Sexism in Weed and Murder

THE DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION SEIZED A LOT OF FENTANYL LAST YEAR Not enough to prevent the hundreds of overdose deaths in the metro but as much as they could. Special Agent in Charge David Olesky joins me today at 1 to discuss last year's report, which you can find here.

HOLY COW LAST NIGHT'S EVENT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Thanks to everyone who came out, I've put some photos below. If you missed it, we will be doing more of these because Ross and I just love them. Thanks to Eldon Larson and his wonderful staff at The Wine Experience Cafe, they absolutely crushed it. If you want to learn more about wine or just have a great local place to buy good wine from knowledgeable people go here and sign up for their newsletter blasts. Scroll to the bottom and a popup will come up.

Ross and Mandy with Eldon Larson, Owner of The Wine Experience Cafe Photo: Anthony Rodriguez

THE SEXISM OF MURDER BY HAMAS Anyone who is protesting on behalf of the Palestinian people needs to be asked why they support the systematic rape of women and subsequent mutilation of their genitals and then shooting them in the face multiple times as if to erase their identity because that is what they support. This interview with a woman who accompanied some of the bodies as they were prepared for burial according to Jewish doctrine is horrific. Everyone should read it. From the article:
"Women were shot many times in the face... Their mouths were in grimaces, their eyes were open, their fists were clenched," she said.
"They were shot so many times in the head, in many cases it was like there was purposeful obliteration of women's faces.
"Our team has seen women shot in the crotch, in the genitals. Women were shot in the breast... Our team saw this."
She added: "Women had legs cut off. It seemed like there was a systematic genital mutilation of women in the women we saw."

That is what protesters are supporting. That is what they celebrate.

NO WOMEN IN THE GROW The Weed industry is a hotbed of sexism, as told by this woman who honestly engages in far too much flowery (pun intended) for my taste. However she makes a point that the fledgling industry has done a fine job in excluding women from the power positions and even positions in the grow house and for an industry this new, that seems wrong. I do realize, as does she, that the primary customers for weed are men, but that's no reason women can't grow it. I find this an interesting column.

DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT MOVED A RECORD AMOUNT OF PEOPLE LAST YEAR Nearly 78 million passengers flew through DIA last year, a huge 12.3% increase over the previous year's record. New gates and more people flying did the trick and we all know the airport is still in the midst of an overhaul that is supposed to make it easier for us to use. Read about it here.

WOMAN REMOVED FROM HOUSE COMMITTEE MEETING FOR SAYING THERE ARE TWO GENDERS I can't make this up. She was testifying about HB 24-1071 named Tiara's law which would allow felons to change their names legally if they change their gender.

The reason felons can't legally change their names currently is to keep them from escaping their past. The person this is named after is trying to do just that, read Gays Against Groomers Rich Guggenheim's Tweet about it:

So Democrats are a-okay with a felon and former sex worker being allowed to hang around children all the time because he decided to change his gender. This part of Rich's tweet is the most important part:

Gay men and lesbian women have fought for decades against the false narrative that we are pedophiles and want to groom children. The passage of this bill will allow for sex offenders and felons to have easier access to children under the guise of LGBTQ inclusion and equality. The consesquences of passing this bill will lead to an increase of accusations of members of the LGBT community being pedophiles and will erode the support for LGBT rights and undermine the work LGB activists have spent decades fighting for. This bill will have unintended homophobic consequences and place too many children in harm's way while hampering the efforts of parents and law enforcement to keep them safe. For these reasons, I implore the members of this committee to vote against HB24-1071

He is 100% right. Rich joins me at 2:30 to discuss.

COLORADO SPRINGS DOESN'T WANT DENVER'S ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Because apparently Denver sent a bus full of illegal immigrants to El Paso County. The County Commissioners were not having it and held a press conference to say as much. It was a scorcher. Check out some of these quotes:

“The failure of the Denver policies and its mayor… the governor is hurting our state and hurting our communities,” said Gonzalez, Jr.
“This is not just a local challenge. It is a national emergency and it’s destroying cities and communities around our nation,” said Carrie Geitner, El Paso County Commissioner District 2.
“We in El Paso County must draw a line in the sand. We’re not in the business of selling dreams that can’t be fulfilled. Offering sanctuary or support beyond our capabilities is a dangerous game and risks the safety of both migrants and our citizens,” Geitner said.
“I cannot believe that we have individuals coming across the border who are being placed in the hotels,” said Holly Williams, El Paso County Commissioner District 1, “compared to someone who goes to a soup kitchen or to the rescue mission to get food or who has to find shelter on a cold night.”

They are very clear that they won't put up with Denver's shenanigans they created for themselves.

CBS IS FINALLY REPORTING ON BRITTANY PETERSON'S HUSBAND SWEETHEART CONTRACT And doing so in the broader context of calling out local governments for using tax dollars to strategize against voters who have already shot down what they want. It's about de-TABORING Jefferson County and you can read it here.

DEMOCRATS ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS, PART #3853 After deciding local control was the way to go the same Democrats who voted for that now think locals haven't gone far enough so they have filed a far reaching bil banning concealed carry from a whole list of places in the state. I guess locals weren't controlling enough for their taste. I must have missed the stories of concealed carry holders committing a bunch of crimes somehow. Read a column on it here.

TRUMP HAS A WOMAN PROBLEM And not the Stormy Daniels or E. Jean Carroll kind. He's losing support among women to Joe Biden according to the latest polling. I'm guessing this means that he will for sure pick a female VP candidate if he gets the nomination but this poll will be shouted about by Nikki Haley as she tries to find a way to win in South Carolina.

IS THE US IN AN ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL? I wish I could answer "No" that question but I am in total agreement with this column about our debt. We are on track to spend $2.2 TRILLION more than we take in THIS YEAR ALONE.

THIS ADORABLE THING HAPPENED LAST NIGHT Arod said he'd give a sticker to any listener who did an airhorn impression and then this happened.

A CU BOULDER PROFESSOR FIGHTS CLIMATE ANXIETY AS A BUTTERFLY And I'm just going to put this story right here for all of you parents paying hefty bills to that university so you know what's happening there

WATCH A SHORT DOCUMENTARY ON THE PRO HAMAS PROTESTS The Free Press did it and you can find it on YouTube here.


THE NEW AMPHITHEATER IN THE SPRINGS IS OPENING THIS SUMMER And they tapped OneRepublic, the hometown band, to open it up this summer. Read more here.


Why does this matter? Because if we are going to get young people we have to meet them where they are and that's exactly what Ben and Tom did here.

DENVER RESTAURANT WEEK IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER And a bunch of the participating restaurants have released their menus for the March 1st through the 10th event. You can find the website with the menus here, but there are multiple price points so pay attention and make a reservation now!

BALL ARENA'S CONCERT SCHEDULE HAS SHAPED UP NICELY And you can see a full list of 2024 concerts here.

YOUNG MEN SEE FEMINISM AS HARMFUL Much more so than Boomer males do, but that's because the feminism of the Boomer age was about equality whereas now it's about revenge. After being told for their entire lives that THEY are the problem by women shrieking about toxic masculinity, it's no wonder young men see feminism as a threat. Read the details here but honestly, I don't blame young men one bit.

WALMART IS DOLLING THEMSELVES UP And updating and remodeling a lot of their stores to bring people back into an in person retail experience. I'm here for it as a proud Walmart shopper.

THAT IS AN UNFORTUNATE REASON FOR AN EARLY CLOSURE A Pizza Hut that had to close the dining room early one night hung an unfortunate sign on the door to let customers know and the internet responded.

SHE REALLY SHOWED HER ASS ON THIS ONE Of course she was a Frontier passenger. Of course. She needed to pee on a flight so she pulled her pants down in the aisle. She's been arrested.

THIS IS LIKE A BAD THREE STOOGES MOVE And a sixteen year old girl is in the hospital after listening to the ski patrol below. She had slid off the seat of a ski lift and was dangling when ski patrol deployed a net and told her to drop. She did, and then missed the net. Or should I say that ski patrol missed her. You can see the video here.

WE'RE TOO LAZY FOR CIVIL WAR This dude has a point. Watch below or click here.


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