12/20/23 Blog: Trump Gets Bounced Off the Ballot in Colorado

TRUMP WILL HAVE TO APPEAL TO GET ON THE BALLOT And I think it's highly likely that the Supreme Court will overturn this decision by the hard left Colorado Supreme Court as they usually do when hearing a case from here. Lots of talking heads are weighing in on this decision and this retired Federal judge makes the case that this is the right call based on the fact that Trump actively worked to overturn the election in violation of the Executive Vesting Clause and since the 14th Amendment is about someone participating in an insurrection against The Constitution, NOT the United States, he has a point. Jonathan Turley sees things differently here and argues this has just thrown matches onto the powder keg that is American politics and he's also making a good point.

Ultimately the Supreme Court will decide whether or not this can happen but if it does I think it sets a very dangerous precedent that will bite Democrats in the butt at some point, as all bad decisions made by Democrats do.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS TODAY And I'm going to ask Fox 31's Dave Fraser if that volcano in Iceland is going to affect our weather here. Don't laugh, a huge plume of ash flies around the earth really fast. He's on at 12:30.

WHAT HAPPENS IF SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING STUPID AT A CHRISTMAS PARTY? It happens more than one might think. A company holiday gathering where the booze is flowing can lead to inappropriate behavior between co workers who have been flirting all year. How do you handle this if YOUR significant other is the one doing it? Talal Alsaleem whose book Unfaithful & Unrepentant: Affairs Beyond the Hope of Repair and Infidelity: The Best Worst Thing that Could Happen to Your Marriage: The Complete Guide on How to Heal from Affairs on today to talk about that and more. Find Talal by clicking here if you need more help.

DON'T MISS THE TOURNAMENT OF THE DAY! where five unlucky listeners are going to try and come in and beat me at Of the Day to win a cool commemorative Nuggets NBA Championship plaque.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD CONTINUES TO SUPPORT POOR OUTCOMES Remember when I shared the column about how the old DPS board members steamrolled over the three new members when they demanded the vote on a huge packet of items related to policy governance in the district? The new members just asked they table the measure until January so they could review the packet for more than the 48 hours the old board gave them. The old board said no and passed it anyway. Now the Denver Gazette Editorial board has uncovered just WHAT they passed and it's embarrassing and shameful. They are specifically outlining the metrics that Superintendent Alex Marrero must meet for evaluation. From their editorial:

And where the now-enshrined reasonable interpretations do include tangible goals, they set a pathetically low bar. Under “Teaching and Learning,” for example, Marrero set a goal for himself that has the number of students reading and doing math proficiently increasing by 1 percent next year as measured by state tests. You read that correctly. One percent. That applies to all subgroups of students as well as the student body as a whole. It bears remembering that in DPS last year, 16 percent of Black students, and 13 percent of students who qualify for federally subsidized meals were proficient in math. Similarly, 24 percent of Latino students, 26.6 percent of Black students, and 22 percent of students who qualify for federally subsidized meals were proficient in reading. Increasing those distressing numbers by one percent is a woefully unambitious goal.

In case you were wondering, the Board last year voted on these items in February. You read that correctly. The Old Board is more invested in protecting a Superintendent from any challenging metrics to improve student achievement than actual student achievement. The rest of this Board must go.

TREATMENT IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR MIKE JOHNSTON And he said exactly that to the Denver Gazette here. He said that out of the 550 people they've already housed they aren't the ones with bad addictions and mental health issues. Then why were they living in encampments when shelter beds were available most nights?

THERE WILL BE NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS AFTER JANUARY 1ST So you better bring your own or hope the store you visit has recycled paper bags available. Our Democratic overlords deemed this for us a couple of years ago and now it's here.

STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE IS HOSTING ANOTHER GREAT EVENT And this one will feature former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Dennis Prager and Gad Saad and Mary Kissel and Kelley Currie to talk about foreign policy. Read about it in the column and then buy your tickets for the event here.

WHAT'S THE WORST GIFT YOU'VE EVER GOTTEN? My dad once gave my brother a grill that ran on newspapers. That was bad. I can't think of bad gifts because I am generally just grateful to be thought of but I'd love to hear yours if we have time today.

ENHANCED GEOTHERMAL POWER GENERATION IS A THING NOW And this could be a serious boon to Colorado's energy production in the near future. Right now, the cost may be too high to successfully scale but as long as they don't subsidize it the price should come down quickly as they tweak the technology. Read a great column about it here.

I HOPE YOU ALREADY BOUGHT THAT APPLE WATCH Because Apple can't sell certain models in the United States anymore because they may have violated a patent with the blood oxygen reader in the watch. As the investigation continues into the patent violation Apple is pulling the watches from store shelves just before Christmas just in case. This is a very expensive mistake.

THIS AI MODEL CAN PREDICT WHEN YOU WILL DIE WITH STUNNING ACCURACY Or at least it has been successful 78% of the time so far when researchers put in all kinds of data and then asked it who would die in four years. I wonder if/when we get access to this it will be convincing enough to get people to change their lives enough to make it not as accurate? Would you want to put your data in? I sure would.

HYPOCHONDRIACS DO DIE SOONER Hypochondriacs have what's called Illness Anxiety Disorder and it's quite serious. Now Swedish researchers have shown that people with IAD actually die earlier than those of us who don't from both natural and unnatural causes. Suicide risk is much higher so if someone you love has this encourage them to get treatment.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COKE ZERO AND DIET COKE Is so small as to be negligible but this guy explains it all. Watch below or click here.

WHEN DO TWO PEOPLE WALK AT GRADUATION FOR ONE DEGREE? When one is the mom of a 10 day old baby that she tucked into her graduation gown so she could walk at her own ceremony. I love this story.

SO YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH WHEN YOU TRAVEL? I'm sure this dentist means well, but if you're traveling how are you supposed to brush your teeth if there is now way to protect your toothbrush once you're done? Real question here. Watch below or click here.

THE DSA IS POISONING OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM And using it to indoctrinate kids to their stupid, toxic, disproven ideology. Read this column and when these people show you who they are (Tim Hernandez) pay attention.

A NEW COMMERCIAL FOR NUGGETS FANS And this is really good.

THIS DOG GETS BETTER SEATS THAN YOU DO AT A LAKERS GAME And though this caption says Brodie is a service dog I think he's just an Instagram famous dog.


DIA IS GETTING SOME NEW TRAIN CARS And they look pretty cool but they also seem smaller but it has to just be the photos.

I AM DISAPPOINTED IN COLORADO'S MOST OUTRAGEOUS DESSERT Because it's just cotton candy that glows in the dark so it's cotton candy. I'm underwhelmed especially when I look at what other states have to offer here.

KELLY MAHER IS RIGHT, YOU KNOW When she took to X to post this:

WOULD TPAIN DO AN INTRO FOR ME I WONDER? Because this is his intro on Twitch and it's pretty dang cool. Watch below or click here.

YOUNG CONSERVATIVES CAN BE TOTAL SCUMBAGS As evidenced this video of a gay black Republican at and event adjacent to AmericaFest in Arizona where ultra-MAGA types gathered allegedly to celebrate freedom. But they showed their true colors and it's disgusting.


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