12/19/23 Blog: Why Are Older Men Killing Themselves At A High Rate?

WHY ARE OLDER MEN KILLING THEMSELVES? USA Today reports that suicide rates among older men - a demographic notorious for being "fine" - is at its highest in over 80 years. Why? Depression, disability, disease, isolation, and easy access to deadly weapons, according to the report you can find here. What are the signs someone you love is not "fine"? Especially during the holidays when feelings of grief, loss and loneliness can deepen? I've got Dr. Catherine Athans on today to talk about the signs to look for and what you can do if you are worried about a loved one...or yourself. She's on at 12:30. Find out more about her work on how stress affects the body here.

WHAT QUALITIES MAKE A GREAT LEADER? I saw this question on Facebook and was intrigued as to what you guys would think so we shall discuss. No reason why, I just got to thinking.

HOW MANY NEWLY HOUSED HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE SEEKING TREATMENT? Out of 550 people who have been given a roof over their heads, ONE has left the shelter system for treatment. ONE. As in a single person out of 550. I realize it may take someone a minute to get themselves together after living on the streets but one? This is our grand plan? One. More people than that went to jail or to other shelters. Ugh.

THIS AS DENVER SPENDS ANOTHER 31 MILLION TO HOUSE ADDICTS AND THEIR ADDICTIONS Last night they did exactly as the residents of District 4 feared they would and moved ahead with the shelter at the Embassy Suites. The lease with purchase option is going to run 31 million to house more people who don't want treatment or help with the problems that landed them on the streets in the first place.


An non profit entity that Mike Johnston used to work for is who. They formed "Hampden Heart" last October and have the hotel under contract for 20 million and are now selling to Denver for 31 million. Does this include the rent? This is not clear but it sure makes it look like something fishy is going on here.

AND ABOUT THOSE WRAPAROUND SERVICES Those aren't happening either because of STAFFING SHORTAGES. Go back to my interviews with candidate Mike Johnston to hear me ask about how they were going to staff all these places with the labor shortage we currently have to hear him not answer the question. He still doesn't have an answer apparently.

AND THE TENTS ARE ALREADY BACK AT 20TH AND CHAMPA After they were "cleared" just a few weeks ago.

AURORA LAYS OUT AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PATH Mayor Mike Coffman laid out his "work first" approach to homelessness in his State of Aurora speech and this part says it all right here:

"Success is not getting the unsheltered homeless off the streets only to make them permanent wards of the state at taxpayers' expense," Coffman said. "The taxpayers of our city, who are asked to foot the bill, who get up every morning to go to work, and who share in the adult responsibilities of life, deserve better."

Preach it, Mayor and maybe they can hear you over in Denver.

DEER ARE AHOLES I know that people think deer are cute and whatever but they can be real aholes. A neighbor of mine just had a dog killed by a deer and now a woman has been attacked by a deer outside her front door. Be warned, they are cute, but total aholes.

PRETTY SOON NO ONE WILL ACTUALLY BE ELECTED TO THE COLORADO LEGISLATURE If this year hasn't proven that we need to do away with vacancy committees to fill seats when a lawmaker leaves I don't know what will. Now another Democrat has quit saying the financial burden and toxic atmosphere were too much for him, which means the same committee that put lunatic Lefty Tim Hernandez in the State House will be appointing another so-called representative.

ANOTHER GOVERNMENT PROGRAM THAT JUST MAKES HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE This is a great column from a landlord of one condo in Denver about his experience trying to comply with the stupid and unnecessary money grab by the City of Denver that now requires a "rental license" of landlords. All of these costs are going to be passed on to renters. Every one of them. And of course the process is cumbersome beyond measure. Great job, Denver!

WE HAVE A SORT OF PLAN TO DEAL WITH THE HOUTHIS But not really as a new coalition of nations is going to be at sea to protect ships from Houthis attacks, but they aren't going to do anything about the organization itself. The Houthis are not deterred. They have stated via their spokesman on X:

“The American-formed coalition is to protect Israel and militarize the sea without any justification, and will not stop Yemen from continuing its legitimate operations in support of Gaza,” he wrote on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.
He said the Houthis’ attacks “are not a show of force nor a challenge to anyone,” adding, “Whoever seeks to expand the conflict must bear the consequences of his actions.”

So I guess no one is going to save the 25 hostages they have in Yemen from a ship they attacked. Wonderful.

WE MAY FINALLY GET TO KNOW JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S "CLIENT" LIST! I'll believe it when I see it, but a judge has ordered that 177 names from Jeffrey Epstein's "Does" list which includes friends, recruiters, and victims as part of the case of one his victims against his madame Ghislaine Maxwell. The judge says to release the names by January 1st and this could be good but again, I'll believe it when I see it.

HEY CUZ MAY NOT BE A THING ANYMORE Are you close to your cousins? I think in places where everyone lives close it's much easier to establish a relationship with your cousins and keep it up. In my hometown everyone knew and hung out with their cousins. But with people having fewer children and moving away from home, the cousin relationships are changing. This is a good article on the End of Cousins.

313 BUSINESSES ARE AFFECTED BY HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS And instead of doing something aggressive to stop them the city if offering "grants" from a lousy one million dollar federal fund. If you gave each of these businesses an equal share, that would be $3194 each. Hardly enough to make up for Denver allowing their businesses to be destroyed by urban outdoorsmen.

BODY POSITIVITY INFLUENCERS LITERALLY DYING FROM BEING FAT And this should put a total end to "healthy at any weight" and the surrounding nonsense. This story has four "influencers" who amassed huge followings talking about the joys of being fat except they all died very, very prematurely. If you are morbidly obese you are taking years off your life, period.

THE YOUNG MEN HEEDED THE CALL TO GO WEST And now they outnumber women west of the Mississippi and the converse is true on the other side of that river. Why? This article tries to figure it out.

A MAJOR LAW FIRM WON'T RECRUIT AT HARVARD ANYMORE And I full expect other major firms to follow suit after Edelson PC, a major national law firm, announced they would not recruit there after Dr. Claudine Gay's disastrous Congressional testimony on Jewish genocide. Read more here.

HOW SCHOOLS TEACHER PRESCHOOLERS TO BE ANTI SEMITIC I wish I didn't believe this but I do. Read this column from The Free Press about a preschool teacher who uses drawings of noses to begin to teacher her young charges about how Jews are bad.

A GREAT COLUMN ON THE SELF INFLICTED DEMISE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES By a man who writes for the New York Times Book Review on occasion. I sure hope this column circulates through the newsroom and the editors take it to heart. Haha, I know they won't.

BIDEN'S INTERNATIONAL INCOMPETENCE MAKES A TRUMP ELECTION MORE LIKELY That's not exactly what this column says but it's what this column says. It just outlines all the ways Biden is failing at foreign policy and allowing us to slide toward a variety of potential wars with his incompetence.

DISNEY IS GONNA RUIN THE X FILES I LOVED this show when it ran the first time but honestly I don't trust Disney to not woke this thing to death and that makes me sad. Read it here.

ACTOR JONATHAN MAJORS FOUND GUILTY And he will never work again in Hollywood. He wasn't famous enough yet to come back from this in today's era. Good luck to him. Read more here. This is going to be a shock to him as evidenced in this audio recording of him yelling at his then girlfriend.

SONGS TURNING 20 THIS YEAR And this is clearly wrong because they all just came out yesterday. Watch below or click here.

THIS IS A DUET I DIDN'T SEE COMING BUT IT WORKS Snoop Dogg joins Willie Nelson for his 90th birthday celebration.

DREWCEMBER WAS MAGIC LAST NIGHT And after a huge win Drew Lock gave a very honest interview.

STUDENTS ARE NOW REJECTING HARVARD As early acceptance letters are being received some kids are scrambling to apply to other Ivy League schools saying a degree from Harvard could HURT their employment chances. This is not over yet, Harvard.

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