12/13/23 Blog: Weather Wednesday and a Holiday Classic!

DAVE FRASER POPS IN FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY So if you've got weather questions, time to ask them. But please don't ask about snow totals, we get that every week. Watch him on Fox 31 for the most accurate weather forecasts, trust me I've tried them all.

THE NUTCRACKER IS A HOLIDAY TRADITION And the Colorado Ballet is staging it now at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House at DCPA and I'm talking to Creative Director Gil Boggs about the production today at 1. Buy your tickets now by clicking here.

DURANGO IS THE SECOND "MOST CHRISTMASY" TOWN IN AMERICA And you don't have to get on I-70 to get there. Just saying. Read more here and then schedule your trip! I've got Jack Llewelyn from the Durango Chamber on at 2p to chat about it.

MY TOP TEN FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CAROLS THIS YEAR I feel like I have to qualify this as my favorite Christmas songs do change for year to year depending on my mood. Number 1 is always White Christmas, but the rest could be considered in any particular order. From bottom to top:

If your favorite isn't on my list I probably love it too, except for Little Drummer Boy, that's not my fave. Make your own list and Merry Christmas! Arod's list is:











WHY WAS THIS GUY OUT ON THE STREETS? You want to know why crime is out of control? Read this story about the guy arrested for road rage in Westminster. Let me just grab the "high" points of the past history of the dangerous loser who was arrested for shooting into another vehicle:

Clodfelter had been arrested in connection to a similar incident in October. Two people were carjacked in Thornton in the 9700 block of Welby Road around midnight on Oct. 5, according to a previous release by the Thornton Police Department. One of the victims had been shot....
As responders were investigating the area, they found a woman had been shot. She said a man had attempted to steal her car and shot her. She was taken to the hospital for her injuries and was eventually released. Thornton police found the vehicle with the suspects inside. The suspects led police on a short pursuit and were then taken into custody. One of the suspects was Clodfelter. An attempted homicide case was filed against Clodfelter Oct. 6, in Adams County, court records show. But it was dismissed four days later. Court records do not show why the case was dismissed.
Police are recommending attempted first-degree murder charges to the First Judicial District Attorney's Office in the latest incident, along with other possible charges stemming from the incidents. Clodfelter was arrested on suspicion of:
Attempted first-degree murder
Five counts of robbery with a weapon
First-degree motor vehicle theft
Second-degree motor vehicle theft
Discharge of a firearm
Misdemeanor theft
A judge ordered Clodfelter be held on $100,000 bond, according to court records. It's not clear if he posted that and is free. He should not have been driving, as his license had been suspended for driving under restraint, court records show. Clodfelter has had 13 criminal cases filed against him in Colorado, nine in 2023 alone. Charges included assault, theft, robbery, habitual traffic offender, driving under suspension and domestic abuse, according to court records. 

NINE CASES IN 2023 ALONE and yet this guy was out on the streets and probably felt pretty invincible as he had been allowed to get away with so much without being in jail. The system is broken and heads need to roll at the DA offices until we get people in there who will prosecute crimes.

ABE LAYDON SNUBS CITIZENS AT THE DOUGLAS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING More drama from DougCo but I'm not letting this pass because it's so absurd and Laydon and George Teal need to be held to account on their dictatorial behavior that is disenfranchising a third of DougCo's voters. There was a meeting yesterday and a group of citizens showed up to speak about the ongoing and insane mistreatment of Lora Thomas by the spiteful and vindictive duo of Laydon and Teal. Laydon added a ton of stuff to the agenda so people would get tired of waiting to speak, and then at the end of a now four hour meeting he just adjourned without taking citizen comments. I got an email from a VERY incensed voter and it's a work of art so I'm sharing it here:

From: Joe
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2023 10:41:19 PM
To: Abe Laydon <alaydon@douglas.co.us>; George Teal <gteal@douglas.co.us>; BOCC <BOCC@douglas.co.us>
Subject: Today's Board Meeting and Public Comment
Abe Laydon and George Teal:
Abe, last week you called the public general comment "political theater." You're right, it is theater. Horror and tragedy are the main attraction and you two are its antagonists.
Your plan for today's Board of Commissioners meeting to avoid general comment was as transparent as the spring runoff from Devil's Head. Those there to comment again, myself included, knew you would do everything you could to run from and prevent public comment exactly as you did. You made that clear today when you encouraged people to email you and the board directly. You're about as deep as a sippy cup of water, Abe.
In the end, your actions today will have done more to harm both of you than help you, especially in terms of reelection. The great people of this county are paying attention more than ever before and they saw your pusillanimous and chicken-livered actions on full display. 
For months now the people of this county have witnessed you slander, bully, harass, intimidate, browbeat, and generally attack Commissioner Thomas publicly every chance you could. Yet, today, when the theater you oversee and direct reached a capacity of people seeking to address you and your actions publicly and directly the same way you have Commissioner Thomas, the moment showed you both to be the feeble, ineffective cowards you are. 
Now, the people of this county know you can dish it but you can't take it. Good luck convincing people that you will fight for them politically after today. Unless fighting means changing the rules and hiding in silence. Of course, that is on top of your previous public displays that demonstrate a complete lack of integrity.
Only cowards hide behind silence. Real leaders have the constitution and intestinal fortitude to stand and face their loudest detractors for they know they have the truth and the truth is incontrovertable. You may have prevented public comment today, but you won't be able to silence us forever. In the end, the people of this county will have the final say when we see to it that both of you are voted out and replaced with actual leaders, starting next year. Until then, I look forward to your next game of chicken with public comments in January, Abe. Desperation is an ugly suit but you wore it well today. I can't wait to see what it looks like in January. 
Highlands Ranch

That is a chef's kiss of an email right there. Just perfect.

HOW IS AN ACCUSED RAPIST ALLOWED BACK AT SCHOOL? A fourteen year old girl at Northfield High School says a sixteen year old boy followed her into a family bathroom and raped her. Her parents went to the police and police have confirmed there is an investigation going on. So why is he allowed to continue attending the same school this girl is attending? Why is this okay? Her parents want to know too. Denver Public Schools says "accomodations" are made if the kids are in the same class. I sure hope he doesn't rape anyone else while this is being investigated.

WE ARE HOME TO TWO OF THE MOST HATED HIGHWAYS IN AMERICA With I-70 coming in at #5 while I-25 sits at #39. Don't expect either to get any better, as a potential widening of I-25 has been officially shot down for air quality reasons and instead is "investing" $100 million into bus rapid transit that no one will ride except people smoking fentanyl.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIRES BEFORE HEADING TO THE MOUNTAINS As we get a whole bunch of accidents in December on I-70 and a bunch of them are directly related to violations of our traction laws. Read it here.

SOMEONE PLEASE BUY THIS HOT DOG STAND You guys know my hot dog rule (stadiums, festivals, and sporting events only for me) but I have made exceptions for Sonny's Chicago dogs (sans tomatoes) because they were DELICIOUS. Now with the death of owner/operator Sonny Jarock the Mile High Vienna Stand is closing. Someone needs to save this little gem of a restaurant, it's too good to let go.

NO, VIRGINIA, CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT GOING TO KILL US ALL This is a great column by John Stossel where he talks to climate realist Bjorn Lumborg about the scare tactics used by the climate alarmists and the important things they leave out, like how way more people die from COLD rather than HEAT. Read it here.

COLORADO IS LOSING OUR COMPETITIVENESS EDGE And dumb decisions, overregulation and an out of this world housing market are to blame. All that is at the feet of the Democratic Legislature, who can't wait to find new ways to make things harder for us in Colorado in the name of making life better. Read this editorial for more.


BRONNY JAMES MAKES HIS COLLEGE DEBUT After recovering from a cardiac arrest he suffered last year.

NOW THERE'S A VIDEO GAME THAT LETS YOU BE A HAMAS TERRORIST And WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?????? Watch this player kill Jews while shouting "Allah Akubar". This is not okay but none of these ultra violent games are okay to me but I realize I'm not the boss of video games so here we are.

ARGENTINA IS SLASHING SPENDING TO CONTROL INFLATION After the staunchly free market but very odd new President Javier Milei took over the first thing he did was cancel all unbuilt public works projects, close several government agencies and announce that he would devalue the currency to stop the 140% inflation rocking the country. This is going to be VERY interesting to watch and I expect some serious turmoil in Argentina but if he can pull this off it will be the best defense of small government of the modern era. Read more here if you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

ISRAEL HAS BEGUN FLOODING HAMAS TUNNELS Though they are not admitting it or even talking about the strategy it's kind of hard to hide huge water pumps and hoses going from the sea into the tunnels. Read more here, but families of hostages are worried that their loved ones will drown, while Israel knows they have to disable to the entire tunnel system to neutralize Hamas. Read more here.

DO WE REALLY NEED NACHO DORITO FLAVORED BOOZE? Even if the answer is no we've got it now. Read about this disgusting partnership here.

NOW PRIME TIME IS A COLLEGE COURSE And I must hand it to CU-Boulder, they are really maximizing what Coach Deion Sanders brings to the table by offering a class on how to manage a career for their college athletes. I feel like this is another recruiting tool honestly.

ALWAYS BE A SLEEP NAZI WITH YOUR KIDS Even if they have to be re sleep trained as this video correctly points out. Watch below or click here.

YOU KNOW WHEN YOU DON'T CUT THE WRAPPING PAPER LONG ENOUGH? I present the diagonal wrapping method and IT WORKS.

THIS IS HUSKY WEATHER Watch below or click here.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW NOT TO DO THIS YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP Watch below or click here to learn about "Fried Rice Syndrome" but the real takeaway is don't eat food that has been sitting on the counter for a week, people.

CHINESE SCIENTISTS MAY HAVE FOUND THE KEY TO REVERSING AGING And it has to do with hydrogen being delivered to your body in the appropriate dose. It would be awesome if American scientists steal this and do it here, just as a payback for all the technology that China has stolen from us.

ACTOR ANDRE BRAUGHER HAS DIED At the very young age of 61 after a brief illness. Read more here.

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