12/12/23 Blog: The State of the Real Estate Market, Plus New Laws For Us

ED PRATHER JOINS ME TO TALK REAL ESTATE He pops in at 2:30 to discuss the shape of the market and whether or not it's a good time to buy or sell. Mortgage rates are FINALLY dropping so perhaps the market will shift from where it is now, although I don't expect a return to the 2s ever so now is a great time to buy. Find Ed here if you need to buy or sell.

HEY RADIO BUFFS, CHECK OUT THIS PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT I keep forgetting to put this on the blog so I'm doing it early today. Krista Kafer, in addition to being an amazing fill in for me, also restores things for fun, like this old fashioned radio, which is STUNNING. Check it out here and she's selling it for $250 bucks so reach out. If I had any place to put it I'd already own it.

WHAT FRESH HELL IS COMING IN JANUARY? A slew of new laws passed by Democrats kick in January 1st, read them all here and we shall discuss.

WHAT ARE THE WORST CHRISTMAS SONGS EVER? There is a list here and some of these I have strong feelings about some of these.

ARE YOU CUTTING BACK ON YOUR CHRISTMAS SPENDING THIS YEAR? This article says that between overspending during the pandemic and higher prices this year some families are going to be cutting back for the Christmas. We have scaled back our spending but mostly because we took our kids and grandkid on a family vacation this year so I feel like we've done our part. Read more here but I'd love to know where your overall spending is this year compared to last year.

AN EMT GIVES DAMNING TESTIMONY IN THE ELIJAH MCCLAIN TRIAL Two paramedics charged with reckless manslaughter have to explain why one of them gave testimony to police that an EMT who was on the scene blew out of the water yesterday. Alissa Gomez disputed testimony of one of the paramedics who said that Elijah McClain was still fighting police when they arrived. She says she never saw McClain struggle in any way and certainly didn't see him get up and try to walk away, as the paramedic testified. Read more here but these guys may be in big trouble.

REPUBLICANS WORKING TO STOP PENTAGON FUNDED CENSORSHIP This is a fascinating story about how the GOP is trying to ensure that the Pentagon can't contract with companies to do their dirty work of censoring speech. The Pentagon paid money to a company that pressures advertisers to stop working with platforms that allow speech the Pentagon doesn't like. And guess what? That speech is overwhelmingly coming from the right. Read it here.

YOUR COLD MEDS COULD GET YOU A DUI But not just cold meds, any medicine that impairs your driving is a problem. This story points out that popular cold meds can lead to a DUI charge. The Colorado State Patrol has more here.

COLORADO COLLEGES STAKE OUT POSITIONS ON ISRAEL As idiotic students at some of them are calling for Jewish genocide and siding with a group that is worse than the Nazis (see column below for more on that). Only Colorado Christian has clearly staked out a position of support for the rights of Jewish people to live in peace in Israel. The rest are more "nuanced". Whatever. Read it here.

WHY HAMAS IS WORSE THAN THE NAZIS Please share this column with the young idiots who think Israel is a Nazi like state. This column explains why Hamas is truly worse than the Nazis they replaced.

IT'S GONNA GET EASIER TO CLIMB MOUNT DEMOCRAT Oh the mountain is still over 14,000 feet high, but access is going to get easier after the National Forest Service bought the land used to access the trail from a private entity. As liability issues have forced some private land owners to shut down access to other trails, this means that access to Mt. Democrat will remain open.

THE POST OFFICE REFUSES THE AUDITOR SUGGESTIONS FOR MOUNTAIN TOWNS Mountain town postal service is not good because they can't keep people at the pay they are offering in the very expensive communities. An auditor said just that and made the crazy suggestion that the Post Office raise pay in those areas with a sky high cost of living but the Post Office would rather have crappy service so they just said no. I mean, is there any other reason they wouldn't raise pay? Just asking.

KID FAILS A HISTORY QUIZ AND IT'S NEWS Because he failed the "history" quiz for saying that men can't get pregnant and all men have penises. Not sure why this was in a "history" class but this teacher needs to be fired. Read it here but you will not believe this garbage story.


ARE YOU EVEN AN ADULT IF YOU DON'T DO THESE THINGS? Here is a list of 13 life skills you should have if you're an adult. It's a pretty dang good list and I'm able to check them all off, thank you. What is it missing?

MILLENNIAL WOMEN HAVE SEEN A LIFE EXPECTANCY DIP And there are many reasons why, but the most concerning to me is maternal death, which means women are dying giving birth. Drugs and homicide are in there too, but they are an issue for every age group. Not listed is alcohol abuse and I know that number has gone up as well in mommy wine culture. Read it here.

AI MADE CHRISTMAS TREES FOR EVERY STATE And OMG I LOVE this so much. Check them all out here and Arizona is FIRE.

SO FAR HARVARD BACKS CLAUDINE GAY Because God Forbid they give a Republican a "win", amiright? But now the plagiarism charges against her are getting going and one of the women she is accused of plagiarising is weighing in here. Carol Swain is downright dismissive of the academic accomplishments of Claudine Gay in this column on Townhall.com

Y'ALL JOHN FETTERMAN IS RIGHT And though I never thought I'd type those words he is absolutely right when he says that the only way to have peace in Israel is to allow them to destroy Hamas entirely. Read it here.

CONGRATS TO RUSSELL WILSON AND CIARA On the birth of their new baby girl Amora. She is a cutie.

THE HOME ALONE GROCERY LIST TELLS A HORRIBLE STORY And explains why most Americans don't believe that Bidenomics has made their lives better. Watch below or click here.


TOP 10 WORST BIRTHDAYS to have and some of these are funny. Watch below or click here.

DON'T GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST Over a dude breaking into people's houses and stealing women's underwear. It's happening in Park Hill.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! UN CLIMATE SUMMIT DROPS THE PHASE OUT FOSSIL FUELS So now the pre eminent source for sanctimonious climate warriors will now be called "politicized" by their side too! I love this so much, but when you get a bunch of Arabs flying in on their private jets to work on climate change wtf did you expect? Read about it here and taste the salty tears of Al Gore.

PLACES TO ADD TO YOUR TRAVEL BUCKET LIST It's a slideshow but worth it. Check out some of these super cool destinations.

YOU KNOW A SKIT WAS BAD WHEN ONE OF THE STARS BACKS OUT But that's what happened when a former SNL star was to make a come back as part of a horribly unfunny skit skewering Elise Stefanik's questioning of three university presidents. Former SNL star Cecily Strong did the dress rehearsal and then dropped out of the skit for it's anti semitic tone. SNL is being widely criticized for the skit but they need to be criticized because it was just really, really bad. Watch it below.


NO, THESE THINGS ARE NOT COOL And talking about them like they are does not make them cool. What's funny is some of these USED to be cool until people realized how bad they are for you, like not sleeping or taking your vacation time. Read them here.

WHAT A 40 DOLLAR HOTEL LOOKS LIKE And I can't believe this is really a hotel. Can it really be a hotel? And how did it get TWO stars??? Watch below or click here.

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