12/8/23 Blog: Zoo Lights, And Take a Deep Breath This Holiday Season

THE ZOO IS LIT THIS TIME OF YEAR And I mean that literally, not figuratively as Zoo Lights have taken over. If you've never been it's just lovely and you can find out all the details here. We're talking with Director of Communications Jake Zubie about the event and giving a way a four pack of tickets to some lucky listener at 12:30!

TAKE A DEEP BREATH... How many times have you said that to yourself or someone else? Why? Because it works. According to a new report from the American Psychological Association (APA), nearly 9 in 10 Americans say SOMETHING causes them stress during the holiday season, PLUS: 43% said stress interferes with them being able to enjoy the season 36% said the holidays feel like a competition 34% describe this time of years as overwhelming and/or exhausting. I'm talking to Certified Breathwork Expert, Kimberly Faith, Founder of thebreathworkgirl.com and award-winning speaker at 2pm about how to use your breath to take the stress out of the holiday season.

I DECLARE A FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY And frankly you guys did a lousy job last time so I expect more from you today. What stories or questions do you want to talk about? This is your time to drive the show, don't blow it. Text them to 56690.

THE GOVERNOR IS TOUTING HIS VISION With no details of course. He has a new road map that sounds a LOT like his failed ideas for taking over zoning and other such matters as he claims he wants to bring down housing costs. We should be very afraid, because since he ran on "saving Coloradans money" this has happened:

Not once does he talk about undoing the disastrous construction defect legislation demanded by trial lawyers who give big to his party that has effectively stopped condo construction in Colorado. He says details are forthcoming but vision without details is just a scheme without a structure so I'm not excited.

IS THIS ABOUT JUSTICE AND TRUTH OR JUST A CONVICTION? That is the question asked in this column by George Brauchler and in it he takes Attorney General Phil Weiser's office to task for the way they have completely contradicted themselves in the various prosecutions in the Elijah McClain case. First, they blamed the cops for withholding information from paramedics, and now they are blaming paramedics for acting when the cops gave them all the information they needed. It's a travesty and a disservice to the family of McClain, who are suffering through what will likely be another failed prosecution. Read it here.

THE UNIVERSITY OF PENN IS FACED WITH RESIGNATION CALLS And these are serious, as the Board of Trustees is demanding she step down over her disastrous testimony before Congress in which she smirkingly said calls for the genocide of Jews "needed context" before they could be considered harassment. She will not survive, but will Claudine Gay at Harvard? A massive donor threatened to pull a $100 million dollar donation to Penn, which is what is going to get her out, and many of Harvard's largest individual donors are also Jewish, so we'll see. And Dr. Gay's statement after her testimony was borderline pathetic compared to the mea culpa offered by Liz Magill from Penn, but she issued a GENUINE apology today, what I think is in a clear effort to save her own job. She is black though, making her down on the intersectionality ladder so she may survive. We'll see.

SEND WELL WISHES AND PRAYERS TO TWO TV PROS The first being Kathy Sabine from 9News, who had to have some pretty serious surgery after a mishap tending to her horses. Also CBS 4 legend Rick Sallinger is stepping away from his role, he says because of health issues.

They are both very nice people and I hope they recover from their issues sooner rather than later.

MAYOR MIKE IS NOT IMPRESSING OUT OF THE SHOOT At least for the Denver Gazette editorial board who takes him to task for lagging on some major appointments to important jobs. Meanwhile, another sweep of a huge homeless encampment yesterday that offered a move to a newly commissioned DoubleTree hotel. How many actually took the housing offer? Our friends at DoBetterDenver say not as many as you might think.

MORE ON THE AMAZING OCTOPUS This is the coolest video on how octopus use the inputs from their limbs and how their brains gather it all up. Super cool. Thanks, Ralph for sharing it!

OH LOOK, MORE CHARGES AGAINST HUNTER BIDEN These related to tax evasion and fraud. These stem from the years long investigation by David Weiss, and I'm sure he would have gotten a sweetheart offer on this too, were it not for the refusal of a judge to accept the last sweetheart offer. That offer would have given him immunity on THESE charges as well, by the way. These are some serious charges. From CNN.com:

According to the special counsel’s team, Hunter Biden “engaged in a four-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million” in taxes that he owed from 2016 through 2019. Though Hunter Biden did eventually pay his taxes from 2018, prosecutors allege that he included “false business deductions in order to evade assessment of taxes to reduce the substantial tax liabilities he faced.”
Prosecutors also allege in the 56-page indictment that he “subverted the payroll and tax withholding process of his own company” by withdrawing millions of dollars outside of its payroll and tax withholding process.

It's getting harder and harder to not see that the Biden family has some serious issues and The Big Guy is at the top of the heap.

ABOUT THAT WARMING TREND NOAA TALKS ABOUT This video shows how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) manipulates temperature data to promote the notion of global warming.

COACH PRIME LANDS A MUCH NEEDED OFFENSIVE LINE RECRUIT And this kid is the #2 Offensive Line recruit in the country and turned down Alabama and Tennessee to come to Colorado. Good for Prime.

HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO DO THIS WEEKEND IN THE METRO And surprise, most of them are Holiday related.

AND OLD PALESTINIAN WOMAN TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREIGN AID And note the part where she says Hamas can shoot her for saying it. I'm guessing she's not lying if she knows the consequences are that severe.

BUY A BUNCH OF FOREVER STAMPS NOW Before they go up to 68 cents a stamp soon. The Post Office is seeking another rate increase as volume declines and they are trying to achieve financial stability for the organization as part of a ten year plan. The cost of pretty much everything will go up, including post office boxes and shipping of packages. How about the cost of bulk mail? Maybe if they raised the cost of that I'd get less crap in my mailbox.

ONLY 4.1 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED WEDNESDAY'S GOP SLUGFEST And this proves once again that without Trump, the GOP just doesn't matter. Read it here.

MENTAL ILLNESS STRIKES AT EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY This story is horrible sad. The 42 year old son of a US Senator from North Dakota is facing manslaughter charges for killing a deputy after slamming a family vehicle into a parked patrol car during a car pursuit. His father Senator Kevin Cramer issued a statement of support for the officer's family, but has also stated that his son suffered from mental illness that lead to hallucinations and severe paranoia. What a horrible story.


Ms. Goss Graves happens to be married to a big muckety muck in the Biden Department of Justice in case you were wondering.


BUC-EES IS COMING TO THE METRO Or very close in Johnstown anyway. Construction is underway at the ginormous gas station/bbq joint/convenience store and people are stoked. But will they have cinnamon rolls?

MAYBE THE "FREE PALESTINE" SHOUT IS A CLUE Y'all how did they write this headline with a straight face?

MAYBE MAX JUST LOVES BOOKS? Too bad as he is NOT allowed in the library.


A LOCAL FAMILY IS ON THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT And I love this guy, Walt Hazard. I love the fact one of his kids calls him Gris-Walt in a nod to Christmas Vacation. I want to get him on the show but read about him here.


THIS PUP NEEDS A SPECIAL FAMILY TO TAKE HER IN This story is so sweet. A whole team of people got together to not only save this pup but fit her with a little wheelchair so she can get around, now she needs a special family to take her on as a family pet. Read it here.

THIS IS AMAZING TO ME Because I can't even make a stupid rabbit. Watch below or click here.

MARIAH CAREY NEEDS TO SNEEZE And this guy is cracking himself up because of it. Watch below or click here.

AH, NOW IT'S CHRISTMAS They really took the Rudolph bullying to the next level.


JUST NO. Biking in underground tunnels? Hard pass. Watch below or click here.

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