Runaway Kangaroo Punched Police Officer In The Face Before It Was Subdued

Red Kangaroo portrait in Australian Outback

Photo: all images copyright of Jamie Lamb - / Moment / Getty Images

An escaped kangaroo was captured after four days on the run in Canada. The kangaroo escaped from Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm while being transported to a zoo in Quebec.

"It is not our kangaroo," Cameron Preyde, the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm Park Supervisor, told CBC Toronto. "We were meant to be a hotel stop for this particular creature on its way to a zoo in Quebec. As the animal handlers last night were trying to unload the animal, it jumped over their heads and escaped."

After four days of searching for the kangaroo, authorities finally managed to capture it. The Durham Regional Police received an emergency call on Monday (December 4) night about a kangaroo sighting in Oshawa and dispatched officers to the area where it was last seen.

The officers were briefed by the kangaroo's handlers on the best way to capture the marsupial.

"Fun fact: The safest way to capture a kangaroo is to grab it by its tail!" the police said in a statement.

Two officers located the kangaroo and tried to capture it. While they managed to subdue the animal, it managed to punch one of the officers in the face.

"Only one of the officers was struck in the face during the apprehension, but he'll be just fine, and we won't be continuing the investigation," Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau said.

The kangaroo was returned safely to its handlers and will continue on its trip to Quebec.

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