12/5/23 Blog: It's Colorado Gives Day and I've Got Suggestions!

DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GIVE ON COLORADO GIVES DAY? I've always got suggestions and guests who can help you decide. Below are some of the wonderful non-profits that I believe and know spend your money wisely all year long.

STEP DENVER TOPS THE LIST Because in our current situation with addicts roaming the streets of Denver what they do for addicted men is even more important than ever. We're going to have Paul Scudo and a graduate of the program on today at 1 to talk about how the program works and how it saves lives every day. Donate to them here.

CHILDREN'S DIABETES FOUNDATION This organization is a gift for people living with Type 1 diabetes, which is an autoimmune disorder and not lifestyle related. They help children AND adults manage and live with a lifelong disease, plus help fund promising research. Dana Davis will join me at 2 to talk about it. Donate to them here.

COMPLETE COLORADO AND THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE CompleteColorado.com is the news site I visit EVERY DAY because they gather up the most important stories from around Colorado and put them in one place. It's great and you should use it to by clicking here. They are a product of the Independence Institute, which was INSTRUMENTAL in defeating Prop HH and has lowered the income tax rate TWICE through ballot amendments. Give them some money by clicking here.

COMEBACK YOGA This is a wonderful organization that bring yoga to veterans to help them deal with physical and not-so physical wounds. Of the Day Rob is now an instructor for them and says it has been a life and mental health saver. Give them some money by clicking here.

SUPPORT A SOLDIER Support A Soldier endeavors to assist our brave service men and women who are right now on the front lines of the fight in places like Afghanistan and Syria, Africa and Central America. They are run entirely by volunteers and the needs have far outstripped the donations. Give them some money by clicking here.

THE JOSHUA SCHOOL This place is absolutely incredible for children and young adults with developmental disabilities. It helps them lead fulfilling lives and also trains teachers that go around the country to help people struggling with sometimes severe disabilities. This place is a treasure and they say, "TJS was founded with the belief that each child is smart, competent and whole exactly as they are, and dignity is the birthright of each person. We believe our children and families have a right to aspire to a life of their choosing, and see the unique possibilities and potential in each student." Give them some money by clicking here.

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF COLORADO Our very own AROD is a "big" with this organization! BBBSC helps find great adult mentors for the youth of our community and help guide them through some of life's challenges. Give them some money by clicking here.

If these don't strike your fancy there are hundreds, if not thousands of non-profits on the ColoradoGives.org site so you can find something close to your heart.

OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS ON AT 2:30 TODAY And we're talking about where AI is going to get data from and how giving it more data points will make it able to accomplish so much more. He's written a column about it here!

COLORADO DEMOCRATS ARE KUNG FU FIGHTING Rhetorically, of course. The recent resignation of a brand new State Rep is churning up some trouble and infighting that is playing out on Twitter and frankly, I'm here for it. ColoradoPeakPolitics.com has gathered up the best so far and it seems that this woman, who found the environment too toxic to continue, ran a nasty campaign against a black man so now the NAACP is calling her out, while another Democrat is calling EVERYONE out for their behavior in a Twitter thread. I'm going to read them ALL to you today because I am enjoying the heck out of this. This is inevitably what happens when one party has total control and doesn't need to fight the bogeymen across the aisle. Read it here.
COLORADO JEWS ARE DEMANDING ELIZABETH EPPS BE CENSURED For her little anti-Israel conniption fit on the House floor. They are right, but will the Dems have the stones to do it. Read the letter they sent here, and does anyone know if Tim Hernandez is still waving the Palestinian flag around at the Capitol? Just asking.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD STORY In this column Megan Silverthorne responds to a column by Joy Overbeck that called out the DougCo GOP for not supporting three Republican school board candidates who lost. In it, Megan shares some inside baseball designed to defend the actions of the GOP but to this I say "you should have worked harder to work it out." Period.

SENATOR RICK SCOTT CALLS OUT THE BS ON THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS And there goes Arod's contention that the committee is made up of people "who know the game" as Scott points out that a measly 38% ever coached or played at the college level. Read about it here, and he's demanding a full accounting of the process from the Committee. Good, someone needs to. Then watch this, which is spot on.

JEFFCO CARES MORE ABOUT BOY FEELINGS THAN GIRL FEELINGS That can be the only excuse for making a FIFTH GRADE GIRL sleep in the SAME BED as a boy who identifies as a girl. Her parents have filed suit but I can't believe that JeffCo parents are going to continue to allow their board and their Superintendent to wallow in gender ideology garbage that puts kids in this kind of position. The trans kids should have been in their own room, period. This is absurd and puts a little girl in HORRIBLE position she should have never been in.

MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS GET DROPPED OFF AT THE CAPITOL BUILDING This time from Texas, and though I am sorry these people are being dropped off into winter with no cold weather anything, Democrats in this state need to DEMAND the President secure the Southern border. I don't blame Texas and other border states, who have dealt with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants for being desperate enough to do this. Democrats should be relentlessly asking for a secure southern border and until they do expect more of this.

DENVER IS MAKING PEOPLE HOMELESS TO HOUSE MIGRANTS And I can't wait to see how long this goes on. Denver kicked a bunch of people out of a Quality Inn, some of whom are now homeless, to house migrants who can't get work and have no means to do anything. So they've made a man homeless before the migrants become homeless and why isn't the Mayor demanding a secure border? Read about the toll on Denver here. It's madness, watch below.

THE STEAMBOAT TO CRAIG PASSENGER RAIL SEEMS TO BE MOVING ALONG As the DOT is trying to find out if passenger cars are available to serve the line. Read more here.

HELP ME OBI WAN JESUS Y'all this is ridiculous. Watch below or click here.

SHE GOES IN THE KITCHEN AND GRABS A SPATULA??? Watch below or click here.

I FEEL THE SAME ABOUT TWILIGHT But this guy makes it funnier. Watch below or click here.

GEN ALPHA IS OUT OF CONTROL AND IT'S THEIR PARENTS FAULT This is UNREAL but totally believable at the same time. Watch below or click here.

Here is how I suggest we solve this problem and support teachers: Enforce the rules and start kicking kids out of school when they don't follow the rules. Throw this little tyrants back to their lazy ass parents to educate if they can't get it together. Send them to an alternative school that is run like a prison if they can't get it together. Start letting parents know schools are not going to take their kid's crap anymore and see if that fixes the problem. As long as there are ZERO consequences from the administration or the districts, this is only going to get worse. Problem solves and you're welcome.

WHY I LOVE THE MAGIC OF SANTA SO MUCH I know the reason we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ Our Lord, but I also love the magic of Santa SO MUCH. Someone called a few years ago and she was going to have her first baby and she and her husband were discussing whether or not to tell their kids "the truth" about Santa. I begged her not too. Children have such a tiny window in their lives for magic, when they believe it and love it and can enjoy the notion that a man in a red suit delivers toys. Life as an adult sucks in so many ways, and they will be there soon enough so please let them have the magic while they still can. And when they get older you can have "The Talk" with them about why you let them believe in Santa and can explain that you wanted them to believe in magic for as long as they could because when you finally realize magic isn't magic the world gets a lot gloomier, and once they know the secret they can bring magic to their younger siblings or friends who still have the joy of believing. Watch below or click here to see what I mean.


PRO HAMAS PROTESTERS VANDALIZE OUR BIG BLUE BEAR And seriously? This is going to make anyone sympathetic to your cause? I genuinely dislike these people so very much. Read more here, but the Bear has been restored already.

ROCKY TRANSCENDS THE AGES proven by a young fan at the Inaugural Rocky Days celebration in Philly who recited ALL the words from a seminal scene from Rocky Balboa. Watch it here.



FETTERMAN IS RIGHT ABOUT MENENDEZ And now we know the gold bars found in Democratic Senator Bob Menendez are linked to a 2013 robbery from the home of a New Jersey businessman who is now accused to bribing Menendez. Whoops. Read it here.

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