The 'Best School District' In Colorado

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Picking the right school for one's child is very important, especially when some American families are willing to relocate for a better education for their kids. Many school districts strive to provide quality education as well as extracurricular activities, supportive resources, and other enriching opportunities. While every school district has its pros and cons, some stand out thanks to their exceptional statistics and how well they prepare students for college and the future.

That's why 24/7 Wall St. used the latest data from Niche to determine every state's best school district. According to their findings, Colorado's top school district is Cheyenne Mountain School District No. 12!

With over 3,600 students enrolled in the district, the average graduation rate is 97%. Analysts said 73% of students are proficient in reading, while 60% are proficient in math. The average ACT score is 29 out of 36, and 1290 out of 1600 for the SATs. The student-teacher ratio is 15:1.

The website also explained how analysts went about selecting every state's best school district:

"Using data compiled by Niche, an education and community research platform, 24/7 Wall St. identified the best school district in each state. Niche ranked schools based on a weighted index of multiple measures, including standardized test results, graduation rates, student-teacher ratios, extracurricular clubs and sports teams, and parent and student surveys."

Check out the full report on 24/7 Wall St.'s website.

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