12/4/23 Blog: DCSD Board Has a New President, Plus No Cops for Denver

THE NEW SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT POPS IN TODAY This one from Douglas County, which is one of the only school board President's who will come on the show, by the way. Christy Williams is taking over for Mike Peterson, who stepped down from the board to move to another state to build his private company. She joins me for a short visit today at 1.

THE DENVER METRO CAN'T HIRE COPS And this is no wonder, as Colorado Democrats have made it clear they value Antifa protesters more than cops with the passage of legislation that severely limits what police can do on the job at the same time opening them up to lawsuits for which they can be held liable for up to $25,000. This article talks to chiefs around the metro about why even high salaries can't keep cops here. It's important because we all know what crime stats look like for Denver since the passage of this bill in 2020.

AN INTERESTING SCHISM IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY I follow this guy on Substack and he's a left leaner who is able to look at Democratic Party politics with a clear vision. In this column he lays out how the Democratic Party has been captured by Knowledge economy workers who have a college degree and make good money. In doing so, it has changed how the party operates and frankly, the party has left the working class behind. It's a great column and we'll dive into it today.

THE COLORADO GOP IS EMPOWERING THE HARD LEFT This column is EXACTLY right. I said last week that everything that Democrats are doing in Colorado is being aided and abetted by the "leadership" of the Colorado GOP who are invested in a "stolen election" that happened four years ago and no unaffiliated voter gives a crap about. Read the column here and Dick joins me at 2:30 to discuss.

FLORIDA STATE GOT ROBBED AND THE COLLEGE PLAYOFF IS RIGGED I don't normally put a sports topic in here but holy cow did FSU get robbed and prove the entire college playoff is rigged for the SEC at the same time. After making it through the season undefeated, beating three ranked teams in the process, and even winning the ACC Championship with a quarterback who is a true freshman and hadn't taken a snap until that game, they were left out of the college playoff and TWO one loss teams got in. The FSU AD weighed in yesterday with this statement:

"The consequences of giving in to a narrative of the moment are destructive, far reaching, and permanent. Not just for Florida State, but college football as a whole."
"The argument of whether a team is the 'most deserving OR best' is a false equivalence. It renders the season up to yesterday irrelevant and significantly damages the legitimacy of the College Football Playoff. The 2023 Florida State Seminoles are the epitome of a total TEAM. To eliminate them from a chance to compete for a national championship is an unwarranted injustice that shows complete disregard and disrespect for their performance and accomplishments. It is unforgiveable."
"The fact that this team has continued to close out victories in dominant fashion facing our current quarterback situation should have ENHANCED our case to get a playoff berth EARNED on the field. Instead, the committee decided to elevate themselves and 'make history' today by departing from what makes this sport great by excluding an undefeated Power 5 conference champion for the first time since the advent of the BCS/CFP era that began 25 years ago. This ridiculous decision is a departure from the competitive expectations that have stood the test of time in college football."
"Wins matter. Losses matter. Those that compete in the arena know this. Those on the committee who also competed in the sport and should have known this have forgotten it. Today, they changed the way success is assessed in college football, from a tangible metric - winning on the field - to an intangible, subjective one. Evidently, predicting the future matters more."
"For many of us, today's decision by the committee has forever damaged the credibility of the institution that is the College Football Playoff. And, saddest of all, it was self-inflicted. They chose predictive competitiveness over proven performance; subjectivity over fact. They have become a committee of prognosticators. They have abandoned their responsibility by discarding their purpose – to evaluate performance on the field."
"Our players, coaches, and fans - as well as all those who love this sport - deserve better. The committee failed college football today."

I said it on Facebook and Twitter, this is horse sh*t and we all know it.

SHOULD CHILDBIRTH BE FREE? Considering we've made abortion "free" here in Colorado this column does an excellent job of arguing that services related to pregnancy and childbirth should be available to women at no cost. I'm not going to lie, I find this very compelling and I'm generally against insurance mandates that raise the cost of health insurance for everyone else. That being said, if we are going to be a pro-life society, and I believe we should be, this is a way to put our money where our mouth is. Read it here and we shall discuss.

DENVER SAW HOME PRICES DECLINE 5% And I would expect that number to continue to trend down for the next year or so until interest rates settle where they will eventually settle. The Fed has created a mess with 2% interest rates because no one wants to sell and lose their rates, while home values skyrocketed because people could afford more. Now, when people HAVE to sell, they may be forced to take a lower price to get things done and this is going to continue to affect home prices for the foreseeable future. Read more about falling home prices here.

THE MAYOR IS STAFFING HOMELESS HOTELS WITH VOLUNTEERS The reality of what he's trying to do is hitting the Mayor in the face right now. According to his own dashboard the Mayor's huge push to house 1000 homeless people by December 31st has only housed 311 people and it's already December 4th. One of the things I asked him about during the campaign is how is was going to staff all these tiny home communities when we're in an employment shortage already. Now we know, as he asking for VOLUNTEERS to work at the hotels the city is leasing. I'm sure this will go well.

COMPANIES ARE DROPPING COLLEGE DEGREE REQUIREMENTS And it's about damn time. Lead by companies like Walmart, Accenture, and IBM now some 45% of companies say they will stop demanding a college degree from applicants. Walmart had this to say on its blog:

In particular, it said it will waive the need for a university degree if candidates can show they have gained the necessary skills through alternative prior experience.
'While degrees should be part of the equation and in some cases even required, there are many roles where a degree is simply unnecessary, including at corporate headquarters,' a blog post from the retailer read.

Will colleges respond by lowering their insane prices? Now that they are unnecessary will the truly useless degree programs go away? Nope, they will always find a new sucker, I'm sure.

WHY YOUR XCEL BILL KEEPS GOING UP It's a combination of government edicts, a move to green energy, a monopoly at work, and more. Read it here, but you already know how much they've gone up in recent years, now you know why.

THE GAZETTE ENDORSES A PRIMARY OPPONENT OF LAUREN BOEBERT They threw their support behind Jeff Hurd in the Republican primary and make the case to dump Boebert here. They are not wrong. Find out more about Hurd by clicking here.


COULD PAXLOVID BE THE CURE FOR THE DOG MYSTERY ILLNESS? One vet in Iowa says maybe after giving a dog on the brink of death the anti-Covid drug. He noticed that the dogs with the illness had owners who had been getting over Covid so he gave it a shot with a dog that nothing else worked for and the dog completely recovered. Read it here.

THIS KID MAY BE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL I remember when I loved snow. That's over now. Watch below or click here.

WHY IS IT OKAY TO CHANT FOR THE SLAUGHTER OF JEWS? Imagine if they were calling for the extermination of black people, or hispanics, or anyone other than Jews. For reference, the "intifada" they are calling for is an uprising against Israel that has seen fun things like suicide bombings in pizza shops, murders of random Jews in the streets, and other bombings that killed innocent Jews in Israel. That's what they are calling for.

I LOVE THIS TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATION It made me laugh and the NFL needs that. Watch below or click here.

THE ACCURATE GUIDE TO BABY GIFT GIVING Remember why we have the season and don't get caught up in the buying, especially for babies. Watch below or click here.

DISNEY WORLD IS GETTING RID OF LINES And I guess this is fine, but there was something cool about the anticipation of the ride to me. Not for an hour, mind you, but for a little bit at least. Watch below or click here.

MACAULEY CULKIN GETTING HIS STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME IS SO SWEET He's all grown up now but what a touching speech. Watch below or click here.

A FUN CHRISTMAS GAME FOR FAMILY My family would punch each other, not on purpose, but yeah. Watch below or click here.

NO MORE RIGHT ON RED??? IT could be coming to Denver. Watch below or click here.


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