12/1/23 Blog: An Israeli Ambassador Joins Us, Plus BCT Is Giving Away Cash

IT'S YOUR LAST CHANCE TO NOMINATE A VETERAN! Broncos Country Tonight started a Hero's Thank You several years ago and I LOVE this so much. Each year they give checks to active duty members or veterans nominated by someone and you still have time to nominate someone but time is running out. Ben Allbright pops in at 2:30 to talk about it. Click here to find the nomination page.

PRO HAMAS SUPPORTERS BANG ON THE GLASS AT THE CONVENTION CENTER And what if this were white supremacists banging on the doors while the NAACP met inside? Would they be tolerated? I'm guessing not but these people who are overwhelmingly if not totally leftists,are allowed to do so while the Governor is speaking. They demand that Hamas, which doesn't allow women to travel without a male companion, and gay and lesbians to be jailed, be allowed to re arm and continue to oppress their own people. Why are they allowed to act like this? Why is this okay?

THE LYING GEORGE SANTOS IS BOUNCED OUT OF CONGRESS In the first expulsion that has happened without a conviction, a precedent that it will be very interesting to see in the future. Santos made the case that he should be allowed to stay until he is tried and convicted and that argument was enough to get 114 Republicans to vote no, but enough thought the habitual liar who seems incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING needed to go that he is out. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, George.

THE CITY OF DENVER BUYS THE OLD DENVER POST BUILDING Which honestly seems appropriate because they've been working together for years. Read more here.

JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR HAS DIED At 93. Read about the legacy of the first woman elevated to the court here.

THE MAYOR GOT HIS STOLEN CAR BACK And I'm not going to lie, this made me laugh when I first heard it. I know, I'm not a nice person but c'mon, this is kind of funny. Perhaps if there had been more STAR teams this wouldn't have happened. JK, it totally would have. He got his car back though. I don't know if he got his car back in 2017 when it was stolen on New Years Day though, which is also in this story.

ICE CASTLES TICKETS ARE ON SALE But the earliest you can buy some at their new home in Cripple Creek is January 13th, though if the weather cooperates they could be open sooner. I'm stoked and am totally going to this because I don't have to drive down 70 to get to it anymore.

DPS GETS SUED OVER THE LACK OF STRAIGHT PRIDE FLAGS And I'm here for this one. A parent of Slaven Elementary students is now suing the district because while they display gay pride flags, they ignored his requests to display straight pride flags as well. He's got a point. From CBS 4:

The father who filed this lawsuit, Nathan Feldman, argues his two elementary school children who attend the K-8 Slavens School are being prohibited from exercising their freedom of speech among other allegations after failed attempts to have a "straight pride flag" displayed at school. 
The lawsuit was filed on Nov. 10, 2022. It states that back in October 2022, Feldman began emailing the school questioning why pride flags were displayed beside the doors of his children's classrooms. Feldman allegedly told his students' teachers those flags are "not inclusive of all Slavens School students and only represent one viewpoint on the topic of sex." 
He asked if an identically sized flag, representing his children's views on the same topic, could be put up on display as well. He provided an example of a "straight pride" flag, which was shown in the lawsuit. 

Read more here, but I'm going to follow this with great interest because the gay pride thing is out of control in schools. I'm all for wanting kids to be comfortable, but Q just told me almost ALL of her friends "identify" as somehow part of the LGBTQ spectrum and that's ridiculous. It's a social contagion at this point and unnecessarily confusing to hormonal teens. Seriously.

WHERE IS THE LINE BETWEEN NATIVE AND UGLY? That's the question for one Fort Lupton man who decided to take out the rock landscaping and 'zeroscape" his lawn with drought resistant native plants that attract pollinators. Zeroscaping is different than xeriscaping, which is far more planned and organized while needing very little water. When his chaotic lawn had plants that reached six feet high the neighbors complained and Fort Lupton told him to cut it down or face code enforcement. I think this is an interesting question as municipalities ask people to stop planting water thirsty lawns and that is, where is the line between water conscious and eyesore? This dude may find out but I think people should pay attention to this story.

THE GOVERNOR WANTS SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO DO WHAT THEY DIDN'T And that is fix the property tax mess created by the Democrat pushed repeal of the Gallagher Amendment. Now he wants districts to lower mill levy rates to give people a break. Perhaps he should have tried to lead the Legislature run by his party or maybe veto the Crap Sandwich Prop HH Lite that they passed instead? He's not a leader in any sense of the word.

SCHOOLS ARE BANNING PHONES AND KIDS ARE HAPPIER Orange County Florida enacted a total ban on cell phone use during the school day this year and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. From the New York Times:

The ban has made the atmosphere at Timber Creek both more pastoral and more carceral.
Mr. Wasko said students now make eye contact and respond when he greets them. Teachers said students seemed more engaged in class.
“Oh, I love it,” said Nikita McCaskill, a government teacher at Timber Creek. “Students are more talkative and more collaborative.”

Now a Minnesota middle school has banned phones as well. What happened there? From this article:

After a year, the results speak for themselves.
“In the grand scheme of things, kids are happy. They’re engaging with each other,” Smith said. “The hallway behavior, it’s just night and day.”
While it remains to be seen how the change has impacted academics overall, feedback from parents who spoke with WCCO suggest it’s making a difference.

It's time to talk about spreading this to our local districts.

THE LAB LEAK THEORY COVERUP IS FALLING APART And it's not any media in the US doing the unravelling, but SkyNews from Australia. Former MI6 Director Sir Richard Dearlove says Dr. Anthony Fauci actively suppressed the lab leak theory and lied to the press over and over again to protect his own reputation. Rand Paul was 100% right and is owed an apology by that little totalitarian weasel. Watch this for more.

META CAN'T STOP PROMOTING PEDOPHILE CONTENT But it's not because they aren't trying. Apparently their algorithms are TOO GOOD at directing people to the content they want and connecting scumbags who want to trade child porn. Whoops. From the Wall Street Journal:

The social-media giant set up a child-safety task force in June after The Wall Street Journal and researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst revealed that Instagram’s algorithms connected a web of accounts devoted to the creation, purchasing and trading of underage-sex content.
Five months later, tests conducted by the Journal as well as by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection show that Meta’s recommendation systems still promote such content. The company has taken down hashtags related to pedophilia, but its systems sometimes recommend new ones with minor variations. Even when Meta is alerted to problem accounts and user groups, it has been spotty in removing them. (emphasis mine)
The tests show that the problem extends beyond Instagram to encompass the much broader universe of Facebook Groups, including large groups explicitly centered on sexualizing children. Facebook, which counts more than three billion monthly users worldwide, promotes its groups feature as a way to connect users with similar interests.
A Meta spokesman said the company had hidden 190,000 groups in Facebook’s search results and disabled tens of thousands of other accounts, but that the work hadn’t progressed as quickly as it would have liked. “Child exploitation is a horrific crime and online predators are determined criminals,” the spokesman said, adding that Meta recently announced an effort to collaborate with other platforms seeking to root them out. “We are actively continuing to implement changes identified by the task force we set up earlier this year.”

It's sad to think that scumbags can outsmart such brilliant tech minds but here we are. But are they really smarter or is Meta dragging its feet? I'm most perturbed by the highlighted line above, because that should be an easy slam dunk to go after these people. Throughout the article they point out that the Wall Street Journal in a matter of seconds is able to find huge groups of people streaming child sex abuse but Meta says it's too hard to take these groups down? Really? Don't you have the switch? Some abused child needs to sue Meta and win a billion dollars before they get serious about this.

WE ARE OPEC'S BITCH AGAIN The OPEC nations have agreed to cut production which means that gas prices will go up in the new year. This is bad news for us, and bad news for Joe Biden but I don't give a crap if it's bad for Biden. He's the reason we are in the situation again, and I'm sure he'll call up Saudi Arabia and beg them to drill more. This is a graph of active oil rigs in the US since December of 22 if you need a reminder of what the Biden Admin has done to oil and gas.

VON MILLER TURNS HIMSELF IN AND HIS GIRLFRIEND RECANTS This story is so sad to me. First off, Von Miller. Second off, this is the second time that his girlfriend has accused him of abuse only to immediately recant. Police did show up at his home and AFTER seeing her they issued an arrest warrant, so I'm inclined to think something happened. NFL Twitter thinks so too, they were not kind to her or him. It seems he needs to get some help and she needs to leave.

THE HOUSING MARKET IS IN A BAD WAY RIGHT NOW How bad? There were fewer homes sold in October than during any month during the housing crisis. The Federal Reserve is to blame, as no one wants to sell their house and lose their insanely low mortgage rate so inventory is TIGHT right now as interest rates are up, topping 8% briefly before dropping down into the mid-7s.

HOW TO AVOID HYPOCRISY And I'm not willing to avoid it, I'd rather be wrong occasionally.

THE NEW SQUID GAMES SHOW LEFT CONTESTANTS CHAPPED So much so that some tried to use lubricated condoms as lip balm during the filming. Read about it here if you must.

WANT TO KNOW WHO DECIDED SEX CURRICULUMS AT SCHOOL? In the Godley SD in Texas it was a hooker. Watch this story, it's wild.

WHY IS IT OKAY TO ASK THIS QUESTION? Dak Prescott is going to be a dad with his stunning girlfriend announcing she is pregnant. This ahole on tv decided to ask if she's a "golddigger". He seems nice.

GODZILLA AND KONG ARE ON THE SAME TEAM NOW And a new movie is coming out next year with them teaming up to defeat a new foe. Because there are no new ideas in Hollywood.


A COMPUTER REPAIRMAN PRANK And I have to give it to this repairman, he kept his cool better than I would have. Watch below or click here. "No, this is BEANS" is my new rallying cry.

WAIT, YOU CAN PLAY AGAINST OTHER PASSENGERS??? How did I not know this was possible??? Watch below or click here.

ONE DENVER HOUSE IS DECKED OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS And I can only imagine the traffic nightmare this thing creates. Watch below or click here and the address is in the description of the video.

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEY MADE THESE STICKERS But this Uber driver must have been through some stuff. Watch below or click here. Honestly I would totally ask the driver about them, I'd have to know.

BRIAN NEEDS SOME HELP And part of me thinks this can't be real. Only Kate dips out and I'm sure it's because she was laughing so hard. Watch below or click here.

ISRAEL RESUMES FIGHTING AFTER HAMAS VIOLATES THE CEASE FIRE AGREEMENT And they aren't even counting the Hamas fighters who killed Israelis at a bus stop a couple of days ago. Hamas did not release all the female hostages as they promised, and fired rockets at Israeli positions. So Israel is bombing the crap out of Gaza again.

THIS CAN'T BE REAL BUT I THINK IT IS Gen Z strikes again? OMG. Watch below or click here.

DON'T DO THIS TO YOUR GRANDPA It's not nice, even if it is funny. My grandpa would have whooped my ass for this nonsense. Watch below or click here.

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