11/29/23 Blog: Gays Against Groomers Is On, Plus The Art Of Conversation

DAVE FRASER IS ON FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY And you can ask him any weather question plus get an update on what's coming in our forecast.

THE ART OF CONSCIOUS CONVERSATION My guest at 1:30 is Chuck Wisner, the author of "The Art of Conscious Conversations: Transforming How We Talk, Listen, and Interact". He joins me to talk about how to have meaningful conversations at a time when many of us will be spending time with relatives we don't see often and have little in commo with. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, conversations are integral to our daily lives, we often overlook their profound impact on our relationships and endeavors. Chuck, a seasoned expert in communication and mediation, dives deep into the heart of effective communication, offering insights and strategies that empower individuals to navigate conversations with intention and authenticity. Buy his book by clicking here.

GAYS AGAINST GROOMERS IS AN IMPORTANT ORGANIZATION And I've got Rich Guggenheim from the Colorado chapter on today to talk about why they do what they do and the impact it has had on protecting children from harmful, experimental treatments that usually turn gay kids into trans kids. Find out more here, and he joins me at 2:30.

BIDEN IS COMING TO COLORADO And thankfully he won't be gumming up traffic here as he's headed to Pueblo to tout Bidenomics at a wind turbine plant subsidized by our tax dollars. This editorial rightly points out that Pueblo is a perfect place to talk about Bidenomics, as it has more people living in poverty, on track for record evictions this year thanks to Joe and his policies.

MIKE ROSEN ASKS WHAT THE TRUE MEASURE OF SOCIETY IS And if you ever wanted to see the differing world views between progressives and conservatives laid out clearly, this column does it brilliantly.

EXPECT CHAOS DOWNTOWN THIS WEEKEND First off the Parade of Lights is this weekend on Saturday, so traffic should be awful then anyway. But more importantly, the Jewish National Fund Conference is going to be held over four days at the Convention Center. I fully expect Hamas supporters to show up and create havoc, and even though Denver Police says they are ramping up enforcement and preparing, I'm guessing they will be very hands off with protesters so they don't have to pay a bunch of scumbags any more settlements if they get hurt. This could be a very bad weekend downtown.

MILLENIALS MAKE UP 40% OF DENVER'S POPULATION I think this is really cool to be honest, as it indicates to me that the city has a vibrant future as more young people move here. The real question is whether or not we'll be able to keep them if they can't afford to buy homes and make progress towards creating the lives they want. Read more here.

A NEW TREATMENT FOR ENLARGED PROSTATE HITS DENVER And it has far fewer side effects than traditional treatments, so read about it here.

THE HAMAS-ISRAEL WAR IS DIVIDING COLORADO DEMOCRATS I didn't even mention lunatic Democratic Elizabeth Epps's showboating on the floor of the House in support of Hamas but it has created a serious rift in the Democratic party in Colorado. A group of prominent Jewish Democrats sent a letter demanding an end to the divisive rhetoric coming from their party about the attacks of Hamas and subsequent war. It took a WEEK for Democratic leadership to release a statement decrying Epps's actions and now some Jewish lawmakers say they don't feel safe and wonder if there is still a place for them in their party. Jon Caldara writes about the alt-Left and how they get a pass here.

ARE YOU HOA FEES GOING UP BECAUSE OF INSURANCE? This is the second story like this I've heard recently where HOA fees have skyrocketed because of massive insurance hikes on the HOAs. This community's HOA fees went from $300 to $820 a MONTH! That is nothing to sneeze at and I wonder if it will lead to a slew of houses being sold by retired folks who simply can't swing the difference.

I'M ON A CULT SERIES TEAR RIGHT NOW And just finished this one, which is wild.

I also watched this one.

Both of them just show how easy it is to manipulate people who are struggling and searching for something or someone. And all of these cult leaders remind me of skilled politicians in very significant ways. They are both worth watching if you're into cult stuff, they are both limited series. And by the way, BOTH organizations still exist and are trying to lure in new suckers.

SO HOW IS THAT ELECTRIC CAR THINGS GOING? I saw this story the other day about Volkswagon cutting a lot of staff because their brand, is no longer competitive as they try to make sure half of their cars are electric by 2030. The company says they will reduce bloat before they go after personnel but it's hard to imagine that trying to save 10 billion euros in savings won't require cutting jobs. Now we see that a fifth of the Ford dealerships who paid a ton of money to be part of Ford's new EV certified program have dropped out. Why? The price was way to high and even Ford seems to be admitting that the EV push isn't working as they've pulled back $12 billion in EV investments and shut down a production shift for the F-150 EV and reduced the Mustang Mach-E production as well.

COULD WE SEE AN OVERHAUL OF ELECTIONS IN COLORADO? If former CEO of Davita gets his way the answer is yes. This article explains the ballot proposal being financed by Kent Thiry, which he says aims to take some of the partisanship out of our politics. Some I like, some I don't. I LOVE the elimination of vacancy committees so much I could marry it. I do NOT like ranked choice voting, but Ari Armstrong offers an alternative to that in this column about approval voting instead. I agree with Armstrong when he says Thiry deserves a lot of credit for trying to tackle what is clearly broken with our system, and I like his creativity in trying to undermine the entrenched two party system that is failing Colorado. Especially right leaning Colorado.

WHO ARE THE REAL IMPERIALISTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST? This woman is fire. Watch and learn.

I REMEMBER THESE DAYS WITH Q I bought her a Doc McStuffins doctor kit and we lived this exact same things. Is it dusty in here? My eyes are watering.

WHEN MEDICAL MARIJUANA TAKES AWAY YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS Sure you could always lie on the federal background check form like Hunter Biden did but I doubt you'd get the sweetheart deal he was offered. Now people are finding out that if they have a medical marijuana card they can't buy a firearm. This is one of the many reasons I recommend against the medical marijuana card, but in some states, it's all you can get, like Florida, where a 72 year old woman was prevented from buying a gun after being threatened by an ex-employee. Read more here.

HAMAS TORTURED THE CHILDREN IN THEIR CARE At least according to the aunt of a 12 year old boy who was recently released from captivity. Women are also reporting being kept in cages. I'm sure the Hamas supporters will just assume this is more propaganda.

WANT TO AVOID TYPE 2 DIABETES? PICK UP THE PACE This is great news for me because I walk super fast. A new study shows that people who walk at a brisk pace (3.1-3.7 mph) have a 24% LOWER risk of type 2 diabetes. If you're a real speed demon it goes down even more. Just increasing your speed moderately still has protective effects, read more here.

THE UN ADMITS THEY WERE WRONG ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE But then doubled down on demands to meet their new targets and I'm asking everyone, why do we still give them any credence? They tell us they were wrong, but then tell us NOW they are right so we should listen to them? Give me a break.

A KID ATTACKED BY A MOB IS NOW CHARGED WITH MURDER A kid was recently murdered in Las Vegas after being jumped by a gang of schoolmates who beat him to death. Now a student in North Carolina, who was jumped in a similar fashion, is facing murder charges because he protected himself effectively with a knife. This was clearly self defense, as you can see in this video in this story. This is just another symptom of how badly we've broken our kids by letting them get away with anything and everything with no repercussions.

THE BRONCOS ARE SUPPORTING K9 FOR WARRIORS And these photos are so darn cute.



DISNEY WILL DESTROY STAR WARS At least according to this tweet:

Why? Because Taika Waititi made it?

SNOOP DOGG IS A MASTER AT MARKETING And fooled everyone when he said he was "giving up smoke". Gotcha.


A LIFE SIZE GRINCH CAKE Is pretty awesome. Watch below or click here.

A MOCKERY OF A KAREN ON A WALK And this made me laugh entirely too hard today. Watch below or click here.

WHY DOES BRENDA LEE NEVER SING ON MY FLIGHT?? I love this so much and am very jealous I wasn't flying that day.

UFC HEAD DANA WHITE BLASTS THE MEDIA And he is absolutely right about this.

AN 89 YEAR OLD MAN FOUND A WAY TO DRIVE HIS NEW TRUCK And this is something I would do for sure. Watch below or click here.

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