11/28/23 Blog: DPS Floats The Idea of Language Justice And It's Stupid

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAS NEVER HEARD OF THE TOWER OF BABEL Or they wouldn't even be considering the latest dumbass idea that they are considering. This claptrap is called "language justice" and will allegedly empower the students who are non-native speakers by allowing them to continue to use their native language in schools. This is so freaking dumb I can't even and they are going to set these kids back even further in an English speaking country even more. Read this horse crap:

"Denver Public schools will be a district that is free of oppressive systems and structures rooted in racism and one which centers students and team members with a focus on racial and educational equity, enabling students to ultimately become conscientious global citizens and collaborative leaders," the equity draft of the school district proposal said in the Nov. 16 school board agenda. The document continued, "DPS has a collective responsibility to uphold the practice of Racial Equity, and Educational and Language Justice in all of its forms by honoring language and culture as fundamental human rights."
The equity proposal states that "equity" will be achieved by identifying and removing "deeply rooted systems of oppression that have historically resulted in inequitable access and distribution of opportunities and resources for those who represent marginalized identities, including but not limited to race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, language and ability."

How will this help kids get into English speaking colleges? Or get into trades where they will be dealing with mostly English speaking customers? Being bilingual is a gift a vast majority of people in this country do NOT possess and these kids have the chance to master both their native language and English with the right curriculum. It's not disenfranchising to learn the dominant language of the place you are living, its empowering. These people are lunatics.

HOW TO GET STUFF DONE IN AN EFFICIENT MANNER I've got performance consultant Boris Blum on today to talk about how to get through the holiday season rush with efficiencies and effectiveness. Honestly this time of year can be SO overwhelming that I figured I'd bring in an expert to help us get through it without losing our minds. Find Boris and his book by clicking here.

CHRISTIAN TOTO JOINS US TO TALK HOLIDAY MOVIES And Disney bombs. Find his great website by clicking here and he joins me at 2:30 to chat!

DENVER IS DOING A CRAP JOB WITH AFFORDABLE HOUSING I missed this story in the Denver Post because they published it on Black Friday but thanks to this column here I saw it anyway. Remember all that tax money going to shore up affordable housing in the city? It's not being spent properly and the rent controlled apartments are being rented at market rates. From the article:

The audit, released last week, identified 203 units in housing authority projects backed by taxpayer dollars that were renting at market rates. Of those, the rents for 89 units were at prices considered unaffordable to people making 80% of the city’s area median income — currently $69,520 for an individual or $89,360 for a family of three — which is a violation of the city’s agreement with the authority.
The rest were at risk of rising above that maximum level in the future, the audit says.
Auditors also found the authority was 32 units short of its commitment to develop housing for people with very low incomes and 301 units short of the number agreed upon for people with moderate incomes.

But that's not all. What condition are those units in? The auditor did a drop by to check things out and found a lot of bad stuff not reported by the Housing Authority:

O’Brien said he was troubled by what auditor’s office staff members found when they made surprise site visits to 21 affordable housing properties funded by the city. They did not enter private apartments. But in common areas and outside those buildings, they documented problems that included broken windows and doors, exposed wires, water damage, broken elevators and evidence of pest infestation.
City records had identified no such issues at 14 of those properties in recent inspections, auditors found.

How many people will be fired because of this? My guess is none because poor people aren't well connected and are supposed to be grateful for their roach infested places they pay market rent for.

A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD BOY IS CHARGED WITH MURDER What the hell is wrong with kids today? An Aurora man is dead and a 13 year old kid is now charged with his stabbing murder. Kids are out of control and we better figure out a way to right this ship or we are all done. Watch this story about a high school in Jamaica, Queen, NY where students began to riot after walking out of class to search out a teacher who had the nerve to go to a rally in support of Israel.

And the Chancellor's response is to "listen" so the student's felt "heard"? They needed to suspend the ringleaders and crack down hard. Kids need to feel the consequences of their actions and these kids will feel none of that. I don't believe it when the chancellor says there will be swift and fair discipline. The inmates are running the asylum.

#DIRTYDENVER IS TRENDING AND IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK Of course I was going to click on a Trending Topic on X that was #dirtydenver fully expecting it to be about what's happened to downtown, but no, it was about the Broncos defense playing actual football. Seems fans are mad that our defense is doing what it is supposed to do after a slow start. So can we call our Defense "The Dirty D" from now on because it's kind of badass. I'd buy a shirt.

THE SALVATION ARMY JUST GOT ANOTHER CONTRACT To run another hotel based homeless shelter to the tune of $10 million dollars. I have donated often to the Salvation Army because they do good work helping people who need it, but I have questions about allegations being made on the Do Better Denver Instagram page, where they shared photos from inside another homeless shelter for families run by the Salvation Army. See them here, I can't embed them. The accusations are:

Salvation Army is now threatening employees in an attempt to figure out where these pictures of the Comfort Inn Family Homeless Shelter came from. What do they have to hide??? Perhaps they are afraid they will lose millions in #Denver city funding for operating TRAP HOUSES and letting children live with drug addicted parents in squalid conditions.

If you look at the photos you see the squalid conditions children are living in and this is a legit question. Is the Salvation Army threatening employees? I'd like to know before we give them another $10 million. And are these photos accurate? And if so, why isn't CPS involved here?

MORE ON THE MESS THAT IS THE COLORADO GOP This time Jimmy Sengenberger, who is far more involved in party politics than I ever was, takes them to task for their latest conspiracy theory horse crap involving elections. Democrats are going to completely destroy Colorado and it's going to be with an assist from the idiots running the GOP.

A NEW RESTAURANT WITH A GREAT MISSION COMING TO DENVER It's part of a national non profit that opens restaurants that give paid internships to teens coming out of the juvenile justice system so they can learn every aspect of the restaurant business while getting other supports to help them succeed. What a wonderful idea you can read about here.

THE SECRETARY OF EDUCATION MADE A DAMN FOOL OF HIMSELF And the internet has been having a field day. This is what he said.

We all know that what Reagan ACTUALLY said was "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help." But whatever, it's practically the same. Practically.

CAN WE ALL AGREE THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS JUST GENERALLY SUCK? And if you want to know what life would be like under their rule, just watch how they ignore rules and do what they want to the detriment of everyone else. They are horrible. They shut down the Denver City Council meeting because they didn't get their way. They suck.

HAMAS KEEPS VIOLATING THE CEASE FIRE TERMS BUT LEFTIES DON'T CARE From this column by David Strom, which is a must read imo:

But then…the hostages. There is no case to be made that taking hostages is a military tactic of any sort, and unlike the rapes and beheadings, you can’t argue that they are simply propaganda. Hamas is using the hostages, undeniably. The entire cease-fire is predicated on staged hostage releases.

The lefties supporting the Nazi like regime of Hamas don't care. Read the rest of this article, we shall discuss.

AND THEY ATTACKED THE IDF TOO But of course Hamas says the IDF violated the ceasefire first by stepping on some bombs that Hamas left laying around. Read more here.

HUNTER IS GOING TO TESTIFY And I bet it's going to be full of "I don't recalls" and "I was on drugs" but at least we'll get the spectacle. Hunter demands to testify in public so expect the show to hit Congress on December 13th.

THE KOCH BROTHERS BACK NIKKI HALEY And with just a couple of months left before the first primaries this is a big deal because someone has to move to unseat Trump and needs the money to do it and now Haley is best positioned to do so. Americans for Prosperity Action gives her access to a well funded and defined political machine that she has not been able to build herself. Could this be the game changer? I sure hope so.

HOW ABOUT NO? The UN is going to ask Americans to eat less meat. That's a hard pass from me.

WHY CANCER SPREADS TO THE SPINE A new discovery of a type of stem cells unique to the spine could help explain why cancer spreads the spine faster than other parts of the body. These stem cells produce a protein that seems to actually draw cancer to it, and when cancer metastasizes to the spine it's a short road to death for the victim. This can also help come up with new treatments for osteoporosis, which affects the spine more than other bones in the body, leading to disability. Read more here.

STEM CELLS TREATMENTS COULD STOP THE PROGRESSION OF MS This is incredible news and I hope it turns out to work long term. Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease that wastes the muscles of those who have it over time, leading to disability and death. Though the study was very small and those who received the treatment was already in wheelchairs, it seemed to arrest the progression of the disease for a year. Read more here.

YOUR STOLEN ORGANIC FOOD COULD MEAN THE END OF SELF CHECKOUT LANES I don't mind waiting in line for a human if I have a lot of stuff, but I do use self checkout when I've just got a few items. Now they may be going away as big stores deal with big levels of theft at the self checkout lanes. Apparently they have reached the tipping point where hiring people would be cheaper than the "shrinkage" they are currently seeing. I don't steal organic good by ringing it up as regular because THAT IS STEALING and it's wrong.


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