11/27/23 Blog: The Democrat Crap Sandwich Served Cold

HOOBOY AM I GLAD TO BE BACK I had a little tune up to my vocal cords last week but am feeling MUCH better. Good thing I was on vocal rest or you would have heard me screaming to the rafters about the Zombie of Prop HH that Democrats passed against the clearly expressed wishes of the people. How could they do that? Because they know voters won't punish them for it. I've got words on it, as you can imagine. Ben Murrey wrote about it here, but this is exactly what Jared Polis wanted and why he scheduled the special session RIGHT BEFORE the holiday weekend, so you guys wouldn't notice.

WHY DEMOCRATS DON'T CARE ABOUT SCREWING OVER VOTERS IN ONE LESSON From Douglas County, where three conservative candidates were completely IGNORED by the Douglas County GOP because they supported a tax increase and bond issue, which resulted in three union backed candidates getting elected to the Board. Read a column about it here, but know this, the Colorado GOP is filled with people who don't care about winning, they just want to show everyone how "principled" they are as they get their assess kicked over and over again. This is why Dems don't worry about elections here.

HOUSES FOR WARRIOR IS TACKLING VETERAN HOMELESSNESS A listener reached out to me about this program after hearing its founder Andrew Canales speak at an event and I'm glad they did. Houses for Warriors provides a myriad of supports for veterans who are homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless and he joins me today at 1 to discuss the program. Find out more or make a donation by clicking here

MAYOR MIKE JOHNSTON IS NEARING HIS DEADLINE To house 1,000 people by the end of the year. He joins me at 2 to talk about how it's going and if he's going to make it.

A BROAD DAYLIGHT STABBING IN A HOMELESS CAMP Reads like something out of a 3rd world country. A man was stabbed to death at 11am in the Ballpark neighborhood this past weekend. Others in the encampment threw things at the perpetrator and eventually knocked him out. Good grief.

AND FOUR MEN DIE OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND Was it the cold or drug overdoses? We don't know yet but four in about 24 hours is not good.

AND DENVER SEES A HUGE SPIKE IN HOMELESSNESS This is a good column about how Denver has dramatically increased spending on homelessness only to see the numbers increase dramatically. Read it here.

DID ANYONE GET GOOD BLACK FRIDAY DEALS? Has Black Friday lost its luster? I haven't talked to anyone who feels like they scored big on Friday and I'm wondering if any of you did?

DISNEY GETS SMACKED BY THE INVISIBLE HAND This is a great column about Disney admitting that they have lost their way with their audience. But it's not just Disney, the columnist mentions both journalists and academia who keep making choices that further damage their overall profession so they can continue to be feted at cocktails parties with like minded fellow travelers. Read it here.

THE REALITY OF ELECTRONIC WASTE RECYCLING When I have electronics to recycle I take them to Blue Star Recyclers for because they provide jobs for people with disabilities so they can live as independently as possible and I like that. But now I'm taking them there (and paying the fee to do so) because of this story I saw yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning. Watch this and think twice about how you "recycle" your old electronics.

MOCRATS ARE TRYING TO MAKE HOUSING EVEN WORSE That is the only explanation for removing a sensible, moderate Democrat who stood in the way of several horrible bills last year about housing and replacing him with wackadoodle Lefty Faith Winters on the very important committee that hears bills on housing and construction. Read an editorial about it here.

A COLORADO PERSON SUES META And she says it's because Instagram began feeding her harmful content since she was 11 after she lied about her age to sign up. Now she's suing after years of self harm and suicidal thoughts inspired by the platform. Read more here.

THE MEDIA MALPRACTICE OVER THE ISRAEL-HAMAS HUMAN EXCHANGE The media doesn't care about the truth and this article has some of the most egregious examples of the outrageous way they've covered the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for innocents captured during the Hamas massacre of October 7th. It's infuriating and explains how young people seem to believe that Israel and Hamas are some sort of moral equivalent. Read it here, but duct tape your head first because it will explode,

LOOKING FOR CYBER MONDAY DEALS? Here is a huge list of stuff on sale but a bunch of this has already BEEN on sale for like three weeks for these same prices. I just don't feel like there are big bargains to be found here.

LEGIT QUESTIONS ABOUT RANKED CHOICE VOTING This column does a great job in breaking down the issues with Ranked Choice Voting, which is having a moment right now. Many of the things discussed are questions I've had so I really appreciate this. Ranked Choice Voting is being touted as the solution to all problems when it comes to partisanship and whatnot, but it has significant issues as well. Read it here.

WILL DOWNTOWN DENVER EVER RECOVER? When we first moved here I loved Larimer Square. There were great restaurants, cool locally owned shops and great vibe. Now it's a massive construction zone, all the restaurants we loved have packed up and moved or closed and there is zero reason to go there. The 16th Street Mall is a disaster as well. This article checks in on both and it's not good.

THE CHRISTKINLMARKET IS BACK! If you can't make it to Europe to visit the Christmas markets there, you can just go to Civic Center Park to visit Denver's market instead. Find out more here.

THE BEER BELLY IS NO JOKE Abdominal obesity is the WORST kind of obesity and men are more prone to get it than women but everyone should pay attention. Read more here about why the fat in our abdomen needs to be taken seriously.

BUT THEN HERE IS A PIZZA RECIPE I'm sorry I am posting an article about what looks like how to make the most amazing pizza ever right after an article about abdominal fat but I wanted to make sure I got this recipe for the future when I am finished with my SOTA Weight Loss Plan (I am SO CLOSE) so here it is.

WE'RE FAT BECAUSE SUGAR IS ADDED TO EVERYTHING HERE This article about added sugars (I'm trying to redeem myself for the pizza recipe above) shocked me with this stat:

In the U.S., total caloric sweeteners available for consumption peaked at 153.6 pounds per capita in 1999. This was quite a jump from 1969's 117.9 pounds per capita. (emphasis mine) During that period, the U.S. population increased by more than 76 million people, meaning sugar consumption, and thus the viability of the sugar and sweetener industry, grew much more robust.

Is it any wonder we're all fat? Our sugar consumption annually 35 POUNDS per capita! Why? The embrace of high fructose corn syrup and all the added "benefits" for food manufacturers. Read the article here, but the good news is the trend has been declining for some years now.

has now created the Reindeer in Here, which is a MUCH better alternative to the dumb Elf.

WHEN A "NEWS OUTLET" GETS IT BACKWARDS The Colorado Times Recorder is a left wing advocacy group masquerading as a "news outlet". They proclaim themselves to be a "progressive news outlet" which means they carry the water for whatever left wing causes they can. Case in point, they are now reporting that parents who want to be in charge of what their kids are taught when it comes to gender ideology are "anti-LGBTQ". Watch this.

They clearly don't see that adding gender ideology into education is CLEARLY a political move unto itself. Because they agree with it, of course.

CD-4 CANDIDATE TRENT LEISY IS A PIECE OF WORK And he got outed as such by none other than Trumpet lunatic Laura Loomer, who not only dug up his old comments about a past conviction for harassing a child which put him on probation, and then she unearthed this delightful video:

Leisy has denied the accusations on his Twitter feed but he gave quotes to the Greeley Times Recorder during his unsuccessful run for school board. Do not get fooled, MAGA country, this guy is not what he seems to be.

MARTY KROFFT HAS DIED The creator of the super weird and creepy HR PuffNStuff among other things has passed away at 85. That show creeped me out and I'm surprised to find out it only went 17 episodes. Read more about his legacy here.

WOULD ARABS LIVE IN ISRAEL OR ARAB STATES? Ami Horowitz asked the question of Arabs who live there.

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