11/14/23 Blog: Why Aren't Kids Going to School, and Managing Generations

WHY AREN'T KIDS GOING TO SCHOOL? This would have been unthinkable in my house either when I was a kid or now. Kids go to school, it is their job. Now chronic absenteeism is on the rise and Tracie Potts, Learning Heroes Advisory Board Chair and Executive Director of the Gettysburg Institute at Gettysburg College is on to talk about why kids aren't going to school and hopefully tell us how to get them back on track. She joins me at 12:30. Here is the website she was referencing.

HOW TO KEEP THE PEACE AT WORK WHEN THERE IS WAR AROUND THE WORLD If you manage a multi generational workforce you may need to listen to my 1pm guest especially closely. Leadership Expert, Jeff Arnold, bestselling author of Leadership Across the Generations: A Guide to Managing and Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce, specializes in cross-generational communication and difficult conversation joins me to talk about how to deal with issues that could be controversial, like the war in Israel, in the workplace. He joins me at 1, find out more about Jeff by clicking here.

IT'S NOT TOO SOON FOR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! I have declared it so after years and years of fighting them until after Thanksgiving. My neighborhood is already lit up with Christmas lights and I'm here for it! We shall discuss.

IF YOU WANT TO GET A CLEAR PICTURE OF THE WAR IN HAMAS You just need watch this to truly understand.


IF YOU WANT TO SPREAD JOY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Samaritan's Purse is collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and if you want to spread Christian cheer around the world you can do so by clicking here.

THE NHS IS TRACKING FRIDGE USAGE In an effort to stop visits to their overworked hospitals. They are using an algorithms to try and predict if someone needs more care before they end up at the hospital. Why? This:

NHS England waiting lists have peaked with 7.77 million people waiting for an appointment - the highest since records began in 2007.

THAT is what socialized medicine gets you.

COLORADO HAS THE 4TH HIGHEST CRIME RATE IN THE COUNTRY And when I moved here ten years ago this would have been UNTHINKABLE. We were 31st in 2012. But years of Democrat policies designed to undermine the police while letting the criminals know how much we cared have gotten us here and now we're suffering the consequences. I sure wish there were a viable Republican party in this state to clean things up. But there isn't. Read the depressing statistics here.

I AM A LITTLE TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS The Colorado Ice Castles exhibit is moving this year to Cripple Creek from Dillon, which is a far easier drive for me so I'm stoked. Construction is underway and you can read about it here.

ELECTRIC HEAT IS GOING TO COST A FORTUNE And who says so? The federal government, that's who. A new report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration said a home that uses electricity will pay 77 percent more or an average of $462 this winter, compared to a household that uses natural gas. That isn't chump change in an economy like ours. But I'm sure Jared Polis thinks that's just fine, as he loves telling us to spend more because he knows best for us as a multi millionaire unaffected by such petty things like paying bills. You can read about how much more expensive electric heat is here.

THE GOVERNOR IS GOING TO TRY AND STEAL OUR TABOR REFUNDS AGAIN As he narrowed the Special Session and specifically put TABOR refunds on the table. To be perfectly clear, the EXACT SAME THING voters JUST REJECTED is going to be the thing they pass. Read this for more.

TIM SCOTT DROPS OUT And no one really cares, but you can read more here if you'd like.

NEPAL BANS TIKTOK And they say it's because it was disrupting "social harmony". Read it here.

BERI WEISS TALKS ABOUT ANTI-SEMITISM And you should read the rest of this speech here, but watch this snippet. She's not wrong.

A NEW LEAK IN THE TRUMP CASE And this one is of interviews given by Sydney Powell and Jenna Ellis as part of their plea deals. I'm taking this entire story with a grain of salt as they weren't leaked in their entirety which means they were leaked to make Trump look bad and who knows what else is in there. What did leak does just that, with both women testifying that Trump was told multiple times by multiple people that he lost the election but he still persisted in trying to overthrow it. Sydney Powell did not unleash the Kraken in these interviews either. We'll see what the rest of the testimony is when they actually testify in court.

SHOULD ADU'S BE ALLOWED? I understand why a neighborhood would have concern about an Accesory Dwelling Units taking over and filling up a neighborhood with more cars and traffic. That being said, I also believe in private property rights to I'm pro-ADUs. I'm not pro the state taking over local zoning issues however so I am waffling on this state law that would allow ADUs everywhere. There has to be a balance that we can reach here

THE SECRET TO PATRICK MAHOMES SUCCESS Is obviously the red underwear he's worn in EVERY single NFL game since he got in the league. Read more here about this superstition which is always effective, of course.

THE MEDIA'S HAMAS BLIND SPOT This is a great column on the media's failure to know who the bad guys are in the Hamas-Israeli War. Read this:

The approach of many journalists to the current moment — a combination of “both-sides-ism” and kid-gloves treatment for Hamas terrorists — is not just morally repugnant; it’s absurd. It’s absurd because many of these same journalists have spent the last several years boasting about their own moral clarity and willingness to speak out against evil, all while scolding the rest of us for failing to do the same. It wasn’t so long ago that many of these same journalists laid out, in explicit detail, why it’s so dangerous to say that there are “very fine people on both sides” when the story is one of civilians versus violent extremists.

Read the rest here.

ABOUT THAT HOSPITAL RUNNING OUT OF FUEL IN GAZA You've seen the stories about babies dying because a hospital, which happens to be on top of a Hamas command center built underground below it, in Gaza doesn't have fuel. Israel dropped off 300 cans of fuel but read this:

They don't care about babies dying in Gaza just like they reveled in babies dying in Israel. Read this article in the NYTimes and note the headline that calls it a "fuel delivery dispute" rather than Gazans preferring dead babies over Israel being seen in a good light.


WHO WANTS A SPICY BEVERAGE? Dr. Pepper is hoping a lot of you do. You have to be a member of their Pepper Perks program to try it, but I'm gonna see if Arod can lay his hands on some for us to try. Here's how to get yours.

SOME UNDER THE BED ZOOMIES FOR YOU Watch below or click here.

A PILLOW CASE TO CLEAN FAN BLADES? Now you know. Watch below or click here.

I'LL TAKE ALLIGATORS OVER THIS ANY DAY This is what golfing is like in Africa. I'll pass. Watch below or click here.

WANT TO PROPOSE AT A NUGGETS GAME? That'll be $1500, please. Read about how to do it here, but make sure your girl is cool with a very public proposal before you do this. I would have been mortified had Chuck done this.

NBC NEWS HATES ANY REPUBLICAN And it's on full display on their latest bizarro world "fact check" on Ron DeSantis. What did they check? They checked his assertion that he helped get hundreds of Americans out of Israel. Thankfully, NBC News let its clearly addled viewers know that he only FUNDED the flights, he didn't actually fly the planes. Phew, that was confusing as hell. Thank good news for NBC News' crack team of fact checkers!

ARE WE CLAMORING FOR VEEP CARLSON? Donald Trump has said he would consider newsman Tucker Carlson for Vice President. Why not me? Why not you? Oh, we don't have a bunch of minions he wants to impress. There is a zero percent chance he does this, by the way, this is just more smoke and bluster to gin up the news cycle.

THE NARCISSISM OF MEGAN RAPINOE IS OFF THE CHARTS I am so sick of this person. Watch her decide there is no God because she got hurt in her last game.

LET'S BE REAL ABOUT ANTI SEMITISM this Tweet just about sums it up.

MOSTLY PEACEFUL HAMAS SUPPORTERS TRY TO BREAK INTO GRAND CENTRAL STATION Because they can because they are not being stopped from behaving like this.

COULD THE SUN WIPE OUT THE INTERNET? Short answer is it's possible. The internet came of age during a time of low solar activity but it's now heating up and one scientist says there is a chance the web could be wiped out by a huge solar storm.

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