11/10/23 Blog: Thanks To All Of Our Veterans and Happy Birthday, Marines!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE US MARINES! You don't look a day over 247 even though you're turning 248 today. Here is a brief history of the Marine Corps that everyone should know.

THANK YOU, VETERANS Until I married a man who had been broken to bits by the US Army I didn't truly appreciate the sacrifices made by our service members. The scars of service, both physical and mental, don't go away when you take off your uniform for the last time. I am so grateful I've had the opportunity to meet so many veterans through this show and through my husband. My life is richer for it. If you know someone who served, make their day by giving them a call to thank them.

SOME COOL HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES FOR VETERANS Dave Proffit joins me today to talk about the chance for a veteran to go elk or pheasant hunting with his group American Heroes in Action. He joins me at 1 today to talk about it, but find out more or apply by clicking here.

NICK FERGUSON JOINS ME TO TALK ABOUT A HERO'S THANK YOU Which is a fantastic program started by Broncos Country Tonight years ago. They take nominations of veterans who could use a little something extra this year and five of them will be awarded $2500 this year. Nominate someone close to you by clicking here.

DEMOCRATS ARE GOING WACKY LEFT WITH COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS Several TERRIBLE bills were killed in committee last year because a moderate Democrat recognized they were terrible bills and voted them down. He's now been replaced by wacky lefty Faith Winters so expect some terrible bills to come to the floor to be passed by the increasingly wacky left wing Democrats in the Colorado Legislature. The Republicans can do nothing to stop any of this, by the way, they are hopelessly outnumbered.

YOU EXPRESS LANE JUMPERS SHOULD EXPECT A FINE Because CDOT and law enforcement have sent out 35,000 of them since the crackdown on lane jumping went into effect. You people piss me off, by the way.

JOE MANCHIN IS NOT RUNNING FOR THE US SENATE AGAIN Because he will be travelling around the country with No Labels trying to figure out if a bipartisan tickets could make a dent in next year's POTUS election. His seat will likely go to a Republican as Trump win West Virginia by a landslide in 2020. Hey No Labels, no one wants another person in their upper 70s to run. Give us fresh blood.

HERE'S A LIST OF WINTER HIKING GEAR YOU NEED If you are planning to hit the great outdoors this winter. All of these are extremely useful, trust me, and as a casual hiker I've never needed or used mountaineering crampons just so you know.

ESPN MADE AN ODD CHOICE LAST NIGHT We were watching the Louisville-Virginia football game last night when Running Back Perris Jones took a nasty helmet to helmet hit and eventually had to be removed from the field on a backboard. It was a scary situation. ESPN chose to NOT air the replay. It was weird, as we just rolled our tv back and watched it again anyway. This was not a dirty hit, and Jones actually dropped HIS OWN helmet to make it a helmet to helmet hit. But in an era of dvrs and tvs that allow you to just rewind and the internet, what was the point of that choice? Jones has regained all feeling in his extremities and is recovering in the hospital, by the way.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS HATE BUSINESS And they are making doing business here exponentially harder every year. Did you know they passed emissions standards that are HIGHER than the EPA? All while the state had not come up with a way for businesses to comply with this new edict? They are ruining our economy one nick at a time. Read more here.

JELLYROLL'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH WAS EPIC I owe the listener who turned me onto Jellyroll a huge thank you. He just won New Artist of the Year and this part of his speech is a barnburner.

WHY THE JEWS NEED A HOMELAND This was UCLA yesterday where they were beating a pinata with Netanyahu's face while yelling Free Palestine. I'm sure it's a short hop from punching pinatas to punching Jews, amiright?

PETER THIEL HAS TRUMP REGRET The tech billionaire who backed Trump previously now says he was a disappointment. From Mediaite.com:

During an interview with The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman, Thiel said “voting for Trump was like a not very articulate scream for help,” which he hoped would change the country for the better, but which ultimately left him disappointed and “disenchanted.”
“There are a lot of things I got wrong,” Thiel told Gellman. “It was crazier than I thought. It was more dangerous than I thought. They couldn’t get the most basic pieces of the government to work. So that was—I think that part was maybe worse than even my low expectations.”

The article also says that Trump called Thiel a "f*cking scumbag" in a call with a mutual friend. Not the best way to get more money for another run. Thiel says he's out of politics for this cycle.

AT WHAT AGE ARE YOU READY FOR THE NURSING HOME? And of course everyone is different but the average age is 84. One interesting things in here is that people who enter assisted living are generally in the same shape as those entering nursing homes within two years. They just have the means to get help before nursing home care is needed. Read it all here.

NIKKI HALEY CONTINUES TO RISE As one poll after the latest debate showed she won handily, with DeSantis coming in a distant second. Another big thing for her is the number of voters who say they are considering voting for her is rising. From the Washington Post:

But perhaps more importantly for Haley is the fact that the share of viewers who say they are considering voting for her increased significantly. The share considering Haley jumped eight percentage points from 45 percent to 53 percent, while DeSantis did not shift significantly from before to after the debate.

That is a REALLY big deal. Read more here.

100 MOVIES YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE YOU DIE I love lists like this because the order doesn't really matter just that your favorite movie is on it. This particular list feels very bro-driven to me.

MICHAEL OHER DID NOT GET ROBBED The Tuohys have provided all the accounting for the money made off the book and film The Blind Side about Oher's journey from a kid walking the streets to being taken in by the Tuohy family and it's just as they said it was. Each member of the family got the same amount of money from the book and film, totalling about $140,000 per family member, including Michael Oher. I hope he feels really stupid now.

THE MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF A JEWISH MAN LOVES HAMAS I'm talking about the man who struck Jewish man Paul Kessler at a rally to support Israel is a Pro-Hamas supporter. He has the nerve to compare Nelson Mandela to Hamas in the below video.

AROD SAW THE MARVELS And he's updated his ridiculously detailed list of best Marvel movies. Find it below.


GOT SOME OLD TWO DOLLAR BILLS LYING AROUND? They could be worth thousands, find out how by watching below or clicking here.

WHAT IT'S LIKE HAVING A SNOW DOG As the owner of a snow dog I can attest to how much they love this stuff. Watch below or click here.

THE PERFECT BUNK BED FOR AROD Watch below or click here.

HOW ABOUT SOME WEDDING DISASTERS FOR A FRIDAY? Most wedding days are the happiest ever, these not so much.

MORTGAGE RATES TOOK A NICE DIP And the average is now 7.5% from a high of 7.76 the week before. Why did they drop? From CNN:

“As Treasury yields decline, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dropped a quarter of a percent, the largest one-week decrease since last November,” said Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s chief economist.
“Incoming data show that household debt continues to rise, primarily due to mortgage, credit card and student loan balances,” he said. “Many consumers are feeling strained by the high cost of living, so unless mortgage rates decrease significantly, the housing market will remain stagnant.”

KEVIN BACON IS THE MAN To celebrate the end of the actor's strike, he did a little dance you may have seen before.

ARE YOU A LATE BLOOMER? DON'T DESPAIR! This is a great article on how to reach your full potential and it really boils down to a simple concept and that is never stop challenging yourself. Never. Read it here.

THE SUPER COOL LAS VEGAS SPHERE IS DEEPLY IN THE RED And likely will be for a long time after costing over 2 billion dollars to build. It fell short on revenue since opening as ad dollars weren't they needed to be, maybe if they dropped the crazy prices for ads they'd get more of them. Just saying.


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