11/8/23 Blog: A KOA Kast Tonight for the Debate, Plus Open Enrollment Talk

ROSS AND I WILL BE COMMENTATING TONIGHT'S DEBATE ON FACEBOOK LIVE Join us tonight at 6pm as we comment on the GOP debate where anyone tries to separate themselves from the pack so they can chase Donald Trump. We'll be on KOA's Facebook page live at 6!

WEATHER WEDNESDAY JUST IN TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE As Fox 31's meteorologist Dave Frasier joins me to talk about this cold front and more.

ARE YOU DOING YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE ENROLLMENT RIGHT NOW? If you are on a high deductible plan that gives you little to no coverage for basic stuff, you need to listen up at 1:30 as I talk to my friend Travis Bockenstedt from Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care about a different option to get yourself covered with Direct Primary Care instead. Find out more about Pinnacle by clicking here or calling 719-888-4858.

PROP HH IS DEAD! And thanks to James for sending the perfect video in it's honor.

Now that it's officially and totally dead, what next? I've got Ben Murrey at 2:30 to talk about what's next for property tax relief in Colorado.

THE SCHOOL BOARD RACES WERE A MIXED BAG With Denver Public Schools electing the least objectionable candidates instead of the lunatics. The teachers unions won most of the others, and I can't wait to see how much they spent to do it. Douglas County voted teacher's raises but didn't vote to get money for schools. Aurora did well in re electing Mayor Mike Coffman and booting Alison Coombs off the City Council. We will chat about it today, check all the results here.

IF THE GOP WANTS TO WIN, THEY HAVE TO STOP TALKING ABOUT ABORTION Because everywhere it was on the ballot or on the ballot by proxy, the right to terminate a pregnancy was affirmed. In Virginia, where Democrats ran for the legislature almost solely on protecting abortion rights they swept the night and now control both houses of Virginia's legislature. In Ohio abortion rights were codified into the state constitution by 56%. In Kentucky a fairly incompetent Democrat governor was re elected because his opponent supports the abortion limits in place in Kentucky. If the Republican party keeps making abortion an issue they will lose far more races than they will win. Unfortunately a majority of voters don't believe the state should get in between a woman and her right to choose abortion. So what do we do now? I already know that ardent pro-lifers will reject what I'm saying out of hand, but what's the good of being pro-life if you're permanently out of power? That is a real question the party has to find an answer to. Matt Walsh says it's because pro-life politicians don't fight back with graphic truth and he may be right, but right now I think even that won't work.

TIK TOK IS 100% ANTI-ISRAEL And you need to read this entire thread about how this guy set about to test out Tik Tok's algorithms and what he found by commenting on a pro-Israel post. It's astounding.

JAKE TAPPER CALLS OUT HAMAS FOR USING HUMAN SHIELDS And there is one interview in here that BLEW MY MIND. It's the one where the Hamas rep is asked about why they built tunnels but didn't build bomb shelters. This is why Hamas must be destroyed.

WANT TO SUPPORT THE ARMY'S 3RD SPECIAL FORCES? My friends at Support a Soldier are seeking donations so they can send:

  1. Helicopter Lanyards with Shock Stops - 10 at $237 each ($2370.)
  2. Water purification (think jungle) 8 at $390 each ($3120.) 
  3. Special precision field pants 10 at $240 each ($2400)

That is a total of $7890. 

If you want to make a donation, just click here and know that EVERY dollar will go to this mission, as Support a Soldier is an all-volunteer outfit.

ROBIN NICETA FOUND GUILTY And I'm sure this isn't how she wanted her Lifetime movie to end, but it could just end with a fade to black with her in her orange jumpsuit. She was found guilty of both felony attempt to influence a public servant and misdemeanor false reporting of child abuse. Her attorney asked that her PR bond be reinstated but the judge smacked the loony dame with a $10,000 bond. I hope no one pays it.

DONALD TRUMP BROKE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY I realize many of you don't see the irony of the party of law and order supporting a candidate facing four felony indictments, but I urge you to read this column anyway. Peter Wehner, who worked in the Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2 administrations calls out the party for it's choice to ditch any moral high ground in supporting a man who has none. It's a great column.

THE HOUSE VOTED TO CENSURE LYING REP RASHIDA TALIB OVER HER LIES In a town where lies flow like water this is a pretty big deal. Her repeating the "from the river to the sea" chant and continuing to lie about Israel bombing a hospital when it has been determined it was actually an errant rocket fired by Hamas did the trick. She's awful and if she really wanted to help the Palestinian cause she would tell the truth but she's a massive Jew hater so she can't resist. Some Democrats joined Republicans in voting to censure her. Ken Buck, actively seeking a role on tv without hiding it anymore, voted against it and even stood up and defended her.

I guess he's okay with her spouting anti-Semitic lies during a time when Jews are facing harassment and even being killed in the United States. I'm happy he will be gone soon.

DOES ELON MUSK HAVE TOO MUCH POWER? That is the theme of this interview with Beri Weiss and Walter Isaacson, who just released a 670 page biography of Elon Musk titled simply Elon Musk. I can't wait to read this one. Check out part of her interview with Isaacson here.

SORRY OBAMA, IT'S YOU THAT HAS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS I shared a sound bite of Obama yesterday saying that everyone had blood on their hands in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. This editorial was not impressed. Just check this out:

I thought of The Arsonists this week when I heard snippets of a podcast interview featuring former president Barack Obama on the Middle East. "Nobody's hands are clean," Obama said. "All of us are complicit." Nah, man. Not all of us are complicit. It's just you.
It's you, because you're the one who gave that stentorian speech about red lines in Syria and then sat by and did nothing as those red lines were crossed and Assad continued to slaughter his own people, allowing the Iranians and the Russians to creep in and fill the vacuum left by your devastating lack of leadership.
It's you, because you're the one who came up with the idea of empowering Iran, the world's premiere exporter of terrorism, Holocaust denial, and chaos, all the while telling the American people you were merely trying to stop Teheran from getting a nuclear bomb. Billions of dollars and thousands of dead later, we can all see how well this idea—which you, with the eloquence only a professor could muster, called "regional integration"—is working.
It's you, because you're the one who delivered a parting gift to the region, ending your final term as president by reversing four decades of American bipartisan support of Israel and abstaining from a U.N. vote condemning Israeli settlements, while funneling $400 million in annual payments to the despotic Palestinian Authority, which then promptly used this money to fund its pay-for-slay program, doling out large cash payments to any Palestinian who murdered Jews.
So, please, Mr. President: Spare us your opinions.

Read the rest here, it's worth your time.

ANOTHER MICRO COMMUNITY BITES THE DUST As another neighborhood loudly objected to its placement in their neighborhood. This one is on South Birch and neighbors were LOUD in letting the Mayor know it was not okay. He's expected to announce the site is off the table. I bet all these people voted for him too.

A MALL GIANT SAYS NO TO THANKSGIVING DAY SHOPPING And this is good news for anyone who works at a Simon Mall property as they say they will remain closed on Thanksgiving day. They are following the lead of many giant retailers who are simply saying no to the holiday openings. This affects the following malls in Colorado: Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Colorado Mills, Denver Premium Outlets, and Denver West Village.

HERE ARE 100 OF THE MOST SEARCHED GIFT IDEAS FOR 2023 From our friends at Google. Find it here and there are things in every price point on this list so that's good.

mMILLENNIALS ARE REALIZING THE STUFF BOOMERS GET RIGHT And we here in Gen X are like, of course they are with age comes wisdom. Though this is a slideshow, and I HATE slideshows, some of these are really good.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS BUT ALSO CRAZY COOL This guy created a treasure hunt though I don't know how it ends.



AND NOW, SOME EPIC TRAVEL FAILS We've all had them, and some of these are really funny.

ROGER WATERS CONFIRMS HIS ANTI-SEMITISM In an interview with Glenn Greenwald where he says that we need to wait and see what REALLY happened on October 7th because you know, Israel lies. I sure hope he's watched the video released by Hamas showing what they did. Read a column about it by our friend Christian Toto here.

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