11/6/23 Blog: A Mom and a US Senator, And a Fun Run To Help Kids

THE VOTER GUIDE IS HERE IF YOU NEED IT As ballots are due (and MUST be dropped off at this point, don't mail them) and Prop HH MUST DIE so please return your ballots by TOMORROW at 7pm. Find my voters guide here and find the ballot drop off location nearest you here. Right now voter turnout is VERY low which means your vote matters a LOT ESPECIALLY in school board elections so don't sleep on this, turn your ballots in TODAY.

PROP HH MUST DIE I just wanted to remind you of that again.

SENATOR KATIE BRITT IS SOMETHING She is a mom and the youngest female in the Senate at 41. She's written a new book about her experiences called "God Calls Us to Do Hard Things: Lessons from the Alabama Wiregrass" Which you can buy by clicking on the title. She joins me to talk about it today at 1.

SOUTHWEST VIDA IS TRYING TO HELP KIDS And they are having their inaugural fun run this weekend. Southwest Vida has served Southwest Denver since 2019 and is dedicated to mitigating youth substance misuse, raising awareness about mental health, and reducing violence in the community. Walkers and runners of all levels are invited to join Southwest Vida’s free inaugural 3K Fun Run on Saturday morning Nov. 11 at Barnum Park. Registration is free, and all participants will receive a t-shirt, water bottle and gift bag with coupons from local businesses. Register by clicking here.

CRIME SPIKES AFTER FALL BACK Another reason to end the insanity of the time changes. Read it here.

DENVER IS THE 8TH RATTIEST CITY And this is an honor I'm pretty sure the tourism board won't be touting anytime soon. Pest control company Orkin does the ranking every year based on new rodent services and the measures businesses and residents take to fight the beasts. Read our shame here.

WHAT SKI AREA GIVES THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK? Of course it's the one that takes forever to drive to: Durango. Also on the list are Crested Butte and Winter Park, so if you're looking for something KIND of affordable, they've got you covered. Read about it here.

VOTERS IN SWING STATES ARE MOVING TO TRUMP And this is a big effin deal, to quote Joe Biden. In a New York Times/Sienna poll Trump has moved ahead of the Biden in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. This is UGE. This is the really shocking part:

Black voters — long a bulwark for Democrats and for Mr. Biden — are now registering 22 percent support in these states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.

You know why? Because their lives were better under Trump's policies. Will a conviction hurt Trump? This article says the indictments haven't hurt Trump so far but convictions MAY hurt him. MAY is a big word. And he hasn't been convicted yet. And then there's this bit which kind of gets buried in this story:

And the Times/Siena polls show that another Republican candidate, the former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, would outperform Mr. Trump against Mr. Biden by 3 percentage points in these six states. In a matchup that pits Mr. Biden against a generic Republican candidate, the Republican candidate wins by 16 percentage points.

I think that's something that should have been noted a little higher up in the story, don't you?

THIS LOOKED KIND OF INSURRECTIONY TO ME Since we've been told that protesters behaving badly is an insurrection I sure hope some of the folks who smeared red paint all over the gates to the White House while shouting "F*ck Joe Biden" and yelling "Allahu Akbar" will be given the appropriate years long prison sentences they deserve, amiright? Of course they won't. Too bad there weren't some Feds there to let them in the gates. They smashed windows of nearby McDonalds and defaced the White House entrance. I hope they keep it up and turn more people against their cause. They chanted the from the river to the sea chant demanding the destruction of Israel. I'm glad it was at the White House and not my house. We'll see if Joe Biden even notices.

WE ARE UNDER ATTACK VIA IRAN And their militias in the Middle East who nearly killed a number of US personnel in Iraq with a bomb laden drone. Luckily the militia men weren't competent enough to set off the explosives but it sure looks as if Iran wants a hot war with the US right now. Antony Blinken made a surprise trip to Iraq to send a message but the only message the mullahs respond to are bombs.

TREATING AGING LIKE A DISEASE The longevity industry is in full swing and they are making promises that they have no clue if they can keep, and that is that you can live to be over 100 in a healthy way. Most of the people selling this stuff aren't close to that age so we really don't have any clue if any of the stuff they are promoting will do what it says. People who are healthy and 100 today are mostly that way because of genes and lifestyle choices, not supplements and meds. You can read about it here, but would you want to live to 120? If none of your family or friends lived that long too? Most older people whose support groups pass away are very lonely as they can't have a conversation with a peer. I think that matters.

BUT IF YOU WANT TO SLOW DOWN AGING Scientists say these six measures can slow it down and not one of them is surprising.

WHY ARAB NATIONS DON'T WANT PALESTINIAN REFUGEES This is a good video on why other Arab nations don't want them.

BILL MAHER DEFENDS WESTERN CIVILIZATION Against the idiots supporting Hamas. It is Bill Maher so there is some potty language and he has to take a shot at Republicans at the end so his audience still thinks he's cool, but this is excellent.

THEY ARE COMING FOR THE GRASS NOW And as we grapple with more people and the same amount of water this is going to be something that happens. Legislators are now working on a bill that would prevent the planting of new turf around buildings and neighborhoods starting in 2025. We are going to look more and more like Arizona. But is this a great idea knowing that turf sucks up greenhouse gases? I think that's something to be grappled with as well.

MR FAFO, REVEALED This guy is a long time Hamas Crisis Actor. For real, that's what he's known for. This is an excellent column by Hotair.com that shows how he's died in a hospital, had a child, only to be in the hospital again, and always he manages to pop up and run to the next alleged atrocity. The sad part is that the BBC and the New York Times keep falling for his crap. Read it here for the full story, it's rather remarkable.

NO CEASEFIRE IN ISRAEL SAYS...BERNIE SANDERS? Color me shocked on this one. Bernie Sanders says that Hamas  'is dedicated to turmoil and chaos and destroying the state of Israel.'  He went on to say that other Arab nations know that Hamas is a cancer that must be destroyed and they are happy to let Israel do it. I added that last part.

DON'T FEEL LIKE COOKING FOR TURKEY DAY? I know, I know, it gets exhausting so why not outsource the cooking to someone else? These are places that will do turkey day for you.

JEWS SAY TIKTOK IS BECOMING UNSAFE FOR THEM As the torrent of hate they have been receiving since the October 7th attacks has them concerned about their personal safety. The Chinese communists don't really care, I'm sure, as Hamas and other terror networks use the app freely all the time. Read more here.

THE BEST CHRISTMAS MARKETS IN EUROPE I'm not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for Christmas markets and the ones in Europe are INCREDIBLE. If you're heading for a Christmas trip the Europe here's a list of the best markets.

WHY IT MAY BE BETTER TO SKIP RAKING YOUR LEAVES THIS YEAR And I'm here for this, I do not love raking leaves at all. I may mulch them one more time though, as this article advises.

YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY DON'T WANT ANYTHING FOR CHRISTMAS? Here is an entire list of nonsense things you can buy them. But don't buy me these because I seriously don't want anything for Christmas.


THINGS THAT USED TO BE NORMAL BUT ARE NOW ILLEGAL This gave me pause as a lot of these are my childhood.

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