11/3/23 Blog: It's a Comedy Kind of Day!

PAUL REISER IS ON AT 1! Paul Reiser can do anything. He's been in some of my favorite movies and shows and he's coming to the Newman Center in a couple of weeks on November 17th and you should go see him.

JAY PHAROAH IS THE MEN And that isn't a misspelling, he's an uber talented comedian who does stunningly good impressions. He's coming to Comedy Works this weekend, buy your tickets here.

IF YOU NEED MY VOTER GUIDE You can find it right here.

IT'S AN ASK ME ANYTHING KIND OF DAY We'll do a segment of Ask Me Anything because it's Friday and I'm tired of talking about serious stuff.

ANOTHER MICRO COMMUNITY IS NIXED BY NEIGHBORS When Mayor Mike Johnston said on my show that neighbors had been interested and supportive of proposed micro communities I didn't quite believe him, and this is why. Neighbors banded together and now have successfully stopped a micro community at East Yale and I-25. Read about it here.

THE UNTOLD STORY OF GAZANS This is a really great series of the people of the Gaza Strip who are suffering now because of the actions of Hamas. It gives good perspective on what the population really thinks of their terrorist leaders. It actually gives me hope that maybe peace could happen one day. But nothing will change until Hamas is destroyed. Read this from one of the interviews:

“We welcome any change that will save us from this indignation called Hamas,” Ashraf says in Episode Four, “whether by Jews or non-Jews.” But he also worries that the war will end with Hamas in place: “If Hamas remains, there might, for example, be a truce, and in a year or two Hamas would repeat the same scenario. In those two years, I’ll go backwards 50 years—and I need two good years just to get back on my feet. I have no house, no life, nothing.”

Hamas must be destroyed.

AS GAZAN HOSPITALS RUN OUT FUEL HAMAS IS STOCKPILING IT Because they want their citizens to die.

Hamas must be destroyed.

SAM BANKMAN-FRIED IS GOING TO PRISON As he was found guilty of fraud after a month long trial. The man who stole $10 billion from cryptocurrency investors will be sentenced soon, but if Bernie Madoff is any indication he won't be getting out of prison soon and I'm guessing prison doesn't have a vegan menu. He faces 110 years.

CHECK YOUR SPELLING BEFORE YOU POST, PEOPLE But I'm kind of glad these people didn't.

A CONNECTICUT PRIMARY IS OVERTURNED BECAUSE OF DEMOCRAT CHEATING This is what happens when you have significant evidence of cheating in an election. A Mayoral race is going back to the voters after two Democrat partisans were caught on camera stuffing the ballot box for the incumbent. His opponent sued and showed the videos of the two women handling ballots in violation of Connecticut law and the judge overturned the primary, which was won by just 225 votes. The "winning" candidate says he found the video "shocking" and denied knowledge of the scheme. Mmkay. Sure.

IF YOU MISSED THE INTERVIEW WITH DEB FLORA YESTERDAY You should listen to it here, because it was really good. Of course out of that entire wonderful interview, dillhole Kyle Clark tweets out this pull quote.

I was super mad that "here we go again" with the Republican woman hate but then a friend said to me

The Venn Diagram of people who hate Kyle and primary voters in CD4 are a circle

And I felt much better.

CHARTER SCHOOLS DO MORE WITH LESS MONEY And as a former charter school parent I can tell you that when a charter school opens it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that a traditional publics school does because I helped fundraise for the stuff it didn't have. This new study shows that charters get better results with less money per student. It also dispels the notion that charter school students are "cherry picked" as it shows that Denver charter schools serve a LARGER population of kids in poverty than traditional schools. Charters are a good investment and traditional schools would do well to see what they are doing in the classroom that looks different.

THE ABOVE STORY IS WHY I SUPPORT 5A AND 5B IN DOUGCO Because Erin Kane was the director of the American Academy charter school my daughter attended. I watched her build excellence on a smaller budget. If she says we need this, I am inclined to believe her.

WHY THERE SHOULD NOT BE A CEASEFIRE IN HAMAS This interview by NBC News' Matt Bradley is OUTSTANDING. He actually presses the spokesman for Hamas that said the October 7th attacks are just the beginning. I am a Matt Bradley fan now.

Sure looked like they targeted civilians here.

This as Democrats are calling for a ceasefire. Useful idiots, indeed.

WHEN SPORTS CAN MAKE A SMALL DIFFERENCE This is so special. 12-YEAR-OLD Israeli boy Ariel Zohar went out on a jog on the morning of October 7th and came back home to find his mother, father, sisters, and grandfather brutally murdered by the Hamas Terrorists. This week Ariel turned 13, he is a huge sports fan, so NFL legends Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, and NBA stars Tyler Herro, Michael Porter, Isaiah Thomas, Glen Davis, Terance Mann, Marcus Morris sent him a video with words of encouragement and condolences.

HEZBOLLAH HAS ENTERED THE CHAT As the leader gave a speech today saying Hezbollah has been attacking, but stopping short of declaring war. From the AP:

In his first public speech since the war began, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said his group had “entered the battle” with the past weeks’ unprecedented cross-border fighting. “We will not be limited to this,” he said, suggesting escalation was possible. Still, Nasrallah stopped short of announcing that Hezbollah is fully engaging in the war.

My guess is that the absolute pounding of Gaza has given them pause.

NETANYAHU SAYS HARD PASS ON CEASEFIRE And he also said that this defeat of Hamas will resonate for a generation. They are tired of messing around. Read more here.


BIDEN WANTS TO TREAT AFRICAN AMERICANS LIKE CHILDREN Youth smoking is at an all time low, which is GREAT news. But the Biden Admin is pushing forward on a ban of menthol and flavored tobacco products anyway. The reasoning is they appeal to kids, but the reality is they are far more likely to be used by African American adults. So with smoking rates among young people at just 1.9% he can't make that argument really. Reason.com writes about it here.

MISSING ONE NIGHT'S SLEEP MAY PERK YOU UP FOR DAYS As one who has battled chronic insomnia her entire life I can testify that you can perform at a high level on no sleep, at least for a few days. After that, things fall apart. Now a new study shows that pulling an all-nighter may actually act as an anti-depressant for the following few days. Read more here.

THIS GUY RACES A DOG IN HIS TRUCK And I don't know who enjoyed it more.




POLITE CATCALLING This are funny but this guy's laugh goes right through my brain.

A PIONEER IN GENDER AFFIRMING CARE FOR KIDS SAYS IT'S A BAD IDEA And you really should read this article (and subscribe to The Free Press while you're at it) written by a woman named Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala who is a Finnish-born and trained adolescent psychiatrist and the chief psychiatrist in the department of adolescent psychiatry at Finland’s Tampere University Hospital. In 2011 she was tasked with the creation of a gender identity program for minors. She has worked with over 500 young people since. She now says there is no evidence that affirming care improves outcomes and is urging the US to pay attention. She also says gender affirming care in kids is "dangerous". Read it here.

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY DURING THE TIME CHANGE? Now you know why it must die. Read it here.

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