11/2/23 Blog: Cherry Creek is Putting a Wedge Between Parents and Students

CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS MUST BE STOPPED There is a point when offering "help" to a student is not helpful at all and we've reached that point with Cherry Creek Schools. Kids are now being urged to call a "help" line where they can talk to a rando mental health counselor who promises to keep everything they say confidential. In the case of one "nine year old girl" they also promised to get her help exploring her gender identity. I've got Lori Gimelshteyn from the Colorado Parent Action Network on today and you should watch this video to get the full picture. She joins me at 1.

SOMEONE IS IN THE CD-4 RACE And I've got that someone on the show today at 1:30 to talk about why they are running. Tune in to find out who! It's Deborah Flora and you can find her website here!

I SPOKE WITH SUSAN WITKIN'S AUNT IN ISRAEL And her name is Sheila Fieldust and you need to hear how life in Israel is right now. I'll play that interview at 2:30.

IS DENVER A WELCOMING PLACE? I saw this article and I found it interesting that this man moved to Denver and then moved away because he didn't find it particularly welcoming. I sort of agree with him. If you want to make friends here, you have to make the effort. Read it here, we shall discuss.

ANTI SEMITISM ON DISPLAY IN ASPEN Where you will not see an Israeli flag on display even though there is a Ukrainian flag flying on a public building's flagpole. Read this letter to the editor for more. This is a prime example of why City Councils need to shut their mouths about international affairs.

AN ENGLEWOOD SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATE HAS AN OPEN WARRANT And the kicker here is that he running unopposed so he will likely be on the School Board soon. The warrant has to do with a car he sold that then broke down and his subsequent ghosting of the buyer after telling him that he would buy it back. Read more here, but know this stellar example will be on the Englewood School Board soon. At least cops will know where to pick him up when he shows up for his first board meeting.

A BUNCH OF DEMOCRAT MAYORS DON'T HAVE THE STONES TO ASK BIDEN TO SHUT THE BORDER Our mayor included. Instead of demanding that the Biden admin do something about closing the southern border a bunch of Democrat mayors whose cities are finally being overrun by migrants are going to the White House begging for money. I have no respect for them or this. Shame on them for not demanding he fix the root of the problem, which is our open border. When a terrorist sets off a bomb in their cities I'm sure they will just ask for more money instead of why the terrorist was allowed to walk over the border unimpeded.

IT'S CHEAPER TO RENT IN DENVER THAN THE BURBS There was a mass exodus out of Denver during the pandemic and now it's lead to higher rents in the suburbs than in Denver proper. Read about it here.

TRAVIS AND TAYLOR ARE BRINGING FANS TO FOOTBALL In a new survey about what NFL fans are thinking about the Travis Kelcie-Taylor Swift romance is an important one. One in 5 fans says their family members are more interested in football this year because of it, and 60% think it's good for the NFL. That being said, 37% of fans are over it.

POLIS LIES ABOUT SAVING COLORADANS MONEY Based on his new budget that is long on more spending and not so much on saving. Remember how he ran on saving Coloradans money?

He's a liar. Now he wants to spend more money while keeping $2.3 BILLION in reserve instead of doing something about property tax relief. When Prop HH fails (it MUST die) perhaps he knows he will be forced to use this windfall of our money to give us relief via a special session.

DENVER HAS NO PROBLEM SWEEPING MIGRANT CAMPS As we wait and wait for the existing homeless camps to be swept, the Mayor took quick action to sweep a migrant tent encampment that has popped up. Have we offered these migrants a ticket home? For real? How many of them now living on the street would take it? We need to find out and I wish these news reporters would ask them if they would take a ticket home.

BIDEN'S SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL JUST CRACKED Hamas knows that every dead Palestinian civilian becomes fodder for useful idiots to call for a ceasefire which is why they build military fortifications under hospitals and next to schools. They want dead children to be used as PR. It's working, of course, as no one wants dead children, and now the Left flank of the Democratic party has gotten to Biden, who yesterday seemed to call for a "humanitarian pause" which will allow Hamas to refortify it's weapons and positions and extend this conflict. Biden is an idiot.

YOUNG AMERICANS ARE LEARNING TO HATE ISRAEL FROM TIKTOK This is a fascinating article about how the Chinese Communist, who own and run TikTok, are using it to influence the beliefs of the millions of American youth who use the platform. Two major Chinese companies have simply wiped Israel off the map...literally. They are suppressing news that might make Hamas look bad while amplifying the news of civilian deaths in Gaza. The mere fact that the Chinese have two completely different platforms in China that only show educational videos while limiting user time to just 40 minutes a day while flooding the US with propaganda and no time limits tells me all I need to know. Read it here.

OVER 70 AND LOVE TO WRITE? The Free Press is having another essay contest and you can enter! Find out more here.

IMAGES NOT RELATED TO ISRAEL ARE BEING USED FOR PROPAGANDA And before you share some image or video you need to check it online to see if it's from a prior conflict. Read this for more.

BOYCOTTS AND FIREBOMBS AS ANTI-SEMITES COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK If you want to know why Israel must exist, read this. Anti-Jewish sentiment is on full display and now Jewish businesses are being targeted for boycotts and threats of firebombs. Just like in Nazi Germany. I hope these people are proud.

TATTOO REGRET IS HITTING And tattoo removals are skyrocketing and the permanent marks of youthful exuberance are now marks of regret. Read about it here.

THE WHITE HOUSE PICKED A WEIRD TIME TO FOCUS ON ISLAMOPHOBIA I'm not saying that Muslims deserve to be the victim of hate crimes by any stretch, but the White House just published this video right after a bunch of Muslims set off a war by massacring 1,400 Jews.

This feels like a pander to their anti-Semitic base. Just saying.

30% OF VACCINE RECIPIENTS HAD A NEUROLOGICAL REACTION And though it seems that most of them cleared up, surely this deserves further review. They ranged from headache to sleepiness to tinnitus and tremors. Read the study here if you'd like.

WHY ELON MUSK BOUGHT TWITTER And this is really not what I was expecting.


MARIAH CAREY BEING SUED...AGAIN By the same team of musicians who say that she stole her "All I Want for Christmas" from them. Read more here but know this isn't the first time they've filed suit. Compare them below. First the version by Andy Stone and Vince Vance.

And now Mariah's version.

JOE BIDEN GOT 40 GRAND...FROM CHINA? Though it weaved an interesting route to get to him, here is a fun graphic to help you understand.

IF YOU'RE FEELING A LITTLE CRAZY TODAY Watch this dude and know you're not THIS crazy.


MAKING POPCORN UP CLOSE This is cool. Watch below or click here.

CONGRATS TO THE TEXAS RANGERS And now there are only five teams who haven't won a World Series. You know the Rockies are on this list.

GETTING RID OF BUGS THE OLD FASHIONED WAY This is very clever. Watch below or click here.

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