11/1/23 Blog: Retirement Check, and Clean Speech Colorado with Rabbi Leban

WEATHER WEDNESDAY WITH DAVE FRASER AT 12:30 Ask your weather questions via the text line at 56690 and he'll be happy to answer them.

DO YOU REALLY NEED A MILLION DOLLARS TO RETIRE? My guest Chris Carosa is a Certified Trust & Fiduciary Advisor and the author of Hey! What's My Number: How to Improve the Odds You Will Retire in Comfort and The Parent's Guide To Turning Your Teen Into A Millionaire. New surveys show that most of think we need a million dollars to retire, but is that right? He joins me at 1:30 to talk about how to find out how much money you will REALLY need. Find Chris's website here, follow him on Twitter @chriscarosa, Instagram is @christophercarosa and Facebook is /christophercarosa

RABBI LEBAN IS BACK TO TALK CLEAN SPEECH COLORADO And we will obviously discuss what's happening in Israel and the ugly anti-Jewish protests happening here and around the world. I've already signed up to participate in Clean Speech Colorado and I urge you to do the same. Change starts with us and the world is getting uglier right now so we need to do our part to make it better however we can. Find Clean Speech Colorado here.

THE STATE GIVES MONEY TO DIFFERENT HOMELESS APPROACHES And the $15 million Aurora is getting will help them move towards fulfilling the plan of a one-stop shop for homeless people to get off the streets. Denver got more money, which it will use to warehouse addicts, and some other agencies got far less. Read more about it here.


CALDARA SAYS WE WILL GET A SPECIAL SESSION IF PROP HH FAILS And I sure hope he's right. The Governor refused repeatedly to answer the direct question when it was posed to him MULTIPLE TIMES during the 9News debate but Jon says he will have no choice if Prop HH fails, which I sure hope it will. Read the rest here.

A MAN IS ARRESTED FOR SHOOTING A GUN DURING A ROAD RAGE INCIDENT And luckily no one was hurt when he did, but dang, road rage just isn't worth it anymore. I had a story earlier this week about things that we used to do that aren't worth it anymore and road rage was at the top of the list. Do you think about this before you get saucy on the road? I do, not that I ever got that saucy anyway.

COLORADO CONNECT FOR HEALTH IS GIVING MONEY TO LEFT WING GROUPS And I wouldn't give a crap except those are potentially MY taxpayer dollars. Thanks to CBS4 for being the only channel in town that holds left leaning government accountable for doing the initial story that found out about donations to Progress Now, which is a hard left organization which helped turn Colorado blue among others. Now the CEO says it won't happen again, but I want him to reimburse the taxpayers for any and all donations to left wing causes.

DEMOCRATS MAY STOP A PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION IN DOUGLAS COUNTY Douglas County saw some of the biggest, if not the biggest, property tax assessments in the state. The county commission decided to reduce those assessments by 4%, providing much needed relief to homeowners. Now a state board says they may block it, and they can go pound sand. Read it here.

UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS LOVE TERRORISTS That's the summation of this great column by Joshua Sharf about how university professors and staff have aligned themselves with a group that put a baby in an oven and baked it to death. They love Nazis.

DEMOCRATS ARE COMING AFTER SHORT TERM RENTALS by quadrupling the taxes on them. That's what's coming in the next legislative session and I'd be shocked if you'll be able to find a short term rental in Denver soon. They say they want to make it commensurate with hotel taxes, but these two products are NOT the same. Democrats just want more of your tax money wherever they can get it.

DEMOCRATS THINK TAX ENFORCEMENT IS THE PROBLEM I have a hard time taking Larry Summers seriously when he says things like:

“Seems to me that before we get to painful spending cuts, before we get to raise taxes on anybody under the law, we ought to be collecting the taxes that are owed,” Summers said. “I see a kind of overwhelming evidence that by strengthening the work the IRS does, we can raise more tax revenue.”

So it's just the tax dodgers that are the problem, not the obscene spending by the government. Sure, Larry, sure. Read more of his claptrap here if you want. The only thing he's right on is that our deficit spending is the biggest problem it's ever been right now and it's only getting worse.

NIKKI HALEY IS RISING IN THE POLLS And has taken a strong second place in her home state of South Carolina, though still well behind Trump. She's also rising in Iowa and polls very, very well against the feeble Joe Biden.

SCIENTISTS ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG AT PREDICTING SOMETHING Let's face it, predicting things is hard. The weather, football games, the climate...it's really just a crap shoot. Now the scientists in charge of predicting solar maximums have admitted they were way off about when that would happen and have moved up their prediction by a few years.

64% OF AMERICANS AGREE THE TIME CHANGE SUCKS So why can't we end this madness? Business lobbying is why. Read about it here.


A GRANDMA'S REACTION TO GENDER STUFF Is priceless because she clearly has no craps to give. Watch below or click here.

WHEN PRONOUNS BECOME BULLYING TACTICS And I love that this man is being called out by another man. Watch below or click here.

IT'S TOO SOON But this is really funny. Watch below or click here. I looked it up, and this song makes Mariah Carey between $600k and a million bucks a YEAR still!

THESE BOYS NAILED HALLOWEEN And as groups of girls are getting together to dress as slutty whatever, these kids came as insurance spokespeople and it's magic. Watch below or click here.

THE FLOUNDERING RAIDERS FIRE THEIR COACH AND GM They are terrible this year and Mark Davis canned them both after this weekend dismal performance. Read more here.

HOW THE SPHINX WAS FORMED How did ancient man build the Sphinx? A new theory about how the rock formation came to be in the first place, to later be carved by stone masons, has been tested and it worked. Read about it here.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IS MAKING WHITE HOUSE POLICY NOW Don't get me wrong, I have concerns about Artificial Intelligence myself but I find this story about Joe Biden getting more concerned about AI after watching Mission Impossible very funny. Okay then. Somebody make a movie about green energy destroying the world, okay?

A TUTOR FOR YOUR...PRESCHOOLER? This is yet another way rich people are parted from their money. Now the upper crust are hiring tutors for their TWO YEAR OLDS so they can get a leg up over the competition. Mmkay. Two grand a month for this is ridiculous.

TERRORIST CONFIRMS MORE TERRORISTS UNDER HOSPITALS IN GAZA Israel released video of an interrogation of a man captured during the October 7th massacre by Hamas. In it he talks about how Hamas has an important military base UNDER and IN a major hospital because they know Israel won't bomb it. Where is the condemnation of this from the world?

A MOVIE TO SEE IN DECEMBER This looks fantastic as a commentary on the way rich white liberals love to cuddle up to people who meet their stereotypical notions. It's out in December.

SOME CREDIT CARD RATES HIT 33% And if you've got credit card debt it's time to pay attention because they could go even higher. Read more here.

TODAY IS THE DAY OF THE DEAD And this is a great article on the origins of the day and why it is celebrated. I think it's really cool.


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