10/31/23 Blog: Happy Halloween Candy and Wine Pairings!

WHAT WINE PAIRS WELL WITH A REESE'S CUP? We'll find out today at 2 when the Wine Yogi joins me to talk about which wines go with tonight's Halloween treats. Find her cool blog here.

DOUGCO SUPERINTENDENT ERIN KANE AT 1 We're talking why the district needs a Mill Levy Override to pay teachers more. Here is the funding site she spoke about.

IT'S HALLOWEEN! And I'll be the first to admit this isn't my favorite holiday but I know I'm in the minority here (cough*Arod*cough) so I'll roll with it. What was your favorite Halloween costume? I've got some doozies.

I THINK GOD INTERCEDED HERE We don't know for sure what the man with firearms and explosives was really planning at a Glenwood Springs amusement park other than he didn't go through with it and shot himself instead. I am going to say a little prayer for his soul and thank him for choosing differently. Read about it here.

WHY ISN'T HIGHER ED FOLLOWING THE LAW? That is the question lawmakers are asking after a report by the Denver Gazette that showed many in a massive data breach STILL haven't been notified after the Department of Higher Education already didn't follow the law requiring notification of a data breach within 30 days of its discovery. Now they want an investigation.

KEYSTONE OPENS WEDNESDAY And Arapahoe Basin is already up and running, skiers. Read about Keystone here.

INDEPENDENCE PASS IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON As you might expect after this storm. Read more here.

ARE YOU MIDDLE CLASS IN DENVER? This is interesting because I don't think people realize where they fit on the economic scale, although the status itself is really meaningless. There are middle class people who will retire rich because they save and live below their means and middle class people who will end up broke because they don't. But if you're interested you can read what it takes to be middle class in Denver here.

THE DEMOCRATS ARE COMING FOR YOUR SUV with a new tax fee on any car weighting more than 3500 pounds. This is meant to go after SUVs and trucks, but it's going to catch electric cars too because they weigh a lot more than a combustion engine car. Even the Nissan Leaf weighs more than this. We'll see if the Democrat party circuit gets that limit moved up. The new tax would raise $20 million dollars from me and you, and legislators say they want to use it to reduce pedestrian deaths. Mmmkay.


THIS MAKES TIC TAC DOE FAR MORE INTERESTING How have we not thought of this before? Watch below or click here.

ANOTHER KID ATTACKED OUTSIDE A DPS SCHOOL And the mom and aunt, who both WORK at the same school, are angry that DPS has been radio silent since it happened. Read about it here. But are we surprised? No, we are not.

SUPERVISED INJECTION SITES ARE DEAD THIS YEAR And this is good news because they don't do a damn thing to reduce overall drug overdoses. Sure, no one overdoses IN the centers, but they leave the neighborhoods around them open air drug markets. In Vancouver they started safe injection sites in 2003, does it look like it's worked?

Now a legislative working group has killed the measure the upcoming session based on a veto threat by the Governor. At least he got this right. Helping someone stay an addict does not reduce harm. We need to stop believing this crap.

DENVER'S OFFICE SPACE IS EMPTY AT RECORD RATES And it's not because people are renting space but because we've got a ton of new office space being built at the same time companies are embracing the hybrid mode of work and downsizing considerably. You can read the full market report here if you're a nerd. Downtown Denver is well over 36% available space if you count direct and sublet availability. The trend is moving in the right direction though, as we've had a 33% increase in leasing activity but with smaller leases being the main driver of that. The days when a bank had four floors of a high rise downtown may be behind us forever.

THE TRIAL TO KEEP TRUMP OFF THE BALLOT STARTS TODAY And though I adore some of the folks who filed this suit I strongly disagree with it. I say let the voters decide and we all know that he has a zero percent chance of winning Colorado anyway. Read about what you should know here.

ARE HIGHWAY CAPS A GOOD SOLUTION? It is undeniable that lower income communities are disproportionately affected by the building of major roadways. The land is cheaper and the people that live there aren't politically connected and often not organized like neighborhoods of higher means. In order to fix that we are now searching for ways to reduce the impact of those roadways and the new park space over I-70 is a great example of that. But is the air quality safe? This CPR report does a deep dive and it's very interesting. It seems to me that we need to increase the greenery along the edges of these new parks to further filter out toxic fumes.

EGYPT DOESN'T WANT THE PALESTINIANS EITHER And as Israel is getting the crap beaten out of them for fighting Hamas can we also focus on Egypt refusing to take Palestinians? This is an excellent overview of why Egypt won't take them. From the article:

Egypt is also concerned that opening the crossing could allow in Hamas and its sympathizers. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi’s most serious domestic political rival. And Egypt has faced Islamist terror in the Sinai Peninsula since the 2011 revolution that toppled the Mubarak regime.
For all these reasons, shortly after Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, Egypt sealed the border. By 2018, according to Human Rights Watch, Egypt had razed the entire Sinai city of Rafah on the Egyptian side of the borders, destroying thousands of homes and displacing 70,000 persons, to create a nearly mile-wide buffer zone to prevent the movement of weapons and terrorists in tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. To emphasize the point, Egypt even flooded those tunnels. Two years later, in 2020, Egypt built a 20-foot reinforced concrete wall that reaches 16 feet below ground.

Read the whole thing here.

WELCOME TO JURASSIC BARK This is clever. Watch below or click here.

YOUR PHARMACY EXPERIENCE IS ABOUT TO GET WORSE We've been through several pharmacies just trying to find ONE that doesn't suck as of late. CVS, Walgreens, King Soopers, they all say they are woefully understaffed and that's why getting a prescription on time is a miracle. Now staff is walking out to protest those working conditions. It appears that the stores are cheaping out by not hiring enough people or working to retain the ones they've got. I believe it. The companies should pay attention, as this is how unions take hold.

HEZBOLLAH IS MAKING TOO MANY MARTYRS And I'm not going to lie, I laughed when I read this:

Hezbollah had made "arrangements to reduce the number of martyrs," the source said, without offering further details.

The Lebanon based group is losing lots of fighters as Israel uses drones to pick them off in the rocky terrain where they had been attacking Israel. Too bad. Not really.

WHAT SUPPORTING PALESTINIANS LOOKS LIKE A Palestinian professor had a thought about the news that Hamas baked a baby to death in an oven. You read that right. Now read what he tweeted in support.

With or without baking powder. That is what he sent into the internet and the world. That is what he said. But please tell me how the Palestinians just want peace.

WILL THE MIGRANT INFLUX TURN LATINON VOTERS RED? This is not something I was expecting but very interesting nonetheless. Read this for more.

BEST COSTUME EVER I love this so much. Watch below or click here.

CREED FANS YOUR TIME IS NOW As the band is touring again for the first time in years. Someone must be broke.

HEADED TO RED ROCKS TONIGHT? Find the costume rules for tonight below.


AND FINALLY, THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS LEFT THE CHAT They've given up trying to pretend they aren't garbage anymore. Read the last line of this tweet from their reporter.

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