10/30/23 Blog: Voter Guide is Out, And Dinesh D'Souza is On

THE 2023 VOTER GUIDE IS HERE And I published it yesterday but then added some stuff about Littleton Public Schools this morning and hope to add some stuff as the days go by so keep checking back if you don't see what you're looking for. Doing school board races across the metro is a lot harder than you might think. Find it here.

DINESH D'SOUZA IS ON TODAY And I used to really love Dinesh but after 2000 Mules not so much. Not because the movie wasn't fascinating, but because they NEVER released the underlying data as far as I know so the internet could evaluate their conclusions and that annoyed me. He's got a new film called Police State and you can watch the trailer here.

It's about a topic that I think needs discussing but I am not sure I trust Dinesh anymore after the prior films. We shall discuss both today when he visits at 12:30. You can watch the new film by clicking here.

HOW TO BUILD A NON-ANXIOUS LIFE My guest Dr. John Deloney is part of the Dave Ramsey network and will join us to talk about his new book “Building A Non-Anxious Life”, where he explains the word anxiety is all-inclusive. We'll chat about the steps you can take to live a live free of anxiety by recognizing where it comes from and by giving you tools to go through life without it. Find his book by clicking here, and he joins me at 1:30 pm.

DAVID DICARLO WANTS TO BE ON THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD And he's a solid conservative who I agree with in most ways. He does NOT support measures 5a and 5b however and therefore I can't endorse him. He's on at 2p today to discuss why he isn't for it and why he should be on the school board. Find out more about David by clicking here.

DID YOU PUT A POLL ON NEXT DOOR FOR ME I asked people to go on Next Door Friday and ask if people

A GREAT PRIMER ON WHY THE PALESTINIANS DON'T HAVE THEIR OWN STATE And it's NOT because the Jews have stopped it. Watch this and share it.

GAYS FOR PALESTINE IS ESPECIALLY STUPID And Ami Horowitz has done a documentary about this. He puts to the lie the entire notion of victim intersectionality. Fun fact, he did this documentary LAST YEAR and these idiots are still out protesting Israel like a dumbass. Watch the whole thing, it's fascinating and shows that anyone supporting the Palestinians is supporting a virulently anti-LGBTQ human rights hating regime.

THE POGROMS ARE BACK IN RUSSIA As a flight from Tel Aviv was reportedly landing a group of angry young men stormed an airport to...what? Kill the Jews? One can only imagine as protesters in the mostly Muslim region of Russia showed up with signs that said, "We are against Jewish refugees" and more anti-Semitic nonsense. They surrounded the plane on the tarmac and it took some time for police to subdue the crowd. No word on what happened to the passengers aboard. And you wonder why we need a Jewish state.

THIS AS 100,000 SHOWED UP IN LONDON TO SUPPORT A MURDEROUS REGIME This is another reason why we need a Jewish state. This march took place this weekend and you need to see how many people hate Israel for existing.

Everyone in this march is a useful idiot as Hamas would just assume kill them if it helped them with a PR move. This as Jewish businesses are being targeted by racist attacks. This is a great column about how these marches have become open Anti-Semite marches and no one seems shocked or even seems to care. Could you imagine if white supremacists held marches of this size?

WHEN HITLER MET THE MUFTIS This is an interesting article about when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini met with Hitler in 1941. If you support the Palestinians you are literally supporting the Nazis and their ideology.

A FRIEND SHARED SOME NEWS FROM ISRAEL And her relatives are all older, in their 70s and they are working in the fields to bring in the crops abandoned by the thousands of Palestinian workers who were allowed into Israel to work because they could make a lot more money in Israel than in the Palestinian territory. Read this:

Yitz is working in the fields now with hundreds of volunteers.
The regular workers were "innocent" civilians from Gaza who worked shoulder to shoulder with the farmers and their families while mapping out the kibbutzim for the terrorists to know exactly where to go on October 7th and then joined them in order to rape, kill, mutilate and kidnap the people in the moshavim where they worked. Or foreign workers from Thailand who were either killed captured or ran away and went back home.

Please tell me about all the "innocent" Palestinians again. I'm having an tough time finding empathy for them right now, as is David Strom here.

THE YOUNG WOMAN WHOSE BODY WAS PARADED BY HAMAS IS DEAD It was impossible to see if she was dead or alive from that video but now her body has been recovered. Her crime was going to a music festival. Hamas murdered her.

ANTI SEMITISM AT CU CREATES A PROBLEM FOR THE UNIVERSITY And the Chancellor was forced to finally make a statement about a statement put out by the Ethnic Studies department of course accusing Israel of "genocide" for fighting back against the regime that beheaded their babies and murdered over a thousand people. Chancellor Philip DeStefano issued a statement that included:

"While the principles of academic freedom and freedom of expression protect the speech of University of Colorado Boulder faculty, staff and students, that does not mean their points of view represent the perspectives of the university — nor that we endorse them,"

To DeStefano's credit the actual leadership of CU issued a well crafted statement on October 11th about the attacks which you can read here.

A DENVER MAN IS WORRIED ABOUT HIS MOTHER IN GAZA As she's lived overseas providing medical aid for years, but Hamas simply is refusing to let foreigners out. The man in the CBS story says he's a "proud Palestinian-American" but they didn't ask him how he felt about Hamas. I would have asked that question.

WE'VE SPENT THREE BILLION ON HOMELESSNESS IN DENVER And that is RIDICULOUS. Absolutely absurd. The Common Sense Institute has a new study that says when you add up all the dollars we've spent in three years it tops that staggering number. Read about it here but I'll try to get someone from Common Sense on for a deep dive.

HOW MUCH SNOW DID YOU GET? Here are the snow totals for the metro, we got about a foot at my house.

RIP CHANANDLER BONG Matthew Perry was found dead in his hot tub yesterday at the very young age of 54. No illegal drugs were found on his property and my wild guess is he had a heart attack while in his hot tub and drowned. I only say this because I have a friend who died at almost the same age the same way. This one hit hard, I'm not gonna lie.


IF AI DESIGNED FOOTBALL STADIUMS This is super cool. Watch below or click here.

STOP SAYING RUSS IS DONE Because his stats say otherwise.

THIS KID IS A LITERALIST And I'm not sure how that's going to work out long term but this is hilarious.

I WOULD MURDER HIM I have no sense of humor about stuff like this. None. Watch below or click here.

THE LAS VEGAS SPHERE GETS READY FOR HALLOWEEN This thing is so cool. Watch below or click here.

THIS MIKE MEYERS CHALLENGE WOULD BE MUCH DIFFERENT WITH WOMEN As we are used to putting our keys into locks while worrying about being attacked. These boys didn't fare so well. Watch below or click here.

GREAT HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEA This is really funny. Watch below or click here.

THESE GUYS WENT OUT AS PAPRAZZI FOR HALLOWEEN And I may steal this idea next year. Watch below or click here.


SOME ACCURATE AND FUNNY PARENTING TWEETS And I felt some of these in my soul. Read them here.

WHAT SHARK TANK PRODUCTS GO THE DISTANCE? There is a list of the top ten sellers in this article, and they all have sales well over $100 million.

WHO IS THE NEW SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? I'm not going to pretend I had Rep. Mike Johnson on my radar so I'm sharing a column that tells you as much as I know about him now that I read it too. This article is not long on details but it does give us something. And it's funny so there's that.


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