10/27/23 Blog: Two School Board Candidates, and 3 Paranormal Investigators

THOMAS WICKE WANTS TO BE ON JEFFCO'S SCHOOL BOARD And he joins me at 12:30 to talk about why. JeffCo's board was especially egregious in the way they ignored parents during Covid and their policy of lying to parents about gender. Find out more about Thomas by clicking here.

SCOTT GRAVES WANTS TO SERVE CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS And you find out more about him here, he joins me at 1.

A FEW DAMES WHO HUNT PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Did you know that we have an all female paranormal investigation team in Colorado? You do now, as MacKenzie Koncher, Julia Allie, and Christine Hendrickson from XX Paranormal Communications will be on the show today to talk spooky stuff and ghosts. They have an event tonight but it's already sold out so I won't share that link. You can follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here, and YouTube here. They are on at 2 to discuss! Join this Facebook group to be notified of upcoming events around paranormal events.

WHO ELSE WANTS TO DO A MRS ROPER BAR CRAWL WITH ME? So I saw this on the internet and now I want to do it.

What is it? Well we all dress up like the character Mrs. Roper from Three's Company and hit the bars. Why? Why not? Any chance to wear a kaftan. Here's some pics of the real Mrs. Roper to remember her vibe. My friends and I are totally doing this, I just want to know if we should make it a station event.

CBS 4 SHAUN BOYD DISMANTLES THE LIE THAT IS PROP HH Watch this story and share it wide and far.

CHILDREN BUSTED IN CRIME RING IN PUEBLO Holy crap this is like Oliver level stuff here. A ring of kids between 12 and 15 has been busted for stealing Kias and Hyundais for months. Read more here and judge the parents of these kids harshly.

I KNOW YOU'RE ALL DISAPPOINTED THAT RACHEL MADDOW CANCELLED TONIGHT'S EVENT What, you didn't know she was coming for a sold out appearance in Boulder? Me neither but it's postponed for now as she has tested positive for Covid. I wish her a speedy recovery so she can do her make up date I will also skip.

MY SAMS #3 IS CLOSING AND I'M SUPER BUMMED But it's not because they aren't busy at their Havana location, it's because they don't own the building. The other two will stay open and the owners say they are looking for another location to re open on the southern part of the metro. You have until Dec 31st to stop by and grab a ridiculously big breakfast.


IT'S GONNA BE COLD AND SNOWY THIS WEEKEND And you can read the whole forecast here.

THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE BOOM MAY ALREADY BE STALLING Because it's not being driven by customer demand but by government edict. Both Ford and GM are scaling back production on electric trucks after they realized not many people want to buy them. That means they are laying off people at the factories that build them. Early adopters seem to have made up the first chunk of sales and now that they've adopted, the trucks are sitting. Considering that any person would have to add an electric charging station to their home to buy one of these things, plus interest rates are stupid and these vehicles don't go as far as gas vehicles, and they are thousands of dollars more expensive it's no wonder they are sitting. Read more here. The former CEO of Toyota is taking a victory lap because he said this would happen and he's right. Even GMs Mary Barra, who loves EVs, has slowed her roll on these cars and trucks no one wants.

THE COVID BOOSTER COULD GIVE ELDERLY PEOPLE A STROKE If given on the same day as a high dose flu shot. But I'm sure all the people who reported adverse effects were just being hypochondriacs. Read about it here.

DENVER SHOULD TRY THIS MONDAY This weekend and bunch of migrants are going to experience Denver winter while living in encampments. On Monday, Denver needs to do what New York City is doing right now, which is offer them a plane ticket back to where they came from free of charge. They came here thinking they would be showered with good will and free stuff and now maybe since reality is kicking in they may want to go home. It's worth a try.

PUT YOUR PASTA AND RICE IN THE FRIDGE TO NOT DIE And I'm not being dramatic, a young man just died from food poisoning after eating pasta that was left out too long before being refrigerated. Here an ER doc tells you how long you can leave it out before nasty stuff starts to grow. How long was that guy's pasta left out? FIVE DAYS. I'm not saying this was pouring a little bleach in the gene pool, but that is freaking DISGUSTING.

WE HAVE ENTERED THE FIGHT IN ISRAEL US Air forces hammered Iranian military sites in Iran yesterday in retaliation for attacks that our media largely ignored. Did you know that Iran struck our military sites sites with drone attacks and rockets earlier this week? Neither did I. From this article:

According to the Pentagon, there have now been at least 19 attacks on U.S. bases and personnel in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17, including three new ones Thursday. Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said 21 U.S. personnel were injured in two of those assaults that used drones to target al-Asad Airbase in Iraq and al-Tanf Garrison in Syria.
In a statement, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the “precision self-defense strikes are a response to a series of ongoing and mostly unsuccessful attacks against U.S. personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-backed militia groups that began on October 17.”

JOE BIDEN GETS ANOTHER CHALLENGER FOR 2024 And it's a Democrat from Minnesota. Watch this.

RACISM IS OVER NOW The melted down the statue of Robert E. Lee. Just like the Taliban did when they took over.

ANOTHER PAPER DECIDES HAMAS BLEW UP A HOSPITAL But not before they immediately believed the Hamas propaganda that Israel had bombed the hospital and amplified it. Now the paper has done an actual journalistic investigation into the bombing and has come to the same conclusion that British, American and UN intelligence came up with: Hamas fired a rocket that fell to earth and exploded near the hospital, killing their own people. Read it here.

ANOTHER COLORADO WHITE SUPREMACIST GOES TO JAIL This guy looks like real winner and he's now headed to prison for illegally possessing a firearm. Funny how normal people get sent to prison but Hunter Biden was charged with a misdemeanor. Funny.

WE'RE RUNNING LOW ON ADDERALL As the Drug and Mental Illness generation, or Generation Z, is taking them at record rates. It would be interesting for many of these people to realize they can live life without them.

INVESTIGATORS ARE STILL HUNTING THE MAINE SHOOTER And this guy is going to be hard to find. They found a note in his house, but now they have expanded the search to the water as they discovered a boat he owns is also missing after his car was found near a boat ramp. This is just so scary.

THE US JUST OPENED IT'S MOST NORTHERN DIPLOMATIC OUTPOST And it's in the Arctic Circle in Norway. Why did we do this? To shore up the nations in the region after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

THE VIDEO OF REP. JAMAAL BROWN'S CRIME PROVE HE'S A LIAR And you can watch it below before you read this. He is facing no real punishment, by the way. Shocking.

DEI POLICIES KILL HALLOWEEN IN SCHOOLS But only in New Jersey where everything sucks anyway. A principal sent home a letter saying the school would not celebrate Halloween in any way in order to protect the feelings of those who don't participate in the holiday. Or some such crap which you can read here.

AND NOW, PHOTOS THAT PROVE THERE IS A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX Some of these are dumb but some are super weird.

THIS BEAR IS GETTING ITS SEXY ON Or more likely he's scratching his back but it is kinda fun. Watch below or click here.

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS AD MY BROTHER DID FOR HALLOWEEN He owns a real estate brokerage and they advertise for new agents to join their team. This may be his finest work ever and he's done some good stuff. Watch below or click here.

BEFORE YOU SUPPORT THE PALESTINIANS I want you to watch this video of a mother whose entire family has been murdered or kidnapped. Then tell me how Israel is the oppressor.

A HILARIOUS REAL ESTATE COSTUME This is great. Watch below or click here.

DID YOU GROW UP FART PROUD OR FART SHAME? I never thought about this but no one farted or talked about it in my home growing up, but then I married a man with two boys and it was on. Watch below or click here.

THIS COSTUME IS A REAL ROLLER COASTER But I don't want a costume I have to stand next to someone all night to wear. Watch below or click here.

A NEW WAY NOT TO GET THE FOOTBALL This is not something you see every day.

WELL, IT'S THE RIGHT KIND OF ART FOR THE SPACE Watch below or click here.

AND NOW, ORGANIZATION HACKS THAT WILL MOTIVATE YOU There are a few on here that look amazing but why do people feel the need to pour something from one jar to another jar? I've always been confused by that.

A LAWSUIT BASED ON THE VICTIM'S STUPIDITY I am only including this to prove there is always a shady ass attorney willing to take a case (and I say this as the daughter of a non-shady as attorney). A man was on a yacht with his friends when it came back to the dock and was tied up. He jumped into the water and drowned and now his family is suing because the boat owner didn't TELL him not to jump off the boat. I'm sorry he died but he was a dumbass.

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