10/13/23 Blog: SKO BUFFS! We're Live from CU's Campus Today

WE'RE LIVE ON CAMPUS TODAY! I'm excited to be in Ralphie's Corral, just north of Baker Hall near Folsom Field today. We're gonna be hanging out and hopefully talking to some young lads and lassies who matriculate there. We'll see but if you're in the area, pop on by!

TWO MORE DCSD SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES TODAY I've got Andy Jones at 12:30, and Jason Page at 1:30 today, and they are part of the BESTDCSD.com slate of candidates running for the Board. Find out more about them here and consider giving them your vote. They would work well with the current board majority.

IF YOU'RE IN THE MOOD FOR A LITTLE MAGIC I've got Aidan Sinclair of Aidan Sinclair's Underground today at 2 to talk about the shows taking place at that Stanley Hotel. Watch below for more and then click here for tickets.

EVERYONE HATES PROP HH And you MUST vote NO on this issue because it's a TABOR grab disguised as a tiny property tax cut. This column talks about how many counties hate Prop HH too.

WATCH THIS ARGUMENT ABOUT ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIANS It's the best representative of what's happening all over the place now. Alan Dershowitz and Cornel West mix it up.

ANY DEAD CIVILIANS IN GAZA CITY WILL BE ON HAMAS Just as Alan Dershowitz said above, Hamas wants dead Palestinians for PR purposes. How do we know? Read this from the Denver Gazette:

Israel’s military told some 1 million Palestinians on Friday to evacuate northern Gaza and head to the southern part of the besieged territory, an unprecedented order applying to almost half the population ahead of an expected ground invasion against the ruling Hamas militant group.
The U.N. warned that so many people fleeing en masse — with just a 24-hour deadline — would be calamitous. Hamas, which staged a shocking and brutal attack on Israel nearly a week ago and has fired thousands of rockets since, dismissed it as a ploy and called on people to stay in their homes. (emphasis mine)

Israel is telling civilians to leave ahead of the ground offensive and Hamas is like "nah, stay where you are, they are lying". Israel has agreed to allow supplies into Gaza if Hamas releases the hostages so we'll see how badly Hamas wants its people to suffer for PR before they acquiesce. People in Gaza City are realizing that this time is different and maybe this will inspire them seek peace instead of hatred and death. I doubt it. There will not be peace until the Palestinians are a completely conquered people.

THERE IS A PETITION TO OUST TIM HERNANDEZ And I'll be shocked if Democrats do it, because there is no chance it will happen if they don't vote for it. It requires a 2/3 vote to boot the Hamas loving appointed to his seat State Rep and obviously there aren't enough Republicans to do it. I would normally not be in favor of something like this and would prefer that voters decide, but this man wasn't elected, he was appointed and I do think that matter. I'd prefer some sort of special election so the voters in this district could weigh in. However that isn't an option. You can sign the petition here.

DEMOCRATIC POLICIES MEAN HIGHER INFLATION FOR COLORADO Democrats make life more expensive wherever they have control. We're seeing it here in Colorado as our own state's inflation rate is 5.3% when the rest of the country deals with 3.7%. Why? From The Center Square:

A 2.2% increase in gasoline prices drove energy prices up 1.6% for the two-month period ending in September in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area, according to the BLS. “From September 2022 to September 2023, household fuels and utility prices grew by 11% in the Denver (metropolitan statistical area), yet nationally, fuels and utility prices dropped 1.52% over this same time period,” the CSI analysis stated. Food prices increased 0.6% for the two-month period, led by grocery prices rising 0.7%. Meats, poultry, fish and eggs increased 6.3% at the grocery store but were offset by a 2.5% decrease in cereals and bakery products and a 2.1% decline in dairy and related products. Colorado restaurant prices increased 24% between November 2022 and June 2023, the largest increase in the nation during the period, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Colorado restaurant prices have decreased 0.56% since June.

Now let's break down how Democrat policies are driving some of this. We all know why energy prices are up, the green dreams of Jared Polis and his ilk have allowed energy companies to pass on the massive construction costs of going green to consumers. Restaurants are dealing with a massive jump in the minimum wage that is driving up prices. They didn't include housing, but now that new licensing fees are in place, expect those to be passed on to renters as well. They are ruining Colorado's economy and making it impossible to live here unless you are wealthy. Just like Boulder.

THE CITY OF DENVER WANTS TO PUT ITS NOSE INTO DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS And if the City Council was doing a good job I'd say sure but I'm not sure more progressive wing nuts are needed to fix what's ailing DPS. Read about it here.

ONE OFFICER IS GUILTY, ONE OFFICER IS NOT This jury verdict in the Elijah McClain case shows me that the jury paid attention to the evidence and took time to carefully deliberate and made a decision based on that evidence. One officer is acquitted and Officer Randy Roedema was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault. Those were the lesser charges levied against him but he was found guilty, which I hope gives Elijah McClain's family some sense of justice for this senseless crime that ended the life of Elijah for no good reason. This story is a tragedy on many, many levels. We'll see how the prosecution changes their strategy in the upcoming trials after this one.

STEVE SCALISE DROPS OUT OF THE SPEAKER'S RACE And this leaves Republicans standing around with their junk in their hands if you know what I mean. There are not enough votes for Jim Jordan, no one else seems to want to put their face in the wood chipper because whoever it is is going to have to make promises to that dillhole Matt Gaetz to get elected and in the meantime NOTHING is getting done on the budget which is going to lead to another crap sandwich Continuing Resolution that Gaetz fired McCarthy over in the first place. The GOP is a joke right now. Not just in Colorado.

WILL THIS 12 YEAR OLD ACCUSED OF MURDER BE ALLOWED BACK IN SCHOOL? And I'm asking a real question as we know principals have said it's near impossible to kick a kid out, even a violent one. A 12 year old stabbed another kid at Marie Greenwood Elementary-8 school, sending the victim to the hospital. The 12 year old has been charged with attempted murder and of a bias-motivated crime. Will he be allowed back in school? This story has more about the kid and his fascination with Nazis.

GOVERNMENT RUINS EVERYTHING, INCLUDING LIFE SAVING DRUGS The new board charged with price controls is ignoring the pleas of parents who use a life saving drug for their children with Cystic Fibrosis. The drug is called Trifakta and it has proven to be a miracle for those suffering with the devastating disease. It also comes with a hefty price tag of $300,000 per year, which is absurd. The board is thinking of capping the price of the drug, which may compel the drug maker to simply pull the drug out of the market (which is what I would do if I were them trying to protect the price of the drug elsewhere) and parents say the new board couldn't even be bothered to show up for the public comment meeting. Read more here.

IF BIDEN WANTS TO HELP ISRAEL, UNLEASH AMERICAN OIL Our pal Steve Moore makes the case here for just that and he's right, of course.


A STANFORD PROFESSOR TARGETS JEWISH STUDENTS This is really bad but not surprising. A radical left wing professor called out Jewish students and made them stand in a corner of the classroom with their belongings while saying "that's what Israel does to the Palestinians" during class. The professor has been removed from the class. The students should have fired rockets at him the entire class. That would have been accurate. Now I want CU to beat Stanford and their stupid tree even more.

THIS MAY BE PORTLAND, BUT IT COULD MAY AS WELL BE DENVER Watch this entire Twitter thread where this guy interviews a homeless woman addict in Portland. This is being repeated here in Denver. You are not helping if you are giving homeless people tents and food. You are trapping them to life on the streets.

ACTOR NOT SURE WHO TO SUPPORT This is comedy but it rings very true.

A PERFECT PRANK ON A TEACHER When the teacher makes a rule the students strike back.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE TRAVEL CHANNEL I seriously love Gary Bembridge and his channel that covers all things cruising. This one is about river cruising.

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