10/10/23 Blog: A School Board Candidate, A Comedienne, and Marriage Help

MARIA SUMNICHT WANTS TO BE ON DOUGLAS COUNTY'S SCHOOL BOARD And she's part of a slate of candidates that I am supporting this year. Read about Maria and the other candidates she's running with by clicking here and tune in at 1 to hear from her yourself.

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THE LATEST ON ISRAEL Israel is united around one goal: the destruction of Hamas. Local lawmakers want idiot Rep. Tim Hernandez censured for his support of the attacks this weekend (sure, he can say he was supporting the Palestinian people, but he did so as they slaughtered innocent Israelis, beheaded Israeli soldiers, and live streamed murder) and I'm not sure that's a good idea. Free speech is important and we don't want to dissuade him from showing us his true colors in a future event where he can support evil. I'd rather he let his idiot flag fly so everyone can see it. You can read his word salad response to the criticism here but don't bother as he asks for "nuance". In case you were wondering, the "impoverished" Gaza Strip rakes in BILLIONS of dollars in aid from around the world, including from the US. They choose to spend it building tunnels to attack Israel instead of on power plants and water desalination like Israel does. Hamas says they will kill one Israeli hostage for every civilian Israel kills in their retaliatory strikes and will live stream the murders. I hope if they do it reinforces what the world is already seeing via unfiltered videos being shared on X, which is that these people are not freedom fighters, they are savages and animals. Even the Washington Post is sharing the graphic videos that show hostages who were alive before their bodies were seen on the streets. Harvard students prove that you can spend a lot of money to be a supporter of evil two by signing a letter blaming Israel for the attacks. Don't let your kids go to Harvard, people. Ilhan Omar showed up to be her normal dumbass Anti-Semitic self.

BIDEN'S TOP IRAN ENVOY UNDER SCRUTINY And we talked about Rob Malley a bit yesterday, as he was removed from his State Department post quietly after "mishandling classified documents". Now we know that he has been working FOR the Iranians while allegedly working for us. From the New York Post:

“Malley and others created an incredibly permissive environment for Hamas, for Iran, to do all these things,” added Gabriel Noronha, a former special adviser on Iran at the State Department. Noronha, who served under former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said Malley and his negotiating team “purposefully funneled billions of dollars to [Iran] through lack of sanctions enforcement and provision of sanctions relief that has given them somewhere between $50 and $80 billion over the last two and a half years.”
A senior House Republican aide told The Post that the cash influx followed an even more generous payout of $1.7 billion that the Obama administration made to Iran in 2016, eventually contributing to Saturday’s attack that triggered the Jewish state’s first declaration of war in 50 years. “There is a straight line from Obama’s giveaway to Iran, to Biden’s enriching of Iran — to Iran’s war on Israel,” the aide said.

I wonder if Congress will do anything about this?

AURORA PD IS CLEARING CASES And Chief Art Acevedo did a presser on the shooting of a 15 year old boy at the Southlands Mall and dropped this bit about their clearance rate for crimes that I think deserves attention.

Since the end of last year, violent crimes in Aurora have been trending downward. He said as of mid-September, there is one fewer homicide than at the same time last year and that Aurora Police made arrests in 85% of homicides in 2022 – better than the national average. He said the city is seeing 15% fewer violent crimes this year, except for a small increase in sexual assaults.

An 85% clearance rate is really impressive for homicides and I just wanted you to know.

DENVER IS PAYING PEOPLE TO HAVE EVENTS DOWNTOWN I have to give it to them for trying. The Denver Downtown Partnership is giving away a lot of money to businesses who want to do an event downtown. This is the equivalent of tying a pork chop around a kid's neck so the dogs will play with them. Does anyone want to have an event downtown, outside, knowing that at any minute a crazy drug addled person can wander up and create havoc? We'll see.

IF YOU LOVE FALL LIKE I LOVE FALL Here is a good list of cool stuff to do this fall in and around the metro.

DPS PUSHES BACK ON A SURVEY OF PRINCIPALS As so parents who are demanding transparency and responsiveness from DPS, neither of which is forthcoming. It doesn't help that Denver Public Schools tried to hide the survey in the first place instead of releasing it with the context provided in this story by Superintendent Alex Marrero. You can decide whether or not you believe him for yourself, but DPS has done a lousy job being transparent and now it's coming back to bite them. All this, as a 7th grader was stabbed at school last week.

DENVER'S FIRST MICRO COMMUNITY IS COMING TO SOUTH SANTA FE DRIVE And I can't wait to see how this turns out. Read about it here. Does anyone have an update on the site where the Mayor just moved a bunch of people out of an encampment into housing? Is that encampment back yet? Just curious. The neighbors are not happy with this, by the way.

THE PRESIDENT WILL BE WOKEN UP TO MAKE A STATEMENT ON ISRAEL And he should do so at about 11am so I'll have it today. No word on how much creepy whispering and loud shouting there will be.

HOW SPORTS MOVIES ARE SHOT This is absolutely cool. Watch below or click here.

MIKE MCDANIEL IS HAVING SOME FUN It's fun to do a presser after you're winning games. Watch below or click here.


THE BLESS YOU NEEDS TO MATCH THE SNEEZE I like this. Watch below or click here.

BRUNO MARS LEFT HIS GEAR IN TEL AVIV After being only the THIRD American act to play the huge stadium in Tel Aviv, Bruno Mars was forced to cancel the second night of concerts and vacate Israel quickly Saturday instead of Sunday. Unfortunately his gear did not make it.

SOME VERY EXPENSIVE HOME OWNER MISTAKES I've made a couple of these, especially the one about using the super high filtration filters. They just make you ac unit work too hard and freeze. Read them all here.

PLAYBOY DITCHES HAMAS SUPPORTING PORN STAR I'm just going to guess how Hamas would treat a Muslim porn star but I bet it wouldn't be kindly. Mia Khalifa doesn't seem to care as she expressed support for the attacks in such a way that Playboy cut ties to her and booted her off their platform over them. Read it here.

MARK DAVIS IS JUST LIKE HIS DAD Al was famous for his outbursts and now it seems Mark is looking for the same rep. Someone please do something about his hair.

COULD METHANE LEVELS SIGNAL AN ICE AGE TERMINATION EVENT? This is an interesting article about rising methane levels, which come from things like burning fossil fuels but also decomposing plant matter and permafrost thaw. They are higher than they have been in some time and this could mean we are headed for an ice age termination event, which could completely change our climate. Read more here.

ROBERT KENNEDY, JR GOES INDEPENDENT And this column asks who it hurts more. They say Trump because of Kennedy's anti-vax stance, but he's a reliable liberal so I think this is wishful thinking.

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