October 6 Broncos Mailbag

I've been threatening to do this for awhile, and it's finally here. Our weekly mailbag where I answer your questions about the Broncos and the NFL. If you guys (and gals) want your questions answered just tag me on Twitter @AllbrightNFL.

Mike in Aurora asks "Are the Broncos shopping WR Jerry Jeudy?"

Well Mike, with the emergence of Marvin Mims and the need to pay Jerry Jeudy here soon the Broncos would do well to see what the market is for Jeudy in trade. I know there are several teams that having inquired of Denver to see what he'd cost (including Dallas, New England and Carolina) but I'm not sure the team is currently "shopping" him, more they're listening to calls and seeing which way the season breaks, before making decisions.

Patrick in LoHi wrote in to ask "Is George Paton on the hot seat?"

Patrick, I'm not sure I'd say he's on the hot seat. He and Sean Payton do have a good working relationship and by and large Paton has made good decisions as the General Manager. Obviously the recently remedied Randy Gregory contract was an albatross, but Paton has made seveal good free agent signings (DJ Jones, Ronald Darby, Alex Singleton, etc) as well as several great draft classes. The biggest things that Paton gets dinged for are the Gregory contract, the Russ trade (which looks a lot better now), the Russ contract (which new ownership pushed for to beat a market reset), and the hiring of Nathaniel Hackett ( a group decision that probably had too many cooks in the kitchen).

I'd say if you start seeing Sean Payton front office guys getting jobs like Ryan Pace and Jeff Ireland, THEN you should be worried about George Paton job security,

Alexis in Colorado Springs asks "When will Baron Browning be back?"

I think everyone has been wonder when Browning will be back and we've developed a sense of urgency on that with the trade of Randy Gregory to the San Francisco 49ers. Per my sourcing Browning could be back as soon as the Thursday night game in Kansas City, but the team would like to get him the extra 15 days rest, and have him come back for the November 13th game in Buffalo against the Bills.

I look forward to answering more of your questions next week!

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