10/6/23 Blog Father Mike Back To Bless the Broncos, Plus Your Money DNA

WE'RE TAKING CARE OF THE BRONCOS AGAIN THIS WEEK As my friend and yours Father Mike is back to bless the Broncos for another win this week. Find his Gospel in a Minute series on Instagram here, they are really, really good. You can watch his sermons here.

IS YOUR MONEY DNA HOLDING YOU BACK? I'm talking with Judy Wilkins-Smith, world-renowned Family Patterns, Systemic Work and Constellations Expert, Author, and Motivational Speaker, offers guidance on how to decode your Emotional DNA and shift the unconscious, inherited patterns that are no longer serving you. Does your family lineage determine your economic success? If so, how do you break that pattern? Find out more about Judy by clicking here, she joins me at 1pm.

I'VE GOT SOME STUFF FROM YESTERDAY I WANT TO TALK ABOUT And I'm reposting it here so I don't forget.

WILL THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT PAY ATTENTION? The persecution of Jack Phillips, he baker who doesn't want to make cakes that fly in the face of his religious beliefs, is back in front of Colorado's left wing Supreme Court. The court already got its hand smacked by the Supreme Court when it ruled that Phillips didn't have to bake a gay wedding cake but it remains to be seen whether or not this court will pay attention. This case revolves around a progressive trans activist who targeted Phillips by asking him to make a cake celebrating their transition to female. They knew he would refuse which set up this whole situation. I keep telling gay and trans activists that they don't have protections that force people to do their bidding even as I support their rights to seek someone else to do it voluntarily but here we are. Attorneys are asking the Colorado Supreme Court to apply the 303 Creative standard where the Supreme Court ruled a website designer could not be forced to create websites that violated the creators religious beliefs.

WANT TO KNOW WHY COLORADO KIDS ARE SO FAR BEHIND? Because at least 31% of them are chronically absent, which is defined by kids missing 10% of school days in a year. Kids can't learn if they aren't in school and I'm wondering how many of these kids were moved along to the next grade anway? This would explain the achievement gap, check this out:

And for kids who come to school with extra challenges, the numbers are particularly alarming: Sixty percent of kids who are homeless were chronically absent last year while 40% of students learning English missed at least 10% of the school year. Meanwhile, 39% of students with special needs were chronically absent along with 43% of students living in poverty (those who qualify for free and reduced price lunch) and 43% of migrant students, state data shows.

Those are the very kids who are far, far behind. No more money for teachers or "holding teachers accountable" is going to make up for that deficit. Something needs to be done here. How about we tell parents that their kids will be held back if they miss 10% of school days without a doctor's note? Start there and see what happens.

OH YES, DENVER INVITED ALL THESE IMMIGRANTS And this editorial in the Denver Gazette is bringing receipts.

SOMETIMES GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS This clip has been making the rounds on Twitter and it's very moving.

Now there's an update and it is outstanding. Read it here.

LIBERAL THINKS ALL TRANS PEOPLE ARE PEDOPHILES This woman's bias is showing clearly and she doesn't even understand that she is a bigot while trying to call Florida bigoted.


LUXURY BELIEFS COME HOME TO ROOST And two people are dead now. This is a great story by Rob Henderson in The Free Press about the two activists who argued for defunding police who are now dead from violent attacks. It also does a great job explaining what luxury beliefs are and how they shape policy that disproportionately and negatively impacts people with no political juice or money. Fascinating. It's along the same lines of what we're seeing now with twenty miles of border wall being built when far-from-the-border Democrats have to deal with the problems of illegal immigration they previously supported.

DENVER'S MOST WELL KNOWN GAY BAR IS BEING SHUTTERED BY HOMELESS CAMPS So Denver cares more about drugged out homeless people than the gay community. That is my takeaway from this story about the Triangle Bar shutting their doors permanently because they can't guarantee the safety of their patrons because of a massive homeless camp nearby.

CITIZENS FOR A SAFE AND CLEAN DENVER SPEAKING OUT This interview with Vanessa Rutledge from Citizens for a Safe And Clean Denver (who you heard from here first) is on with Jon Caldara and she's fantastic here.

AURORA, PLEASE VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE FOR CITY COUNCIL You have a choice, you can vote for a board that will continue the forward momentum on crime and better roads Aurora is seeing now, or you can vote in a bunch of lefty ideologues who want to spend time on crap that doesn't matter to a vast majority of Aurorans. The Denver Gazette has endorsed these candidates and I agree 100%.

LAUREN BOEBERT'S DEM CHALLENGER HAS RAKED IN A WHOLE BUNCH OF MONEY And I honestly expect him to win if she's the candidate. CD-3 almost bounced her out last time and her shenanigans as of late haven't helped her cause at all. Read more here.

THE PROSECUTION IN THE TRIAL FOR COPS IN THE ELIJAH MCCLAIN CASE IS WRAPPING UP And it's been very interesting to follow. The final witness was a pathologist who argued that the violent subdual of the utterly innocent McClain led to his death, while the attorneys for the officers are arguing that it was the ketamine that killed him. The pathologist was not the pathologist who did the autopsy, but an outside expert brought in by the prosecution. The pathologist who did the autopsy found the cause of death to be "undetermined". We'll see who was more convincing. I'm not sure the prosecution did a good enough job to convince the jury but I've just been reading the news stories so we'll see. Now the defense has a chance to present their case. I still think this was a tragic confluence of bad policy and a tragic accident.

WHY I'M A YES ON DOUGCO'S MILL LEVY OVERRIDE My property taxes SOARED this year as a Douglas County resident, and yet I am a firm YES on the Mill Levy Override for our schools. You know why? Jimmy Sengenberger writes about it in this column. Teachers are leaving because they can make 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE just over the line in Cherry Creek schools. From his column:
It’s not like DougCo spends excessively on bloated administration and bureaucracy rather than instruction and teacher pay. During Kane’s tenure as interim superintendent from 2016-2018, they sliced central administration costs by $24 million. DougCo’s per-pupil spend on administration stands at $63 per student — much lower than Littleton’s $149 per student. Meanwhile, DougCo’s academic achievements are evident, particularly in the state’s CMAS test scores. “In every single test, in every single grade level, and every single subject, we outscored our own 2019, pre-pandemic scores,” Kane emphasized.
In DougCo, 61.6% of students now meet or exceed proficiency in English, marking a 4.9% boost from 2019 levels. In Math, it’s 50.7%, reflecting 4.2% growth over pre-pandemic scores.
Contrast that with DougCo’s higher-paying neighbors: Both Cherry Creek (49.7% in English, 39.9% in math) and Littleton (59.9% in English, 51.2% math) still haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Our teachers have been doing more with less for too long and they deserve to be compensated like the SUCCESSFUL professionals they are. Please vote YES on 5a and 5b Dougco. Please.

GO TRUMP, GO BROKE My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell says he is broke and can't pay millions in legal bills to his attorneys who have been defending him in three defamation suits. He also lost his "Prove Mike Wrong" challenge where he challenged anyone to prove his data about the 2020 election false or he'd pay them $5 million bucks. He hasn't paid that money either. This insane man is still out there talking about the 2020 election even though it has destroyed his business. I feel sorry for him and I bet Trump doesn't offer to help him out.

A SOFT LANDING FOR OUR ECONOMY LOOKS LESS LIKELY And this column gives the bleak picture by sharing that we have all the ingredients for a recession, they are just teetering there waiting.

MARKETS ARE TANKING ON GOOD JOB NEWS This seems counterintuitive but a strong jobs number like the one we just got for September means the Fed will continue raising rates to slow the economy down. We've got to reign in government spending if we want to fix this. Too bad most politicians don't understand basic economics.

TRUMP JUST ENDORSED JIM JORDAN FOR SPEAKER And if you follow me on Twitter go check out the assinine comments being posted on Thomas Massie's tweet resharing his interview with me yesterday. Or find them here.

The Trumpets came out in full force to call Massie everything but a Child of God and now their Lord and Savior just endorsed the guy Massie is supporting. If you listen closely you can hear their little heads exploding.

JUST PLAYING THROUGH, DON'T MIND ME What do you expect when you plan a wedding next to a golf course?

TEN ARROWS, TEN TARGETS This is impressive.

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