10/5/23 Blog: Let's Check on Fort Morgan, and Another DPS Candidate

WELL FORT MORGAN? Fort Morgan was one of the small town chosen by HGTV's Home Town to participate in their series HomeTown Takeover and was the beneficiary of several makeovers in several areas which you can find here. It was a great series, I loved it. But has it had any lasting impact on the town? We'll chat with City Manager Brent Nation about the results today at 12:30. Read an article about how to visit the spaces that were renovated here.

KIMBERLEE SIA WANTS TO BE ON THE DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD And she joins me today at 1 to talk about why she wants your vote for District 1. Find more about her here.

MY FAVORITE CONGRESSMAN JOINS ME AT 2 Congressman Thomas Massie is on at 2 today to talk about the speaker's race. The Kentucky Rep will tell it like it is, I promise. It's what he does. Here he is before the vote to vacate on why it was a terrible idea.

RACIST BORDER WALL BEING BUILT BY...BIDEN? Remember when the border wall was ineffective and RACIST??? Well that was all before Democrat run cities were overrun by illegal immigrants and this is now. The Biden Admin has cleared the way for the construction of MORE border wall and read what useless DHS Secretary Mayorkas just said:

“There is presently an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States in order to prevent unlawful entries into the United States in the project areas,” Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS secretary, stated in the notice.

Oh really? The Biden Admin has cleared the way by dropping some of the stupid sticking points that would get this done. Does this mean Dems will now be chanting "Build the Wall" at his raucous campaign rallies? Oh wait, he doesn't have people show up to rallies so that's a no.

MORE CONSTRUCTION COMING TO THE AIRPORT And though it's a pain in the you know what it's necessary as we continue to grow and become one of the busiest airports in the world. That growth is not expected to stop anytime soon. What I'm confused about is why more development isn't happening AROUND the airport. Why haven't more hotels, etc popped up near it? That being wondered this is a great article on what's coming and how it will affect your travel. I would expect there to be some pressure points when they shut down the North Security checkpoint after the new West Security checkpoint is open but it does seem like Phil Washington has a better handle on things than the former CEO of DIA did.

DO YOU TRUST THE GOVERNMENT TO PREVENT DOOMSDAY? If you say yes I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. After watching how they politicized and lied to the American people during Covid I am a hard NO on this question. A new survey says 71% of Americans do NOT trust the government to avert a doomsday situation. What do people think is going to kill us? Climate change mostly, which is absurd, this is going to be human caused and human made. We can adapt to the climate, unless of course the Super Volcano under Yellowstone erupts but we can't stop that anyway. Not that I've thought about this much.

YOUR TWITTER FEED IS CHANGING And now if you want to get to the blog on Twitter you have to click the photo under the Tweet instead of seeing the headline of the story to click. Musk wants to "clean up the aesthetics" of X and this is his first move. I kind of hate it but it's not my company.

HOW CAN THE GOP STOP THE BLEEDING FROM THE SPEAKER FIGHT By uniting around one candidate, of course, but the petty smallness of the GOP wing of the House can't be underestimated. This article talks about old grievances, aid to Ukraine and a myriad of other things that will get in the way of a smooth succession. Putin must be laughing his ass off right now.

LOOKING FOR A CORN MAZE? I hate these things because I always get lost. If you love them find some here.

WHY CAN'T DC BUDGET PROPERLY? The big issue that got Kevin McCarthy bounced (allegedly) was that he didn't follow through on his promise to do the budget process according to the law through the regular appropriations process. This column argues that DC has a great role model in this and that is the states. Why can we all do it but they can't?

FILM NERDS, THIS FESTIVAL IS FOR YOU The Denver Film Festival is on starting November 3rd and you can read about the lineup and buy your tickets by clicking here.

DOGS REACT TO DOG CHIROPRACTOR AND IT'S MAGIC Honestly I do the same thing. Watch below or click here.

WILL THE COLORADO SUPREME COURT PAY ATTENTION? The persecution of Jack Phillips, he baker who doesn't want to make cakes that fly in the face of his religious beliefs, is back in front of Colorado's left wing Supreme Court. The court already got its hand smacked by the Supreme Court when it ruled that Phillips didn't have to bake a gay wedding cake but it remains to be seen whether or not this court will pay attention. This case revolves around a progressive trans activist who targeted Phillips by asking him to make a cake celebrating their transition to female. They knew he would refuse which set up this whole situation. I keep telling gay and trans activists that they don't have protections that force people to do their bidding even as I support their rights to seek someone else to do it voluntarily but here we are. Attorneys are asking the Colorado Supreme Court to apply the 303 Creative standard where the Supreme Court ruled a website designer could not be forced to create websites that violated the creators religious beliefs.

WANT TO KNOW WHY COLORADO KIDS ARE SO FAR BEHIND? Because at least 31% of them are chronically absent, which is defined by kids missing 10% of school days in a year. Kids can't learn if they aren't in school and I'm wondering how many of these kids were moved along to the next grade anway? This would explain the achievement gap, check this out:

And for kids who come to school with extra challenges, the numbers are particularly alarming: Sixty percent of kids who are homeless were chronically absent last year while 40% of students learning English missed at least 10% of the school year. Meanwhile, 39% of students with special needs were chronically absent along with 43% of students living in poverty (those who qualify for free and reduced price lunch) and 43% of migrant students, state data shows.

Those are the very kids who are far, far behind. No more money for teachers or "holding teachers accountable" is going to make up for that deficit. Something needs to be done here. How about we tell parents that their kids will be held back if they miss 10% of school days without a doctor's note? Start there and see what happens.

OH YES, DENVER INVITED ALL THESE IMMIGRANTS And this editorial in the Denver Gazette is bringing receipts.

THE BIDENS DON'T NEED TO OWN DOGS As they are incapable of getting them trained properly. Yet another Biden dog has been banned from the White House after biting TWELVE people in the near past, although now it has leaked that the number is much higher. This statement from the Biden staff is a lie:

'The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day,' said Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the first lady, in a statement released first to CNN. 'They remain grateful for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and all involved, as they continue to work through solutions. 

If you care about the safety of people you remove the dog after the FIRST bite. Any normal dog that bit that many people would have already been put down, though I would argue for intensive training first. There is no excuse for this.

BIDEN TAPS FORMER HUNTER BIDEN LAW COLLEAGUE TO INVESTIGATE HUNTER BIDEN And this is beyond parody, for real. Can you IMAGINE if Trump had done this? Read more here about this sleazy and disgusting move by a man who won't be held accountable by the press AT ALL.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS GIVING CROSS SEX HORMONES AFTER A 30 MINUTE CONSULT And I sure hope that the Colorado Legislature makes a move to ban this in Colorado the way they moved to ban abortion reversal drugs because there wasn't science behind them. I'm sure they won't, but this should horrify anyone who knows about the permanent effects of these hormones. Yes, permanent, they are not reversible, just ask the detranisitioners who have been permanently damaged. Read the story here.

HOW RAND PAUL IS HOLDING THE LINE ON UKRAINE I realize it's popular to back Ukraine blindly because Putin is an ahole, but there are no white knights in that battle. Ukraine is very corrupt and since we started shoveling money to them we've seen just how corrupt they can be. Read this for more.

CAN YOU JUMP ROPE LIKE THIS? I can not. Watch below or click here.

IS GIULIANI GINNING UP A DRINKING PROBLEM DEFENSE? Lots is being written about Rudi Giuliani's "well known" drinking problem and I am suspect here. Is this all coming out now as a part of his defense? Why pile on a man obviously on the verge of losing everything? Could it be a defense strategy? I don't doubt that it's true, but why now?

ROSS TALKS TO RENTERS ABOUT PROP HH Watch below or click here.

THIS TREVOR BAUER STORY IS HORRIBLE And I mean the actions of the scumbag woman who set about to lie about sexual assault to get her hands on some of his $51 million bucks. He refused to settle on any level with her and even countersued and now he's telling his side of the story and this woman is HORRIBLE. She's the Ann Putnam Jr of our day.

I'D TRY THIS 100% After I'm done with SOTA of course. Watch below or click here.

I WANT THESE META RAYBANS And I want them now. Watch below or click here. They are only 300 bucks and you can pre order them here.

GET IN MY SHOPPING CART RIGHT NOW Who doesn't need this??? Watch below or click here.


GUS IS A GOOD BOY Watch below or click here.

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