10/4/23 Blog: Did Ken Buck Lie On My Show, Plus Another DPS Board Candidate

KEN BUCK VOTED TO BOOT MCCARTHY YESTERDAY Something even Lauren Boebert voted against. My instincts tell me that he is absolutely trying to shore up his street cred with the left so he can get a tv job even though he heartily dismissed that on my show last week. He had this to say about Kevin McCarthy yesterday after the vote.

Here he is before the vote on MSNBC.

He shares that he doesn't know who is going to be able to get this stuff done with a narrow majority in the House and a Democrat Senate. Remember, he voted with DEMOCRATS to boot a man he accuses of working with DEMOCRATS. This is an absolute dumpster fire. Part of me is glad. I'm not gonna lie. Nothing will change until we burn it all down (rhetorically, not literally) so maybe this is the beginning of the end of what we currently have, which clearly isn't working for anyone. I'm just not sure the country can survive more Democratic control and spending. That being said, Buck has to realize that this could send the GOP back into the minority, as I don't think he's stupid, and no lawmaker wants to be in the minority so I'm guessing he's seriously looking to jump ship. Matt Gaetz is too stupid to realize this or just doesn't care because he has higher aspirations and believes this is how to get his name in front of cameras.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS UP TODAY And we call all talk to Fox 31's Dave Frasier about the gorgeous and perfect weather we are having this week and how long it will last. Oh, and you can ask him questions too.

ADAM SLUTZKER WANTS TO JOIN THE DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD He's running for a seat in District 5 and he's on at 1 today to discuss why he wants to join the board. Find out more about him by clicking here.

I'M LEAVING TO GO WORK AT THE NY POST Not really, but yesterday I tweeted this:

And today's front page was this:

KEVIN MCCARTHY TAKES OUT MATT GAETZ On his way out the door. He says Gaetz is pissed about the ongoing ethics investigations into his creepy behavior with possibly underage women. More on that here.

WHY DID DPS COVER UP A PAYOFF TO TAY TAY ANDERSON? That's the question asked in this column by Jimmy Sengenberger who uncovered the payoff earlier this month to Tay Anderson by Denver Public Schools. What was the payoff for? For the legal fees incurred by Anderson during an investigation into his gross behavior with underage girls while running for and sitting on the Board. Accusations that were found to be substantiated, by the way. In a secret deal not approved by his fellow board members, Anderson was given a check for $3500 while staff was directed to keep the payment secret by Board counsel Aaron Thompson. This stinks to high heaven and thankfully Jimmy kept digging until the Board and Anderson were forced to make a statement admitting to the secret payment. Anderson is a grifter who uses the "I'm gonna accuse you of racism" card to get money and he is gross. I hope he loses his House race, but I'm afraid that district is too receptive to his "everyone's racist" message.

DEION THE DISRUPTER This is a good story in the New Yorker about Deion Sanders that does an interesting job talking about his coaching career and what he's brought to CU without casting judgment on his choices. Jason Whitlock was not so kind and took umbrage with Deion's talk of being on a mission from God while inviting rappers who do anything but glorify Him into the locker room. Both are right.

EXPECT A VERY LOUD ALERT TODAY AT 12:18 As a national Emergency Alert System test will light up EVERYONE'S phones before a national EAS test will light up every radio station at 12:20. It doesn't matter if you've opted out, you're getting it anyway. Read more here.

VIVEK WANTS CHANGES TO THE GOP DEBATE RULES And I'm not going to lie, I agree with him. He's trying to narrow the field and give the participants more time to respond to attacks by others, which isn't a bad idea. We all know that Doug Burgum and Chris Christie are not going to be the nominee. He wants to only include the top four and Trump (who obviously won't be there) and he wants to up the unique donors number as well. I'm all for it. Read more here.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ADVERTISE IN THE LAS VEGAS SPHERE? This thing is so purely Vegas it's crazy, but if they can get the ad rates posted here you should expect to see others pop up around the world. A one week campaign on the sphere costs $650,000 which is chump change compared to how much a Super Bowl ad costs.

TOM HANKS IS NOT SELLING DENTAL PLANS And he's released a message to fans warning that his image is being used to create an AI generated commercial that he has nothing to do with. It's going to be interesting to see how lawsuits about this are decided. Do you inherently own your image and likeness? Has that been decided yet for the internet world? I sure hope Hanks sues and finds out.

A TEACHER GETS REAL ABOUT SOCIAL PROMOTION And that children are three grade levels behind and that parents don't have a clue about how bad their kids are really doing.

WATCH MEAN GIRLS IN 23 PARTS TO CELEBRATE MEAN GIRLS DAY? I put a question mark because I don't know what this means but I'll ask Arod to explain it. I have to admit, I've never seen the movie Mean Girls. It just didn't appeal to me when it came out. But today you can watch it in 23 parts via TikTok.

COLORADO'S GRID IS NOT READY FOR AN ALL ELECTRIC FUTURE This is a huge issue and everytime our fake libertarian Governor talks about going fully electric I think about it. This story from CBS 4 discusses how many parts of our grid simply aren't able to handle the increased load demand from a fully electric future. Read this bit:

He says right now, many of Colorado's older electric grids aren't built to handle the power demands of EV charging, so hypothetically, if suddenly everyone in one of those neighborhoods had an EV charging at once, that could cause black outs. 
Or, he says, a more likely possibility would be that the demand might eventually cause some customers to have to sacrifice other electric luxuries.
"You can have outages," Berumen said. "Or it's called a brown out, like you read like in California where they're putting right now these meters up on all the homes where people can't turn on the air conditioning at certain times, it'll be the same thing."

Is this okay with you?

UBER WILL NOW RETURN YOUR PACKAGES FOR YOU If you have to drop off returns at a UPS Store or Fed Ex store, Uber now has a service for that. Get out of our house, lazy bones.

IS THE RECESSION FINALLY HERE? The market dropped yesterday and is now negative for the year, mortgage rates are about to hit 8% and incomes have dropped. It's not a good economic outlook. Too bad the Republicans can't stop infighting long enough to create a plan to get the economy back on track. Too bad.

WHAT? MEN LIED TO GET INTO A WOMEN'S ONLY EVENT? This is HILARIOUS. A women's only tech recruiting event was attended by many men who conveniently identified as non-binary to get in the door. Heh.

The organizers of the conference were not happy and called them out the next day. Who cares.

MIKE MCDANIEL IS LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP From the best place possible. Watch below or click here.

THE BEST OFF DUTY USE OF A SAFETY VEST GOES TO This guy. Watch below or click here.

RUNNERS ALREADY KNOW THIS But if you have a question about what that last hole in your athletic shoe is here you go. Watch below or click here.

DUDE. This is not SOTA friendly but I'm gonna try it when I'm done. Watch below or click here.

THINGS WE WISH WE COULD SAY AT WORK And we've all been there. Watch below or click here.

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