10/3/23 Blog: DPS Candidate Marlene DeLaRosa, and the Cost of Green Energy

THE CITY COUNCIL NIXES MORE MONEY FOR HOMELESS INC. This time it's $6.5 million that the Coalition was asking for to provide long term housing for 90 families. There is obviously conflict between what the Mayor is trying to do by getting people into SOME kind of housing versus what the Coalition aims to do by providing long term housing, but the Coalition is talking about 90 families. Not that that isn't an admirable goal, but it falls far short of the needs we currently have. They Mayor asked the Council to vote it down and they did. This shows that the Council is taking the Mayor's lead on this, which is good, they can all take responsibility or credit for it's failure or success. We'll see.

MARLENE DE LA ROSA ON TODAY AT 1 She is running for the District 5 seat and you can read more about her here.

DON'T BLAME TEXAS, BLAME BIDEN Denver is being overwhelmed with busloads of illegal immigrants sent from Texas and I say good for Texas. In this article, city officials blame Texas for this problem instead of putting the blame where it belongs, which is the open border policies of the Biden Administration. Why should Texas bear the brunt of all these people when Biden's Border Patrol is being ordered to cut wires and weld open gates? They need to direct their ire at Biden until he fixes this issue.

POLIS'S GREEN DREAM IS PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE Our fake libertarian Governor is very wealthy so he probably doesn't care if his power bill skyrockets as he pursues a goal of 100% renewables by 2050 but the rest of us will. A new study from Jake Fogelman at the Independence Institute says it will cost more than $318 BILLION to get there and guess who pays those bills? You guessed it, us. Read about it here and I'm trying to get Jake on the show to discuss.

SPEAKING OF GREEN ENERGY SUBSIDIES You know how enviro types always love to scream about oil and gas "subsidies"? Well the Biden Admin just very quietly released their own report on subsidies for green energy and it's a doozy. It shows the following:

According to the EIA report, while renewable energy sources like wind and solar power account for about 21% of domestic electricity production, such sources received a staggering $83.8 billion in subsidies, by far the largest share compared to any other category. 
While renewable and end use sources accounted for more than 80% of total energy industry subsides, fossil fuel sources — namely natural gas, petroleum and oil, which account for more than 60% of electricity production and the vast majority of transportation energy — benefited from $24.5 billion, or 13%, in subsidies.

So is it really "cheaper"? Thanks to Willie B for sending me this story.

LOVE DOGS AND BEER? There is a new spot opening up for you and your pooch to go hang out and have fun. Read about it here.

COLORADO IS WELL REPRESENTED IN THE TOP SKI RESORTS IN THE COUNTRY With Snowmass coming out on top while being joined in the top 30 by many, many Colorado resorts. Read the list here.

WILL TAYLOR COME TO TOWN WHEN THE CHIEFS DO? Of course I'm talking about Taylor Swift and the answer is maybe, but likely. Before you roll your eyes about this, I saw a great tweet by a dad who relayed a story of how his thirteen year old daughter asked to watch the football game with him for the first time ever and they had a grand old time while he taught her about football and she taught him about her favorite Taylor songs. Taylor can bring us together, people.

GOOD GRIEF THIS IS A RIDICULOUS ATTACK ON MAYOR YEMI Mayor Yemi in the Springs is trying to get a new police academy built. He wants voters to VOLUNTARILY give up their TABOR refunds to the city so they can use a little over $5 million of that money to get the ball rolling on a project that will cost about $45 million. This website is using a sample size of 11 apartment complexes to imply that the Mayor is lying to get this passed. Note they reached out to 26 but only 11 responded, so they are ASSUMING that all the others require tenants to have their own electricity accounts. This is as absurd as me deciding that because I've lived in four apartment complexes that paid my utilities and two that didn't, most apartment complexes include utilities. If you want to argue against the ballot measure than do so, it's easy to argue that people need 21 dollars more than they need more cops, right? Instead, they are attacking the Mayor by inferring he's lying about something that fundamentally is true. And I'm generally not in favor of tax increases, but in this case, let the voters decide on the merits, not some made up controversy.

MATT GAETZ'S TANTRUM COMES TO A HEAD AT 1PM TODAY The Congressman who has decided he wants to be known as the Snidely Whiplash of the GOP House is calling for a motion to vacate the Speakership currently held by Kevin McCarthy. This as we are in the middle of a budget battle and an election season. I can't stand Matt Gaetz. He's about building his brand more than serving the people he represents. This story from Hotair.com rounds up a bunch of tweets from various people sharing the inside scoop. McCarthy says he's not cutting deals with Democrats to keep his seat. We'll see what happens.

A MARIO MOVIE THEMED HALLOWEEN This is insane. Watch below or click here.

PARKOUR! A move that could have gone wrong went quite well. Talk about leg strength.

OMG THIS DEEP FAKE IS NUTS This is what we can expect moving forward. I present Obama x Leticia James.

THESE PRANKS HAVE GOTTEN INSANE And this one shocked me.

TRUMP GOES FULL ON BOMBAST IN COURT And after court as well, attacking the Attorney General prosecuting the fraud case and the judge overseeing it. His attorneys took a combative stance as well and I'm curious about that strategy as far as what it supposed to accomplish. Read more from CNN about it here.


GUYS LIKE ARE JUST SAD And I mean that because they aren't even funny as they are utterly crude. And this Xster is right about their boss.



THE LAS VEGAS SPHERE IS CRAZY And this is the best video I've seen so far that captures it. Watch below or click here.

OH LOOK ANOTHER CONGRESSMAN CARJACKED IN DC This time it's a Democratic Congressman from Texas whose car was stolen by armed men. Luckily he was not injured but hopefully this makes him rethink his party's soft-on-crime stances.

CHIPOTLE IS TESTING ROBOTS ASSEMBLERS As California demands $20 an hour for fast food workers expect to see this sort of thing gain steam as fast and quick casual chains try to control costs. Chipotle is testing robots that can make salads and burritos. The robot will only make orders in the back so you will continue to see a live person out front, but as Chipotle has invested heavily in the company that makes this robot this is not going anywhere. They already have a robot to make fresh chips, which is arguably the worst job ever anyway so good for them.

WHEN ONE DETERMINED COUPLE DECIDED TO SAVE A TOWN I LOVE Home Town on HGTV starring Ben and Erin Napier and their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. This is a great article about how the show has saved the little town from complete obliteration and I love it.

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