10/2/23 Blog: Some Spooky Guests With Some Spooky Stuff

A SPOOKY EVENT AT THE STANLEY HOTEL It's Halloween season and that means all kinds of spooky stuff is happening. Today I will talk to Greg and Dana Newkirk about their upcoming show HAUNTED OBJECTS LIVE! at the Parker Arts center October 14th. There is a show at the Stanley Hotel too, but it is completely sold out. Join Greg and Dana Newkirk (Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits, Amazon Prime’s Hellier) for an interactive presentation that will leave you on the edge of your seat. As two of the world’s only full-time paranormal investigators, the Newkirks have spent their lives collecting and caring for cursed artifacts, possessed dolls, and other creepy artifacts said to exhibit supernatural activity. Now you can experience their spine-tingling true tales yourself! Buy your tickets by clicking here and they join me at 1 to chat about it.

HEY ADAMS COUNTY BUSINESSES, ARE YOU A GAME CHANGER? If so, you need to enter your business for one of these cool awards.

LOTS OF GOBBLEDYGOOK BY DPS SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES After reading these answers about school funding and safety from DPS candidates I'm not sure they are going to be much better than what we have now. Luckily I've got a whole bunch of them coming on this show this week so you can hear straight from them and decide for yourself. Candidate Paul Ballenger dropped out of the At-Large race Friday, throwing his support behind John Youngquist.

A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY IS KILLED BY FOUR OR FIVE BLACK MALES We always say if a young person is shot by police so I'm going to report these shootings the same way. A kid went to meet some other people at Southlands Mall for some reason and ended up shot to death in the parking lot. Two things I'm going to surmise here. One, the gun that shot this boy was illegally obtained and owned, and no one will riot over this boy's death.

THE MAYOR MAKES AN ODD FIRING Out of all the people in Denver government who should probably lose their jobs, no one saw this one coming. The woman who has headed up the very important Denver Arts and Venues office, which by all accounts has been well run and managed to grow and even begin work on restoring a Southwest Denver venue to its former glory, is ou with no replacement in sight. Not only that, the way it was handled has many in the arts community very rankled. Read more here.

I AGREE: RE ELECT MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN, AURORA This is a great editorial that lays out the ways Mayor Mike Coffman has gone about fixing the problems that ail Aurora and what kind of Mayor he has been since coming into office. It's 100% right when it says he should get another term in office to finish what he's started.

CU STUDENTS ARE BEHAVING BADLY AND NOW THERE ARE NEW RULES Find out the myriad of ways you can be kicked out of a CU game now as students have been acting the fool and doing dumb crap so now the hammer must come down.

ICE CASTLES IS BACK And I am stoked because I never made it out to Dillon even though I really wanted to. Now they've moved the event to Cripple Creek and I'm putting it on my calendar for sure to buy tickets when they go on sale November 28th. Read more about it here.

ABOUT BANNING ASSAULT RIFLES Listener Joe always sends me the most interesting stuff and today he sent this:

Per the linked analysis, the annual death rate from Fentanyl overdoses (primarily unintentional) has risen to 21.6 per 100,000 population which is 70,000 Fentanyl related deaths per year. Add in deaths from Heroin, Cocaine & other opioids and you are now 140,000 drug related deaths per year. Even if you assume that half of all US suicides (46,000 per year) were related to those drugs, that still leaves 117,000 people per year in this country being killed by illegal drugs. And how many people per year are murdered by so called "Assault rifles"?
 According to the statistics published by the FBI, homicides from rifles of all types (including assault rifles) has never exceed 460 per year. 
So if you divide just the 70,000 annual fentanyl deaths by 450 so called "assault rifle" homicides annually, you discover that the death rate from Fentanyl is 15,000% higher than the death rate from so called "Assault rifles". Then look at the amount of political energy and money being devoted to banning those so called "assault rifles" vs. the political energy and money being devoted to stopping the influx of Fentanyl into this country and ask yourself if you think this country and its collective political leadership has their priorities straight.

Seems we're trying to solve the wrong problem, doesn't it?

GAVIN NEWSOM APPOINTS PRO-ABORTION GROUP HEAD TO THE SENATE I love the way these news stories say that Emily's List "helps elect Democratic women" when if you are a pro-life Dem (are there any of those left?) they will NOT help you at all. They only assist pro-choice women get elected and now their leader is going to be in the US Senate because she is a black woman and Gavin decided immutable characteristics were the most important part of appointing a Senator.  I'm guessing Rep. Barbara Lee is SPITTING mad at this as she was running for the seat. We'll see if new Senator Laphonaz Butler runs for re election. I'm sure she will represent the people of California well from her home in *checks notes* Maryland.

NEWS THAT SHOULDN'T BE NEWS The fact that this is a news story just shows how stupid and vapid celebrity culture is. Don't want to be like these people, normal people like us have far more fulfilling lives I promise.

VIVEK WOULD BE DEPORTED UNDER THE NEW STANDARD HE IS PROPOSING This is absolutely ridiculous but another hurdle Vivek has put in his own way. After he has loudly called for the end of birthright citizenship we find out neither of his parents were citizens when he was born, though they were both in country legally. Does that last bit give him cover? In a way yes, but it's hard to get into a campaign soundbite. Watch below or click here.

TRAVIS HUNTER AND HENRY BLACKBURN MEET AGAIN This time on video to talk about the hit that hurt Hunter and got Blackburn threats.

HERR WILLIAMS FAILS AGAIN TO CLOSE THE GOP PRIMARY But he's not done trying to run the party fully into the ground. He failed at Saturday's Central Committee meeting to get 75% of the vote needed to change the rules and close the GOP primary to unaffiliated voters, but he's not done. He says the fact that 65% of the Central Committee voted for this nonsense proves that the 75% standard is unreasonable and is suing on that measure. To those Republicans who voted no, you are the only thing keeping the GOP from absolute obscurity in Colorado and I thank you.

IF YOU'RE NOT READING THE COLORADO ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT You are missing out on great quality content. In this blog, they tackle The Colorado Sun's lies on education funding, an "invite only" "listening session" with the Governor and more. Read it here and hit that subscribe button while you're at it.


CHRIS CHRISTIE GOES AFTER TRUMP ON TWITTER And this may get Trump's attention because he calls Truth social a "failed third-tier social media platform" which are fightin' words to Donald.

THIS GAME HAS GONE TO THE DOGS Literally. Watch below or click here.

CRIMINALS KNOW THEY WON'T FACE CONSEQUENCES And you can hear this exchange between a violent sixteen year old mugger and the judge who puts him in jail to really understand. Read the full backstory here.

A TEACHER ARGUES AGAINST READING TO BLACK CHILDREN This is absolute idiocy and this woman is a teacher somewhere.

HOPEFULLY THIS REACHES THE SUPREME COURT "Bias Response Teams" have one purpose, and that is to chill the speech that some random person finds offensive. Now there is a concerted effort to dismantle the NewSpeak Police and it may reach the Supreme Court. Fingers crossed.

SIMONE BILES SHOWS ONCE AGAIN SHE IS THE GOAT Of women's gymnastics, by landing a vault no other woman has ever landed this past weekend. The Yurchenko Double Pike is now the Biles II as a move is named after the first person to land it in international competition. Biles already has four skills named after her, including on on vault which is why this is the Biles II.

AND NOW, THINGS IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY THAT PEOPLE FIND DISTURBING And I am on board with a lot of these. Read them here.

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