9/29/23 Blog: Why Keeping Those Emotions In May Work Better

YOU KNOW HOW WE'VE BEEN TOLD TO LET OUT NEGATIVE THOUGHTS? Lest they fester until we have some sort of emotional explosion? A researcher decided to test another theory and see if shutting them down is a better approach. Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit trained 120 volunteers worldwide to suppress thoughts about negative events that worried them, and found that not only did these become less vivid, but that the participants’ mental health also improved. I've got one of those researchers Dr Zulkayda Mamat on today to talk about her new research that shows we may have been doing this wrong all along. This has important ramifications for people suffering with PTSD especially. Read more about the study here. She joins me at 1.

FATHER MIKE IS ON TO TRY AND LIFT THE BRONCOS CURSE Do we need some sort of exorcism or just significant prayers to bring our team out of the doldrums? Father Mike joins me at 2:30 to discuss. Follow Father Mike as he gives out little bits of God on Instagram here. You can watch his sermons here.

DIANNE FEINSTEIN HAS DIED The ninety year old has been struggling mightily and Californians have been pretending she's been able to serve competently but she apparently died at her DC home Thursday night. Rest in peace, ma'am. The conversation about who Newsom will appoint is already in full gear here.

ANOTHER VIOLENT PAROLEE KILLS SOMEONE I'm reading this story about another violent parolee who killed his parole officer allegedly and wondering why he was out in the first place. Read the story here.

WHY COVID DEATHS PLUNGED And it's not because of the vaccine or better treatments, it's because the covid money ran out. I'm not kidding a researcher looked into it and found that when the federal "incentive" for naming something a covid death ran out, covid deaths plummeted. Look at the graphs in this story for more.

COLORADO'S ABORTION REVERSAL BAN IS BEING CHALLENGED As the "my body, my choice" crowd works to take away choice for women who have taken one round of the two round set of abortion drugs, a challenger to the new law has arisen. A religious group is now suing to stop the law. From the Colorado Sun:

The motion, filed last week by lawyers from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty on behalf of Catholic health clinic Bella Health and Wellness, says recent rulemaking by state medical boards has “doubled down” on the law’s alleged violations of religious freedom and free expression.
The clinic, whose providers are anti-abortion, says it has a religious obligation to provide reversal because “they cannot in good conscience turn their backs on a woman who seeks their help to keep her baby.”

The article says that several women are due to give birth after taking advantage of abortion reversal and I know it's hard, but I wish they'd come forward. They need to come forward. They can literally save lives by doing so.

THE THREE DAY WAITING PERIOD TO BUY GUNS STARTS SUNDAY As Colorado Democrats work to limit legal gun owners from exercising their Second Amendment rights. You know where you don't have to wait three days? On the streets or black market, so criminals can arm up immediately. Why not stiffen penalties for owning a firearm illegally instead? Throw those people into jail.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COORS! They don't look a day over 149 as they celebrate their 150th anniversary this weekend in Golden. What's especially remarkable to me about Coors is that a Coors is still deeply involved five generations in. Most family businesses leave the family entirely by the third generation but I'm guessing working in beer is way cooler than working in plumbing or accounting or retail. Read a great story here on what they are doing to adapt to the changing market.

THIS IS A GREAT PROFILE ON NIKKI HALEY And though it's from Politico I think it's very fair in the way it's covered her and her campaign. Could she be the one to split the hair and unite us? Maybe?

NO MORE EXPRESS LANE LINE JUMPING If you jump the solid white line into or out of an express lane expect a fine and it won't necessarily be because an officer catches you. New technology being used by CDOT means they sent out 40,000 warnings in 20 days last month. This month they will just send out $75 fines.

A FIRE BLOWS UP IN A HOMELESS CAMP And our friends at Fox 31 have the story, click here if it doesn't pop up below.

THINGS TO DO IN THE METRO THIS WEEKEND I'm not gonna lie, the Lumberjack Festival looks fun. See everything here.

EXPERIENCING NEW DIMENSIONS DURING DEATH You guys know I am fascinated by Near Death Experiences and this article on a long term study of brain waves just convinces me that we don't know so much. Read it here and then listen to this podcast if you want to know more.

BE A DUMBASS AND GET SHOT, DON'T EXPECT JUSTICE That's what one dumbass found out when a jury acquitted the man who shot him after the dumbass harassed him as part of a dumbass prank YouTube channel he runs. Read about it here.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE BACK BUT GET READY TO PAY UP As prices are rising for your Thin Mints and Samoas. Inflation has hit the Girl Scouts and now a box of delight is up to $6 a box. Maybe this will make it easier to not get mugged by this adorable little scamps outside the grocery store.

REMEMBER ALL THOSE IMMIGRANTS THAT SWEDEN LET IN? And how they weren't assimilating into Sweden and how violence and rape shot up in the country? Well now the new government is bringing in the military to bring the situation to heel. Sweden is seeing violence that is completely unprecedented and now it is bleeding over the border to Norway. I'm sure nothing like that will happen here when we allow millions of people from violent countries to pour into our nation unchecked. I'm sure.

THE ORIGINS OF PARKINSON'S DISEASE MAY LIE IN THE GUT Hippocrate said way back in the day that "All disease begins in the gut" and even though that was back 2500 years ago we're now listening. Now researchers have found a connection between a certain type of protein folding that happens in the gut and Parkinson's and are studying it to see if they can prevent Parkinson's before it even begins.

MICHAEL OHER GOT HIS WISH The Tuheys have ended the conservatorship with Michael Oher by judge's order but she is allowing the rest of the case to move forward. Oher is asking for a full accounting of any money the Tuheys made off of him or his name, though they say there is only the money that has been evenly divided among all the family members from the film. We'll see what happens next.

THIS IS NOT BRONCOS COUNTRY AT ITS BEST A seriously drunk lady Broncos fan tried to pick a fight with everyone at Dolphins stadium after the embarrassing loss at the hands of Miami. There is classy language in this, and by classy, I mean obscene.

IT WASN'T AN ASTEROID AFTER ALL What killed the dinosaurs? We've long been told by "experts" that it was likely an asteroid collision that ended their reign, but now a new computer simulation says it was likely a massive volcano eruption.

YES, THERE IS AMPLE EVIDENCE FOR AN IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY And this column lays enough of it out that I am convinced this should move forward. This is not he Russian dossier. Not by a mile. And here's is another, even more complete list in a column by the New York Post Editorial Board. If there is no fire, there sure is a lot of smoke.



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