9/28/23 Blog: Rep. Ken Buck, How to Join the Honor Guard, and News Stress

A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE MAD AT CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK And he's coming on the show today at 1pm to discuss why he's not in favor of the impeachment inquiry and whether or not he's looking for work at a news media outlet, as well as getting his feelings on the inevitable Continuing Resolution that is looming. I've always liked Ken Buck and more often that not I agree with him on most positions but lately I've been scratching my head about what he's doing so I'm glad he's coming on so we can discuss things.

HEY VETERANS, THE HONOR GUARD NEEDS YOU At some veterans funerals the only people that show up are the Honor Guard to give them a final respectful thank you for their service. The Honor Guard is running out of volunteers and today I've got Dick Hogue and Marty Smith on the show to talk about what it is and how you can join. Find out more here!

IS THE NEWS STRESSING YOU OUT? I've got Dr. Catherine Athans on today to talk about how watching the news can actually affect your health. Dr. Athans is author of numerous books, including The Heart Brain, which details how stress, anxiety and worry can put you at an increased risk for disease, and offers solutions for a more peaceful mind and healthy body. Find out more on her website here.

WHO WON LAST NIGHT'S DEBATE? Ross and I had a modicum of fun last night on Facebook watching and mocking. Poor Doug, he couldn't get a question lobbed his way for nothing. I went to Drudge this morning and they say Haley won and I'm inclined to believe them. She polls really well against Biden and would create a huge issue for Democrats who need to keep the suburban moms they got last time because they hated Trump. Is the GOP ready for female nominee? I'd love to say yes but I have to say maybe. If you watched, who did you think won? This is a good column on the overall debate from National Review.

ONE OF THOSE FILMING THE CHAOS IN PHILLY HAS BEEN ARRESTED I asked the question yesterday about how many people filming the open looting taking place across the country would cooperate with police, now I have my answer. At least one will be working with police, only as a defendant. A woman whose social handle is "meatball" who live streamed the looting of an Apple store while cheering on the robbers and vandals is now facing eight separate charges with six felonies from her festive live stream. This is one way to prevent people from glorifying this violence. She is crying in her mugshot and I'm glad.

TYREEK HILL HAS DUBIOUS GOALS AFTER FOOTBALL He says he wants to be a porn star. Here's hoping his career lasts long enough for him to grow up.

DENVER, THE SANCTUARY CITY, IS GETTING MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS And they are complaining about the strain on the city budgets but they did this to themselves and aren't demanding that Joe Biden close the border so cry me a river.

SUZANNE MORPHEW'S REMAINS HAVE BEEN FOUND It's a mystery three years in the making, which at one point led to charges being filed and then dropped against her husband. We'll see if her remains, which were found in nearby Sagauche County in a grassy field, will yield any evidence that will point prosecutors to her killer.

GET A FREE CUP A JOE TOMORROW As it's National Coffee Day and several local outlets are offering a freebie tomorrow. Find them here so you can plan where to stop in the morning.

JERRY SEINFELD IS COMING TO TOWN! And I am so going to this, I've already put the On Sale in my phone so I don't forget. Read more here.

MAYOR JOHNSTON IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS That Downtown Denver's renewal hinges in handling the homeless issue. Whether or not his plan will accomplish that remains to be seen but at least he understands the issue clearly.


WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE LAST GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? The longest government shutdown in US history happened in 2018 into 2019. How did that affect GDP? It went from 2.2 in Q4 of 2018 to 3.2 in Q1. I say let's shut it down! Check it all out here.

Watching this has been the most effective way of teaching Q how dangerous the online world is.

CHINA WIRED MONEY TO JOE BIDEN'S HOUSE And the House Oversight Committee is bringing receipts.

HIGHER DENSITY ZONING CHANGES IN ENGLEWOOD LEAD TO A RECALL There is a battle brewing in Englewood as the City Council approves zoning changes that will increase density with Alternative Dwelling Units (ADUs) on formerly single family lots. According to an email I got from a recall supporter, here are the issues:

The re-write of the zoning laws includes changing the definition of a family from a unit that is related to four unrelated adults and their children.
The proposed zoning laws make changes that will allow for large, taller multi-family buildings. The new buzzword is 'solar shadowing.' 
The number of rental units or 'accessory dwelling units' (ADUs) that can exist on a property changed from 0-1 to up to 4. Currently, existing rentals must be owner occupied in some Englewood neighborhoods. CodeNext will eliminate the requirement for a property owner on site. 
There have been no impact studies done. There is no provision for off street parking. 

The point about impact studies and off street parking is a good one, and the ADU jumping from 1 to 4 seems pretty fast, but the Council says they've been working on these plans for three years. The City Council meetings have been full of angry residents but last night the Council voted to move ahead anyway. We'll see if the recall is successful after this.

BUSINESS LEADERS AREN'T OPTIMISTIC ABOUT Q4 According to the Leeds School of Business Leeds Business Confidence Index. Business owners say inflation, rising interest rates and politics aren't giving them a warm and fuzzy. Is waiting for a recession actually worse than just getting it over with?

DUMBLEDORE IS DEAD...AGAIN The actor who took over the role of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies has died. Sir Michael Gambon took the role over after the death of the original Dumbledore Richard Harris. But Gambon did so much more than Harry Potter, he was a fine actor with a huge body of work. RIP, Sir Gambon.

THIS WOMAN VOLUNTARILY MAKES TINY DIORAMAS And every parent who has overseen the dreaded diorama project is probably with me saying BUT WHY? Watch below or click here.

I FEEL SO DUMB ABOUT TAPE MEASURES NOW I never knew this until right now. Watch below or click here.

THE PERFECT INTRO FOR LAST NIGHT'S DEBATE And I'm not gonna lie, Golden Corral University made me laugh. Watch below or click here.

CAN'T BREATHE? COULD BE YOUR SEPTUM This is a too long video about this guy's deviated septum but I'm sharing it because he shares some symptoms you should not ignore. Watch below or click here.

BEWARE OF THIS SEXTORTION SCAM And please talk to your older kids and teens about this stuff. After grooming someone online the extorter in this case gets someone to send a sexy picture and then pretends to be law enforcement and demands money to make the situation go away. You've got to talk to your kids about this stuff and if you really want to know how many scumbags are online watch this show:

WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST 10K INTO A HIGH YIELD SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW The rates are great and this article has some options to earn real moolah on your savings.

REASONS NOT TO DATE SOMEONE I agree with some of these but others make me believe these people will die alone.

AN NYC PROFESSOR GETS A NEW JOB AFTER HER MACHETE THREAT This story is nuts and I'm just going to say this is a perfect example of black/progressive privilege. If a white conservative professor threatened someone with a machete and then chased them down the street they would not be hired by another college but this lady managed to pull it off.

I'M WATCHING TOY STORY FOOTBALL And I'm not kidding, look at this. Watch below or click here.

IT'S LIKE ME RUNNING Watch below or click here.

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