9/26/23 Blog: Tiny Show Because of Baseball


JOIN ME AND ROSS FOR A KOA KAST MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 FOR TOMORROW NIGHT'S DEBATE! We will be live covering/mocking tomorrow night's debate on Facebook! Find us here starting at 7pm: https://www.facebook.com/KOAColorado

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dJON CALDARA DELIVERED And what he delivered was human poop he says he's had to clean up around his office for months if not years. He's urging others forced to do the same thing to do the same thing. I wish they would but I doubt they will. Most people don't have the stones Caldara has.

THE AIRPORT IS TERRIBLE AT MONITORING THIRD PARTY VENDORS The Airport Authority has been criticized in the past for the way it handles it's third party food vendor contracts, and now it's being criticized for the way it handles it's IT services vendors. If this were a private company everybody would have been fired at this point. We still don't have any indication that the first issue has been fixed as far as I can tell. The airport is too important to be run this badly.

THE MUSEUM OF ILLUSION OPENS FRIDAY And honestly it looks kind of cool. Find out more here.

MORE PEOPLE ARE LEARNING TO HATE PROP HH and let the hate pour through you on this one. This column talks about the growing opposition to this lying pack of crap Proposition.

COMRADE DAVE WILLIAMS IS AT IT AGAIN The "leader" of the Colorado GOP is once again trying to force the GOP into absolute irrelevance by using suspect rules changes so he can force his will on the party to close the primaries. Now he's redefining "full membership" to mean those who show up at meetings, essentially stripping Central Committee Party members who can't make the meeting of their positions without a vote or any other due process. Dick Wadhams writes about this sham here.

ARAPAHOE BASIN IS MAKING SNOW Because ski season is right around the corner. Check it out here.

WHY NOT ASK IF STATE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES ARE IN THE OFFICE? Passport times are absurd and the blame is being laid on the "surge" of demand by travellers when in reality it's likely because the State Department workers who do this job are still working from home. The President just ASKED Federal workers to come back to the office, and this report from April says most of them haven't been working at the office:

That includes the federal government — the nation's largest employer — where, according to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, building occupancy at 17 agencies (nearly 3 out of 4 of those examined) was at 25% or less as recently as March this year.

Now Rep. Yadira Caraveo is proposing MORE legislation to speed up passport approval times when they just need to get these people back to work.

PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC FATALITIES HIT A HIGH IN COLORADO And though not all of them do many of pedestrian deaths occur because someone is crossing outside a crosswalk. Pedestrians need to be responsible for making sure THEY take their own care and safety into their own hands. Sure, bad drivers exist, but simply paying attention to your surroundings before crossing a street could solve a lot of these issues.

THE MAYOR'S PLANS AREN'T GOING AS SMOOTHLY AS ONE WOULD HOPE At least according to this article where homeless people say they missed out on the chance for housing because they were working while bums sitting around are getting a free place to stay. Of course they did. Of course.

BLUE LIGHT FROM PHONES COULD BE TRIGGERING EARLY PUBERTY This is interesting and I'm going to wait and see if this study can be replicated but it's another great reason to limit your kids access to your phones or tablets. A study on rats, not humans, showed that when exposed to large levels of blue light male rats entered puberty more quickly. Again, this is rats but something to consider. Honestly there is no real benefit to allowing kids excessive time on tablets or phones so just stop doing it.

COULD AI GIRLFRIENDS MEAN THE END OF THE NATION? It sounds like hyperbole but if young people don't get married and have babies the answer is our system collapses. We all know Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and if we don't make new suckers to pay the bills we are going to be super screwed. This article about men finding "love" with AI girlfriends who always say the perfect thing and look the perfect way does not bode well for our future. Women need to stop being such pains in the asses and men need to man up and act the part. It's time to get back to real people having real relationships again.

WE'RE DOING OKAY ON THE CDC'S OBESITY MAP Compared to other states but our numbers are still pretty high. Of course they use the BMI which has widely been panned as of late as a bad way to measure someone's overall heath.

POLAND DOESN'T WANT YOUR IMMIGRANTS This is a pretty clear statement of why Poland isn't interested it taking the immigrants flowing into Europe.



PRO CHOICE ONLY MEANS PRO ABORTION IN CALIFORNIA As the Attorney General is now suing two pro life pregnancy centers in California for overing abortion reversal meds to women who change their mind between doses of the abortion pill procedure. Similar to Democrats here in Colorado who took that option away from women, this proves Dems aren't pro-choice, they are pro-abortion only.

THE CLIMATE CHANGE CRISIS NARRATIVE IS CIRCLING THE DRAIN When you've lost Bill Gates you know it's time to pack it in. Bill Gates, who has spent gobs of money trying to scare people into believing we're all gonna die just changed his tune. From the New York Post:

Bill Gates, however, is pumping the brakes on climate panic. 
Speaking at a New York Times event, he observed that heavy-handed policies won’t work: “If you try to do climate brute force, you will get people who say, ‘I like climate but I don’t want to bear that cost and reduce my standard of living.’”
As Gates noted, many of these people are in middle-income countries, like China and India, that are the biggest contributors to carbon emissions today and whose emissions (unlike those of the United States) have been growing.
He also rained on the greens’ apocalyptic parade, saying “no temperate country is going to become uninhabitable.” 
And he cautioned against untested approaches like massive tree planting: “Are we the science people or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?”

Bill is not wrong here.

THE DOLPHINS ARE CALLING OUT THE BRONCOS AS DISRESPECTFUL For not pulling Russell Wilson from Sunday's dumpster fire and they may have a point. Read it here.

DON'T GET SKIMMED AT A GAS STATION If the contactless payment option doesn't work at the pump you've stopped at, look for a hole drilled into it before you insert your card. From Aurora PD:

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